Specialized photos & software can create interactive virtual property tours, like the dollhouse view offered by Zenithland 3D Photogrphy Buyers can click on any area of the home and the software will take them to that room! awkward angles and odd shadows.” Drone photos are especially helpful with large lots, those with water access or those with a unique lay of the land. A home gets the most attention at the very beginning, so it’s vital that the house is not only “show ready” in person for viewings, but “show ready” online for when it hits the market. Additionally, if a home is listed in the winter when the grass is brown and shrubs aren’t looking great, if it’s still listed when the grass greens up and the azaleas are showing off, new photos should be taken and added to the listing. Dawn Jerles personally invested in a Matterport Camera and does drone photos as well. Dawn understands that having good quality photos that present a true picture of the home are vital – she says “professionally edited photos present the home visually in a way that is pleasing to the viewer and a quality photographer can enhance a property WITHOUT misrepresenting it to the public.” Buyers want to have a familiar feeling when they view a home, not wonder if they are in the same house as the one online. She finds that “most residential properties have issues with natural light making cell phone photos seem dark. Many times, homeowners don’t have the skills or equipment to overcome One of the best exercises we can recommend to a seller when they are considering selling their home is to go to outside and walk to the end of the driveway and turn around and look at their home. Then begin to look at the home from a potential buyer’s eyes. Is the Christmas wreath still on the front door? Although the seller may use the garage to enter the home daily, potential buyers will use the front door. The front door is the buyer’s first impression, so it should be a good one. Make sure to clear away the cobwebs and clean the pollen from the front side panels. Once you step through the front door, do the same thing. How would a buyer – a stranger – see my house. Is it a house…. or a home? That’s the ultimate goal of staging. To present to the buyer a home they can see themselves making an offer on and making memories in. Heather Drury Realtor® CB Free Realty O: 478-218-8052 C: 478-918-4182 heatherdrury@cbfreerealty.com 17

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