by Franklyn Michael – Programme Specialist, CARICAD January 25, 2010 HUMAN RESOURCE AUDIT AND PLANNING PROJECT UNDERWAY FOR DOMINICA T he Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has engaged the services of the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) to conduct a Human Resource (HR) Audit and Planning Project. The Project began in November 2009 and is scheduled to be completed in August 2010. The Project’s purpose is: “The development of strategies for improvement in the utilisation of human resources and for the attraction and retention of the number of people required with appropriate skills, expertise and competencies for the improvement of organisational effectiveness within the Public Service of the Commonwealth of Dominica.” Additionally, this Project is closely aligned to the Medium-Term Public-Sector Reform Strategy (MTPSRS). The MTPSRS comprises four key components: Public Administration Modernisation, the Enabling Environment, Rationalisation of Social Services and Economic Management. In light of this, this HR Audit and Planning Project will focus on three main areas: 1. The performance of a Human Resource Audit 2. The development of a Human Resource Plan 3. The development of Succession Plans for all Ministries and Departments within the Public Service Significantly, this HR Audit and Planning Project will interpret and align Government priorities and corporate strategy with human resources in Ministries and Departments. It also includes training and capacity building components which, along with the development of the Succession Plans, seek to enable key individuals to identify and review those with potential and prepare them to assume higher level positions in the future. The Project has entered into an accelerated phase of implementation since the beginning of this year. In that regard, meetings have been held with selected representative groups to provide detailed information about the Project and obtain feedback to shape its implementation. CARICAD’s Programme Specialist for Institutional Strengthening, Mrs. Rosemund Warrington, is the lead coordinator for the project which is being sponsored by the World Bank. In addition, CARICAD has engaged three consultants; Dr. Gwendoline Williams, Dr. Valda Henry and Ms. Lynette Andrews to facilitate the successful implementation of the project over a period of ten months. Also, active support from the Chief Personnel Officer and a Reference Group comprising senior public officials and union representatives in Dominica will be critical factors to the Project’s success. 24

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