Nozzle Selling Basic Line of Questioning (page 2 of 2) Does customer want a Ball shutoff or build a ‘Break-Apart’ nozzle Step 1 BALL SHUTOFF What size inlet are they looking for? 1” (w/ 1” waterway) SBV10SS VB1560 VBU25 1.5” (w/ 1” waterway) SBV15SS VB3012 VBU95 What threads do you use? National Standard Hose (NST, NH) or National pipe straight hose (NPSH, IPT, NPT) Step 2 NOZZLE TIP For break apart or inexpensive nozzles, a nozzle tip can be added to a ball shutoff. What Type of nozzle is preferred? Dual Range Nozzle Constant flow Nozzle Smoothbore Nozzle (CAT. PAGE 17) (CAT. PAGE 17) (CAT. PAGE 18) What GPM do they want? (For smoothbore sizes see the chart on page 43) MOST OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE ON PAGE 5 OF THE PRICE LIST. HOSE COILERS: What size hose are they going to roll? MC40 rolls 1” & 1.5” hose MC65 rolls 1.5” to 3” hose (this roller can also roll 1” hose with some guidance from the operator) *** One mounting bracket (MB) is included with the MC40 and MC65 THMB trailer hitch mounting bracket is the most popular accessory for these mounts MC80 rolls 4” -7” hose ***One Tailboard Mount is included with each unit. Extra mounting brackets can be ordered separately (CAT. PAGE 26) TEL: 888-663-4966 sales@cssupplyinc.com FAX: 970-663-3878 (P.L. Page 9) (P.L. Page 7) (P.L. Page 7) (P.L. Page 7) 1.5” (1.75”) (w/ 1 3/8” waterway) VB9520NPG VB9520 VBU150 (CAT. PAGES 9, 19. 20, 21) 2.5” with 1.5” outlet (w/ 1 3/8” waterway) VB9520NPG-2.5 VB9520-2.5 VBU250 (P.L. Page 6) 888-663-4966

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