HOSE COILERS Saving firefighters backs since 1996 MC40 & MC65 • Designed to make easy work out of coiling 1” to 3” hose under any condition • Folds up for small storage and easy transportation • Capable of Dutch rolls • Mounting bracket (MB) included • Trailer Hitch and Wildland Mounting Brackets available for more flexibility in where hose can be coiled, see below MC40 • Rolls 1”- 1 1/2” hose • MB mount included Wt: 6.5 lbs. MC65 • Rolls 1 1/2” to 3” hose • MB mount included Wt: 7 lbs. MB THMB MB MC80 • Designed to make easy work out of coiling 4” to 7” hose • Attaches to the Hitch Receiver of a pickup or the Tailboard of a truck • Comes with a Tailboard Mounting bracket (TB80) • Constructed of heavy gauge steel, for superb durability MC40 OR MC65 MC80 • Rolls 4” to 7” hose • Comes with both a TB80 and a TH80 mount included Wt: 10 lbs. MC80 TB80 • Additional Square Mount for the MC40 or MC65 Coilers. The Square Mount can be bolted to any Vertical surface Wt: 1 lb. • The THMB (Trailer Hitch Mounting Bracket) makes for quick field setup, use, and breakdown of the MC40 or MC65 Hose Coilers. It slides into any class 4 (2") hitch receiver tube Wt: 5 lbs. WLMB • The WLMB (Wild Land Mounting Bracket) is great for remote use where finding a place to mount the MC40 or MC65 can be tricky. Simply drive the mount into the ground roll up the hose Wt: 6 lb. TB80 • Extra mount for the MC40, MC65, or MC80 bolts to the Tailboard so hose can be directly loaded into the hose bed of the engine. The Tailboard does not just have to mount to the tailboard. It can be bolted to any sturdy horizontal surface. The TB80 is newly designed to work with the MC40/65. This mount is for Coiler use only, it is not intended to tow. NOTE: To use with the MC40 or MC65 the THMB will also be needed. Wt: 2 lbs. 888-663-4966

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