C&S REPAIR PARTS Repair service and Repair kits - www.cssupplyinc.com/videos C&S Repair Service: C&S Supply services all of the products we sell. Our hourly labor charge is nominal and it includes disassembling and diagnosing the problem, cleaning the nozzle, repairs as necessary, and reassembly. Every Nozzle is flow tested at the appropriate pressure, then each nozzle/valve pressure tested at 250 psi before it is returned. C&S Supply is the only authorized U.S. repair location of Viper nozzles. C&S Supply only warranties repairs made by C&S Supply. HGV25 Parts: Z-1600 • Valve Body for HGV25 Z-1601 • Gate for HGV25 Z-1602 • Gate Guide for HGV25 Z-1603 • 2.5” Swivel for HGV25 Z-1604 • 2.5” Discharge Coupling for HGV25 Z-1609 • “L” shaped handle for HGV25 Wye Valve Parts: WYE-RK2515 • Parts Commonly used in the repair of models WV2515, WV2510, WV15, WV1510, WV1010. balls, seats, seals, orings, handles, roll pins, set screws, bearings and Gaskets Z-1701_10 • VALVE BODY FOR WV1010 Z-1701_15 • VALVE BODY FOR WV15 or WV1510 Z-1702 • VALVE BODY FOR WV2515 or WV2510 WYE HANDLE • For models WV15, WV1510, WV2515 , WV2525 (with roll pin) RIGHT and LEFT sides are now the same Small Constant Flow and Dual Range Nozzle tip Parts: 1TIP-RK • Most common parts for repairing 105/15, 115, 110/23, 130 15TIP-RK60 • Most common parts for repairing 1560, 1560/20, 15TIP-RK100 • Most common parts for repairing 15100, 1590/20 888-663-4966

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