The CARICAD Horizon is a regular publication of the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD). The Horizon has superseded the “Chronicle”. The Editor-in-Chief is CARICAD’s Executive Director, Devon Rowe. The Production Team comprises: Franklyn Michael, Rosemund Warrington, Dr. Lois Parkes, Trudy Waterman and Angela Eversley. Previous editions can be viewed at: Special Hurricane Edition June 2020: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/horizon---hurricane-june-2020-final Special COVID-19 Edition May 2020: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/horizon---covid-may-2020-final March 2020: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ horizon-march-2020-final December 2019: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ horizon-dec-2019-final October 2019: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ horizon-oct-2019-final Board Meeting 2019 Special Edition: https:/ / publizr.com/ car…/caricad-august-2019-special-edition April 2019: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ caricad-april-2019-newsletter-final December 2018: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ caricad-december-2018-newsletter-hl August 2018: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ caricad-august-2018-newsletter-final December 2017: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ caricad-december2017-newsletter July 2017: https:/ / publizr.com/ caricadsec/ caricad-horizon-july-final The Caribbean Centre for Development Administration, 1st Floor Weymouth Corporate Centre, Roebuck Street, Bridgetown, Barbados Tel: 246-427-8535 Fax: 246-436-1709 Email: caricad@caricad.net Website: www.caricad.net 19

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