Many people find that when it comes time to decorate a home or even update a room, they would love the opinion of a professional. For most, the idea of decorating is scary and daunting and they tend to second guess every decision. Our sales manager, Ricki Free, sat down with the professionals at Cossart Design in Downtown Perry, Georgia and asked them to walk us through what to expect when seeking the advice and services of a professional designer. Ricki: Trish, walk us through the process of getting started with a decorator. Especially for those of us that maybe don’t know what our “style” is or how to communicate that style to a decorator. find a style? Can you help a client Trish: I think for several of our clients, they do know what their style is, but you’re right - they may not know how to put it into words. That’s what we’re here for! At the very beginning of our process, we have each client complete our Cossart Design Personal Style Assessment to determine what they know they like vs. what they don’t like. Once we get an idea of a customer’s style, we can make some suggestions that they may not have considered. Sometimes we are able to pull in fun patterns and fabrics they may initially have felt uncomfortable with and show them how it can elevate their space. Sometimes, we as people, need a little push into what’s uncomfortable for something beautiful to be created. After each client completes their style assessment, we set up a time to meet in the space we’ll be working with. Every design project also includes a client visit to our retail space in which you will have a chance to touch and feel furniture choices before you buy. This way, there will be no surprises. We have a presentation process that allows you to buy-in with clear choices. Our team’s mission is simple: to help you create a beautiful home. Ricki: Sell us on the services of a decorator. Can someone hire you for just one room? Trish: Our team offers a variety of services based on the need of our clients. Whether you’re looking for custom upholstery, new window treatments, paint colors, full room plans, or new construction, we customize our scope of work to fit those exact needs. An in-depth look at our most popular services can be found on our website. We understand time is valuable. It is our job to take on the brunt over every fine detail and decision needed to complete the design process. However, yes, every project is different! Some clients prefer to focus a whole design around a family heirloom piece, others want to highlight their favorite upholstery, and sometimes we begin with a clean slate! Oftentimes, I choose an inspirational fabric and build my design around it. Ricki: In listing and selling homes, we know that kitchens and bathrooms are often what sells the home. What room would you say is the most important design feature of a home? 9 Your vision becomes the springboard for our creativity, and with a defined process, we make design enjoyable.

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