Many people with mental health issues have also been finding it hard to access the support they need. In his recent book, Jim Green suggests that depression ?is the inarticulate desire for change.? If those who are daily ?wrestling with depression, its mix of agitation and low mood, tunnel vision and despair? find that prayer and meditation are not enough alone to lift their spirits, they would be wise to seek professional guidance or talk with understanding friends, finding solace in humanity. A recent survey by Healthwatch Oxfordshire discovered that people did value their caring, supportive, non-judgmental mental health professionals. Although the surveyors noted the serious lack of resources, they observed that most mental health sector staff provided outstanding care. As access to mental health services is limited by tight eligibility criteria, travel issues and unequal availability across Oxfordshire, the sensitive support of local friends, local community projects and church congregations remains essential. Pressing this point further, a national survey of 2,000 adults undertaken by the Red Cross found that 28% of this group worried that no one would notice if something happened to them. A further 33% of those contacted anxiously feared that their feelings of loneliness would increase in the future.

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