the commission the seller agrees to pay is split between the listing broker (the Seller’s agent) and the Selling Broker (the Buyer’s agent). That is that cooperation agreement mentioned earlier. This profession was built Leveraging the available on agents “cooperating” together by sharing information, knowledge, and commissions for the benefit of the consumer. We help stabilize the market by bringing fair market values for sellers, future sellers and buyers alike. To further this discussion GAR (Georgia Association of REALTORS) creates the forms that most of the agents use in this market. One of the 2021 changes to the Exclusive Seller Brokerage Engagement Agreement (aka The Listing Agreement) was amended to clarify to agents about when they were able to advertise to the public: Listing Price and Listing Period. The price at which the Property shall be listed for sale is $______ (“List Price”). The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date of _______________ (“Starting Date”) and made available to the public on the date of _______________(“Marketing Commencement Date”) and shall continue through the date of _______________(“Ending Date”), as the same may be extended by written agreement of the parties or as provided for herein (hereinafter, “Listing Period”). GAR’s goal was to allow agents and sellers to come to an agreement on selling their home and sign the listing agreement (“Starting Date”) but not “Market the Listing” until the home was showing ready. This change allows the agent time to get their marketing together, while the sellers get their “honey do” list done. At the end of the day, coming soon listings do little to help the seller, the market, or future values. They can create a feeding frenzy that scares off or even eliminates potential buyers. I believe that a seller should think twice before allowing their agent to market their home before it is offered to the public. Their bottom line may depend on it. technology is so important for a seller. Getting a home marketed to as many buyers as possible should be the ultimate goal! 21

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