The survey also found that young people, members of Black, Asian and other ethnic groups and those with underlying health problems were more likely to feel alone and more likely to catch the virus. Poverty, poor housing, unemployment and living in overcrowded urban areas have endangered the lives and health of many. Martin Lewis, a millionaire money-making expert, perceived critical gaps in provision and set up a fund to enable small charities to relieve the related poverty - or some of it. He remarked, ?Having money is not happiness but not having money destroys lives.? Many people, including those claiming Universal Credit, are desperately short of food and money. In our first parish magazine, it was good to read how our local Porch is providing food, daily meals and support for around 500 people in East Oxford. The Co-op in Divinity Road will receive weekly donations of food, collected early on Thursday mornings by Porch volunteers. The timely Black Lives Matter movement, following the appalling death of George Floyd, has crucially highlighted present-day abuses of people from Black, Asian and other ethnic groups. We have been reminded of the persistence of damaging present-day prejudices, shaped by the building of Empires by those of our ancestors.

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