BERKELEY NEIGHBORHOOD: A Place Where Humans & Furbabies Come Together BY SHANGELA On a clear fall morning, the air is crisp and the sun is rising at Berkeley Park in West Denver. Morning business is going as usual with owners walking their furbabies to Berkeley Dog Park and letting them off leash to enjoy some fureedom. A group of wagging-tale-canines surround me, Shangela. With my ears pointed, tail up, and my doggie bling glistening in the morning sun, I am up to something: “Ok class. Let’s begin our morning fur-beauty routine to start your day. First, perform a quick shake to fluff up your fur. You don’t want to have a 'dog-bed-head' look walking down Tennyson Street. Trust me, humans will judge you. Next, proceed to a series of slow stretches. Bow down and stick your fur-hind as far in the air as it can go. Don’t worry, no one is watching. Then, stand straight up on your front paws and extend your hind legs as far as you can. That’s good. Now, reach out your neck like you got a fresh rabbit scent from afar. Slowly turn left to right. Lastly, give your neighbor a friendly sniff n’ greet and let’s start our day!” The dogs scurry off to their owners, and in complete self adoration of successfully giving my first fur-yoga class, I perform my happy dance chasing my tail three times clockwise, then three times counterclockwise. Today is a great day in Berkeley Park! A FURRY PERSPECTIVE OF BERKELEY Berkeley is a highly desired Northwest Denver neighborhood located just south of I-70 and east of Sheridan Boulevard that features many of Denver’s iconic brick bungalows built just after the turn of the century. This neighborhood is famous for having two parks each with its own lake: Berkeley Park and Rocky Mountain Lake Park as well as an enormous 2-acre off leash dog rk. This provides tons of opportunity to ur furbaby get their exercise just minutes m yr doorstep. In 2011, residents were able to pass funding which helped foster rapid commercial growth on Tennyson Street. Today, Tennyson boasts an old, residential “Main Street” feeling featuring small businesses, trendy eateries and shops on either side. Tennyson has blossomed into a community center providing many seasonal events, art walks, and activities for humans and furbabies alike. SHANGELA’S PICKS: BEST FURFRIENDLY SPOTS & BUSINESSES If you are looking for an excellent furry friendly breakfast place, be sure to visit Cozy Cottage on 43rd and Tennyson. They have a large dog friendly patio and you are given your own water bowl! The owners often switch up the menu to compliment Colorado’s seasonality such as Pumpkin Spice Pancakes in fall – a must visit! For all you beer drinkers, be sure to visit Call to Arms Brewing located at 45th and Tennyson. This festive hangout is great for sampling their house-made brews and hard seltzers. Furry friends are allowed out on the patio! If you want to keep your car looking great and want to avoid abrasive car washes, be sure to go “hand washed” style at Mr. Car Wash located on 38th near the corner of Lowell. This wonderful family owned car wash provides a high level of integrity while using non-abrasive washing techniques – something that is very difficult to find anywhere in Denver. They are extremely furry friendly, not to mention, they have the best car wash service in town! Chadwick V. R. Williams & Shangela | Your Denver Real Estate Concierge denverrealestatepro.com | (720) 666-9805 | chadwick@denverrealestatepro.com If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Berkeley, or anywhere in or around Denver, please be sure to reach out me or Chadwick. We provide our own staging services and also have a team of professionals who can remodel or fix any home. Also, look to the left if you need a great lender. “JJ” John Jeffrey with Westerra Credit Union is my favorite lender with over 25 years experience. He is offering some excellent financing packages with interest rates below 3 percent! JJ’s contact info is on the page next door along with some great tips for buying a home, whether you’re a firsttimer or have previous experience.

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