THE TALE OF THE CATACLYSM PHOTO BY ELISE TRIVERS 3 2 BASE OF AQUAKOTA BY COLIN WARD PHOTO BY ELISE TRIVERS It’s been two years of welcoming travelers to Convergence Station! We’ve exchanged countless mems, tracked numerous #YawlpSightings, and opened the sky on very special occasions. Throughout our time on Earth, there’s one thing we’ve learned for sure — Convergence is ever-changing and continues to evolve with its various life forms. We’ve gathered a list of 10 things you might have missed, whether you’ve been one time or 10 times! 4 1. “POSTSCRIPT” BY LUMONICS Brightly lit and right at home on C Street, new art now glows above travelers! Installed earlier in 2023, this piece might be easy to miss unless you look up. If it looks familiar, that’s because it was created by Lumonics, the light art studio who was featured in our very fi rst Galleri Gallery exhibition. We’re proud to share that we purchased “Postscript” as a permanent addition to the glowing cityscape of C Street! 2. BASE OF AQUAKOTA It took following the lead of an adorable 3-year-old around the exhibit for this BLOB writer to fi rst notice that the base of the stands holding aquatic lemur creatures in Aquakota are incredibly detailed and worth crouching down to admire. Roots sprawl down from the lemurs, grounding them to the aquatic scenes below. They form an organic lattice over ultraviolet hydrophytes and small fi sh, frozen in time. 3. THE TALE OF THE CATACLYSM After you’ve directed your gaze down in Aquakota, mosey over to Ossuary to gander up at the ceiling. Lyra’s statue looks out over the labyrinth caves of Ossuary, the tragic story of her people displayed on medallions above and below her. If you encounter an Ossuarian, ask them to recount the tale of the Y’ruk and the Cataclysm. 4. UPSIDE DOWN HEAD IN PIZZA PALS PLAYZONE For someone who has taken many, many trips throughout Convergence, there’s a unique thrill in bringing someone for their very fi rst time and pointing out a small detail they might have missed. It’s like the warm fuzzies you get from petting a cute dog or biting into a homemade cookie. One of our favorites to point out is inside of the ball pit at Pizza Pals Playzone. What you see there may or may not be related to the great gooping of 2002 and experimental cheese product, Mozzarella C_1xB!™. 5. LIVE VJING FOR SHOWS AT THE PERPLEXIPLEX Many travelers have shared with us that their favorite space within Convergence Station is The Perplexiplex — and we understand why! This dreamy, interactive arboreal world is both playful and calming, off ering a space to explore with wonder or to pause and refl ect. For concerts, this space is energized and transformed with totally diff erent vibes. The live VJing is mind-meltingly captivating, it’ll level-up any live music experience with a psychedelic eye-feast fi t for quantum concert-goers. 6. NEW RESIDENTS OF CONVERGENCE As Convergence has evolved over the last two years, so has the resident population. New characters that are bizarre, fantastical, curious and at times serious (hello, Sleevie!) can be spotted at special times during multiversal POSTSCRIPT BY LUMONICS PHOTO BY ELISE TRIVERS 1 LIVE VJING FOR SHOWS AT THE PERPLEXIPLEX PHOTO BY TAYLOR WALLACE FOR ALIVE COVERAGE UPSIDE DOWN HEAD IN PIZZA PALS PLAYZONE BY EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! PHOTO BY ELISE TRIVERS 5

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