DID YOU KNOW? YOU CAN BUY A HOME OF YOUR VERY OWN BY JOHN "JJ" JEFFREY Misinformation. How many times have we missed out on an opportunity due to misinformation? I for one can say probably more than I would like to admit. I wanted to highlight this issue that I feel is so prevalent in home buying and home financing. Let’s take some of the biggest factors that I feel keep people from even attempting to buy a home with a few Did you knows? 1. Did you know you don’t have to have 20 percent to buy a home? YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! We have programs that are a low as 3 percent down! Veterans can finance 100 percent and there are down payment assistance programs for non-veterans that make it possible for zero down as well. We also have a Doctor/Dentist loan that provides 100 percent financing. 2. Did you know that you can cover your closing costs through your interest rate? YEP! Some lenders advertise this as their “no closing costs” options. Ultimately you do pay for closing costs, however you do so by taking a slightly higher rate and the lender can issue a lender credit to cover closing costs. This can be a great way to offset funds for purchasing your new home. For those who already own a home you can do this when refinancing as well. 3. Did you know that you can still buy a home after a bankruptcy and/or a foreclosure? There are waiting periods depending on the type of loan you need, however they probably aren’t as long as you think. Some programs are as short as two years and depending on the circumstances, there may now be no waiting period at all. 4. Did you know that getting pre-qualified doesn’t cost a dime nor does it obligate you to obtain a loan? It’s so valuable because it gives us a clear picture of how you can buy a new home and reveals if there are any issues we need to clear up to move forward. It’s truly the starting point and the space to get all your questions answered and concerns addressed. The key to all of this is to ASK! With my many years of experience, and the support and products available through Westerra Credit Union, there isn’t a question or scenario we haven’t seen or heard. “What if my credit score isn’t high enough?” What if it IS?! “I don’t even know where to begin …” WE DO! Part of getting pre-qualified is talking through each step of home financing so that you are comfortable. “What if I don’t qualify?” Then we plan and we plan together. Sometime life just happens and we understand that. We have closed loans for many people who initially may not have qualified. With some planning and strategic moves we can usually create a winning scenario and sometimes it just takes time. By getting pre-qualified we will be able to answer all of these questions and remove the misinformation that truly can stop the dream of home ownership before it begins. Now, is it time to have that conversation to see how you, yes, YOU, can buy a home of your own? I am a call away and would love to help you step into home ownership. HAVE QUESTIONS OR WANT MORE INFORMATION? CONTACT ME: JOHN “JJ” JEFFREY MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER, NMLS #201863 WESTERRA CREDIT UNION JJEFFREY@WESTERRACU.COM OFFICE: (720) 921-3012 | CELL: (303) 618-1990

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