“I’ve done some stuff—not good stuff—but I know [CLC] cares about me anyways. Thanks for doing what you do.” -Ronnie Campbell County District Court Judge Cameron Blau presenting Ronnie with his high school diploma (left). after school began, Najee found himself on worked to assist securing Najee a stable and me with his former basketball coach. His CLC tion Advocate provided multiple supports is host family, including helping the family provide Najee’s basic needs, aiding Najee in bs, and encouraging Najee to maintain his ust began his freshman year at Northern ersity on a full scholarship. “[CLC] is awesome! [They] have worked with me and the [host family], and never let me doubt myself. Thanks for believing in me!” -Najee rom harm, the CLC to provide free legal al representation to ner violence, and dren crime victims. on Kentucky Justice and In Spring 2017, CLC was appointed to represent an adolescent victim of dating violence. The 14 year old victim had been physically and emotionally abused by her dating partner. The Crime Victim Project attorney worked with the victim to provide safety planning and education about the dynamics of intimate partner abuse. The CLC attorney obtained a dating violence protection order on the for the maximum allowed time of three years. The protection order gave the victim the space and security she needed to begin to heal. She is now doing well in school again and is excelling at her parttime job. Ronnie turned 18 in state custody and was facing being released from placement with no housing, no access to money, and no high school diploma. CLC worked with Ronnie to stay focused and met with the counselor, educational staff, and supervisors. Client Story

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