Youth in Transition Education Services Stable Housing Employment Opportunities Records Sealing & Expungement Physical & Mental Health Referrals Legal Representation The Youth in Transition team provided services and support to 60 youth who successfully reentered their communities after out-ofhome placements. Only two weeks afte the street. CLC work supportive home wit Youth in Transition for Najee and his ho to navigate and prov applying for jobs, an grades. Najee just be Kentucky University In furtherance of CLC’s mission to provide children with protection from Crime Victim Project was launched in October 2016. Its mission is to pr representation to children victims of crime. The project provides legal rep children survivors of sexual assault, family violence, Crime Victim Project intimate partner v human trafficking. Since its inception, CLC has represented 103 children Criminal Court Representation Family Court Representation DVO/IPO Representation School Advocacy This project is supported by VOCA-2016-Children’s-00123, awarded through the Kentu Public Safety Cabinet by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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