FUTURE PLANS In the past years we have put on several ?All day Tea parties? with activities like singing, art and drama and which have proved to be very popular. Earlier this year we have linked up with a mindful, activity café in London called the Dragon café. We are going to be (C19 permitting) working with them as part of their two year research programme. We have been awarded £7500 to spend on furthering our ideas to expand our Tea parties to have more activities and longer sessions. The Dragon staff will be supporting us in Oxford with this. It?s all very exciting! I would like to offer my heart-felt thanks to father Phil and all those volunteers and members of our congregation who have so generously given their time and money to make our tea parties so successful. As Kevin Goodman, who was a regular long- standing guest said: ?The parties are fantastic! Get me out of the house. I meet all sorts of people. There?s no pressure. It?s just enjoyable. Thanks to all the people who run it!?. Tea party Haiku By Alice The Mad tea parties When they happen weave through guests Thread lives tapestry

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