8 7 9 6 YAWLP ON C STREET PHOTO BY CARLIE ADAIR FOR ALIVE COVERAGE 10 alignment. If you’re lucky enough to meet one of them on a future visit, you might want to ask for a photo, schedule a business meeting, have a dance-off , or exchange mems. Remember: touch the exhibit, not the residents! And ask for consent before taking photos. 7. WATER FOUNTAIN DIORAMA If you’ve been to House of Eternal Return, there’s a good chance you’ve gazed down into some plumbing there. And if you haven’t yet, well … look for their toilet. We don’t have a porcelain throne in our exhibit but we do have a very wellhidden water fountain diorama. Let this open portal cube quench your thirst for multiversal moisture. 8. TASTY MORSELS Two of our most frequently changing spaces are our café, HELLOFOOD, and our retail shop! At HELLOFOOD, visitors can recharge from their cosmic exploration, and fi nd sustenance in tasty treats and bold brews. Our vendors are locally-owned, small businesses, many of which change their off erings seasonally. Try Lavender Lemonade spiked with Huckleberry Vodka in the summer and Chaider (Chai + Cider) Latte in the winter, or Eloté (Mexican Street Corn) in spring and a Pork Tamale packed with locally-made chili in fall. Plus rotate your sweet treat between Double Chocolate Ice Cream and Freeze-Dried Taff y or Cookies and Cream Sticky Chips (similar to a marshmallow treat) and Horchata White Chocolate Cookies. 9. VOGUISH TREASURES Take home a tangible mem that’ll make you the coolest Undermaller in the gang! The Convergence Station retail shop contains Meow Wolf classics, custom-made pieces by our local collaborating artists, and an ever-rotating selection of the freshest and sickest merch in the multiverse. Though you can always shop in our online store, there are certain items you can only get in-person at Convergence Station! New: you no longer need an exhibit ticket to do some shopping! Check-in with our security team upon arrival and they can escort you in and out of the shop for a 1-hour window. 10. BRING YOUR QUARTERS! Quarters might seem a relic for the “tap to pay” generation but if you’re someone who still keeps a change pouch for apartment-living laundry, bring those discshaped riches to the laundromat on C Street for a lil sensory treat! SPOT THESE 10 THINGS & MORE AT MEOW WOLF DENVER’S CONVERGENCE STATION: TICKETS. MEOWWOLF.COM/DENVER CHECK OUT MEOW WOLF’S OTHER LOCATIONS: HOUSE OF ETERNAL RETURN IN SANTA FE, NM; OMEGA MART IN LAS VEGAS, NV; THE REAL UNREAL IN GRAPEVINE, TX: MEOWWOLF.COM/VISIT TASTY MORSELS ON A TABLE AT HELLOFOOD PHOTO BY ELISE TRIVERS A NEW FLUFFY ALIEN IN GUTS OF THE GUTS BY WYLLA SKYE PHOTO BY GLENN ROSS WATER FOUNTAIN DIORAMA PHOTO BY ELISE TRIVERS VOGUISH TREASURES AT MW'S GIFT SHOP PHOTO BY ELISE TRIVERS BRING YOUR QUARTERS FOR THE SHRINE OF CLEAN BY CHADNEY EVERETT PHOTO BY TREVOR HOWARD FINISH

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