Animal Crossing: New Horizons supplies carefree escape for growing audience By Emily Cardwell "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," released on March 20 this year, immediately captivated craft different items, decorate your home, and more. both returning and new players. "Animal Crossing" is a life simulation game that provides players a deserted island that they can then decorate and design however they desire. There are a multitude of quests as players construct their ideal island. Throughout the game, players are presented with new "villagers," and a multitude of new tasks. The villagers make up a large aspect of the game, as there are hundreds of different animals with varying personalities and cuteness that live on the island. The game, made for the Nintendo Switch, became wildly amongst a diverse audience shortly after release. The game catapulted in popularity in part due to its addictive nature as there are endless things to do in the game. As you perfect your island for your avatar, you can The game rose in popularity in part due to how adorable and relaxing it is. In a time plagued by a pandemic, the wholesome game came out at the perfect time. Those who suddenly found themselves with lots of time on their hands are now able to spend it lost in their own world. That is not to say that the game would not have become popular if circumstances were different, but quarantine has acted as the catalyst for people who may not have originally purchased a Nintendo popular Switch community and "New Horizons." "New Horizons" boasts a large online on Youtube, Reddit, and Twitch. Players share a plethora of advice, outlandish ideas, and jokes regarding the game. The game's online presence has certainly helped with its rise in popularity, even the most subscribed gaming YouTuber, Pewdiepie, published videos of him playing the game. The only complaint that has emerged regarding the game is that eventually, once all the quests are completed, there is nothing more to do. However, how quickly players finish the main story speaks to how fun the game is, considering it is estimated to take over 60 hours. "New Horizons" provides a haven of carefree fun in a time of uncertainty. I purchased the game after seeing numerous videos regarding the game, and I am very happy I did so. Because the characters are programmed to say the same thing whenever different situations occur, their sayings can get a bit redundant; however, the game never fails to put a smile on my face. The game manages to keep me engaged by offering many opportunities to better my island and the incentive of keeping the characters happy, whom I have grown so attached to. “New Horizons” provides a haven of carefree fun in a time of uncertainty. Art by Aler Giffin

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