NEW CONSTRUCTION IT’s A WHOLE NEW WORLD -- Beverly Hardy & Christi King In the Spring of 2020 when the news of the pandemic was breaking, we all wondered what the impact would be on real estate in general and specifically on new construction. Initially, we all were concerned about whether the market would slow down or perhaps even stop because of the “new normal”. The market certainly did not slow down, but rather it raced forward. The increased momentum forward brought on new challenges as there were labor slowdowns due to illness, challenged communication due to teleworking, and builders’ inability to get supplies from their vendors due to manufacturing & transportation slowdowns. New construction closing dates have had to be amended time and again which has led to tried patience levels on the part of Buyers, Realtors®, Lenders and Builders. New stipulations had to be added to contract language to cover the Covid-caused delays. Initial meetings for pre-solds had to include 18 “Patience is key when you’re building a new home in 2021. Things are changing daily.”

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