SMALL VIPER VALVES Part numbers ending in: 10SS, 15SS, 1530, 1550, 1560, 2510, 3012, 3015, 5016, 550, 540, 7515 VB1560 and VB3012 BOM REFERENCE 1 1a 2 2a 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 KIT# VVRK-3012 VBSC-3012 V-HH5-3012 V-SWKIT1560 V-SWKIT3012 SEAT RETAINER (3 PIECES) BALL ACUATOR (2 PEICES) PAN HEAD COVER SWIVEL SET PIN BALL BEARINGS HANDLE (BAIL) V-SEATRTNR-3012 V-BALLACT-3012 V-PANHEAD-3012 V-SETPIN-3012 V-BEARINGS-3012 V-HANDLE-3012 VB1560 and VB3012 AVAILABLE KITS KIT Name Valve Repair Kit Small Ball & Seat Combo Small Handle Hardware Small Swivel Kit 1" Small Swivel Kit 1.5" Small PARTS CONTAINED 1,1a,3,4,6,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 4,10,11,12 6,7,13,14,15 1,3,16,17 1a,3,16,17 1 1 1 1 32 1 PART NAME 1" GASKET 1.5" GASKET 1" SWIVEL 1.5" SWIVEL SWIVEL O-RING BALL PISTOL GRIP BALL LOCATOR (2 PIECES) PISTOL GRIP SET PIN VALVE BODY PART # GASKET_1 GASKET_15 V-1" SWIVEL V-1.5" SWIVEL V-ORING-SW-3012 V-BALL-3012 V-PG15V V-BALLLOC-3012 V-SETPIN-3012 VLVBDY-3012 QUANTITY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Pull the bail handle toward the swivel to OPEN the valve. - Push the bail handle toward the tip of the nozzle to CLOSE the valve. - Maximum Operating Pressure for VIPER Valves is 580 psi Maintenance: - Test nozzle before putting into service. - Clean nozzle by flushing with water after use. - Use non-detergent soap to clean dirt from the exterior to reduce wear . - Regularly check the bail handle screws that they are tight. If taken out use medium strength thread locker on the threads before reassembly. - Periodically service your nozzle or have your fire equipment dealer service it. - Normally serviced parts are the: Ball, Seat assembly, and the handle hardware (Ball locator screw, Actuator, Pan head cover). PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE! PLEASE BE CAREFUL! THE USER OF THIS EQUIPMENT IS PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING: 1. You need to know and understand that Firefighting and Emergency response is dangerous and proper training is needed. 2. You need to be physically fit and skillful in the use of any equipment that you may need to use. 3. You need to know that your equipment is in proper working order. 4. You need to know carelessness or negligence may result in injury or death. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE! PLEASE BE CAREFUL! SHUTOFF USE: - Open and close the valve slowly to reduce risk of water hammer. CSsupplyinc.com

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