By Rosemund Warrington, HR & ODE Specialist, CARICAD C ARICAD recently concluded a Human Resource Capability Review at the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA). The core objective of the assignment was to undertake a systematic assessment of the GTA’s human resource capacity and capabilities to ensure value for money. The Review focused on four key dimensions of organisational performance, namely, Strategy, Structure, People and Process. The key outcome of the assignment was to develop a roadmap to building capabilities that would have the strongest and most direct impact on the implementation the GTA’s strategy. CARICAD is pleased to have been selected for this assignment and to be involved in providing recommendations for organisational development issues that ultimately impact sustainable tourism at a national level. This is of enormous importance since the tourism sector in the Caribbean region is currently confronted with particular challenges that call for deliberate action such as a collaborative position on climate change and vulnerability to the impacts not only of natural disasters but pandemics such as COVID-19. The role of HR capabilities in enabling achievement of organisational mission-critical goals and in assisting organisations to respond to increasing expectations and strategic challenges, cannot be underestimated. This Review was CARICAD’s first full-fledged remotely-managed technical assignment. Like most organisations, CARICAD has had to adjust and adapt work modalities during the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure business continuity. Without doubt, setting clear and understandable goals, effective communication and interaction at various levels, a dynamic support team on site to ensure timely provision of documents and information, and a good collaboration platform were important elements contributing to the achievement of deliverables by the CARICAD team. The Review was led by Mrs. Rosemund Warrington, Strategic HR&ODE Specialist at CARICAD, and supported by an Associate Consultant, Mrs. Marsha Thomas-Frederick, also an HR Specialist. CARICAD’s range of skills and services remains a valuable asset to be drawn upon by all Statutory Organisations in the Region. 25

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