A guest said "When I am unwell I am very much alone. This is a place where people can get together and meet people". One of the reasons why the tea parties are proving so enjoyable and popular, with usually about 35 to 40 guests (sometimes as many as 60!) regularly coming, is that people who are living with mental health issues can experience a normal human activity: enjoying a lovely afternoon tea and being appreciated and valued by other people. Guests at the parties often sing or read their favourite poetry, with Nick playing on his piano. There is always such a lively and diverse mix of guests from all walks of life, so that people who may be depressed or isolated, can just enjoy being and feeling part of society- which of course they are! ?Nice, hospitable. I like the ?Alice? theme ?We?re all mad here?. I think we all have moments of madness as we are all pressurized now and there is a drive to stamp out difference,? said a regular guest.

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