Johnny Moore In the early days of the pandemic last year, we lost someone important to us. And, though Covid-19 did not claim his life, it claimed our ability to say “goodbye”. We thought it only fitting to share with you in our first issue our feelings for our old buddy, Johnny. Johnny joined us back when we were still Richardson Realty. Through acquisitions, name changes, economic downturns and rebounds, Johnny was always there. Even when Johnny took a break from Real Estate to sell insurance, Johnny was never far from our thoughts and he was always there in spirit. When Johnny returned to Real Estate, the forms had changed, the technology had changed, but Johnny had not. He was still the same person who got up and went to the office every day whether he “needed to” or not. He learned the new forms, he learned (some) of the new technology, he traded his flip phone for a smart phone and he worked. He sat and made calls and worked his contacts like few other agents we have ever seen. He was always there in the office, if he wasn’t showing property or at a closing. Johnny hustled. When we had a company event, or something going on in the community, Johnny always called to see if we needed help setting up chairs or hauling supplies. He was always….there. We have created a little spot to remember Johnny near his favorite spot (the coffee station in the Perry office) and have named it Johnny’s corner. We had an artist try to capture the sparkle in his eye. We know things will not be the same without Johnny in our company and in our lives, but we will always remember him and his jovial, fun, hard-working nature. We are proud that he served others along side us. He was our agent, our colleague…and our friend. We miss you Johnny. 22

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