Trish: While Kitchens and Baths may be the selling point for homes, families also spend most of their time together in the Great Room or another main living space. For design, that is a huge focus for the majority of our projects. This space should be welcoming and inviting for everyone, but also make a statement. The Great Room is the beating heart of any home. Ricki: Tell our readers about the current trends and what items are more timeless in decorating? Trish: Keeping up with current and new trends is at the forefront of our industry. Of course, open concepts paired with grey and neutrals continue to be strong for any aspect of design. However, green is becoming more popular in fabrics. We are now using and seeing more contemporary or transitional fabrics incorporated into most projects. Clean lines, Asian textures and patterns, and wallpaper are seen in both modern and traditional homes as well. Pulling together various patterns and textures to create one room design is becoming more common than not. These days, perfectly matched items throughout one space are becoming less common. A curated collection is becoming more accepted. It’s ok to mix metals and wood, various colorways, and pattern and textures. Geometric shapes, neutrals, subway tile, valances, and the navy color family continue to be timeless design concepts. β€œ 10 I think for several of our clients, they do know what their style is, but they may not know how to put it into words.” - Trish Cossart

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