368 AUTO & FLEET SERVICE In The Slip-N-Grip® protection system provides total protection for the customer’s car while being serviced: • Covers hold fast to the upholstery: A patented process laminates two distinctly different plastics together - the top layer allows a person to easily slide into and out of the vehicle and the bottom, or gripping layer, keeps the seat cover in place • Unique process eliminates static electric clinging and wrinkling. A complete line of vehicle interior protection products are available along with a service center roll dispenser. PARTS RETURN BAG • Heavy plastic bag for holding old removed parts you’ve replaced • Keeps customer’s vehicle and hands clean ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. DESCRIPTION 399-60098 FB-P9943-56 SIZE Parts Return Bag 14" x 22" PAPER KEY TAG • Cost-effective, convenient solution for key control • Metal ring ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. DESCRIPTION 399-98313 FB-P9833-13 PLASTIC KEY TAG • Self-locking design holds keys secure • Large writing surface; holes are fully punched out eliminating “chads” • Perfect for quickly tagging keys in a busy service area ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 399-99323 DESCRIPTION FB-P9933-23 White Plastic Key Tag - 4.5" x .75" QUANTITY 1000/package WORK TICKET HOLDER • Heavy-duty sewn nylon fabric handle ensures durability even in harsh conditions • Durable brass grommet increases strength ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. DESCRIPTION 399-99302 SIZE QUANTITY FB-P9933-02 Work Ticket Holder 10.5" x 14.5" 25/box PLASTIC FLOOR MAT • Slip-N-Grip® ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 399-99432 FG-P9943-02 399-98313 SIZE Paper Key Tag with Metal Rings 1.5" x 2.75" QUANTITY 1,000/box 399-99323 399-99302 two-layer construction ensures mat stays in place • Impervious to water, oil, grease and most shop chemicals DESCRIPTION Plastic Floor Mat QUANTITY 500/roll GENERIC ADHESIVE TIRE LABEL • Features sure-grip adhesive • Proper used tire labeling sells tires ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. DESCRIPTION 399-99479 FB-P9943-79 Generic Adhesive Tire Label - 3" x 6" QUANTITY 500/roll 399-99432 399-99479 BUYER'S GUIDE ASCOT SUPPLY CORPORATION SUPPLY CORPORATION AUTO & FLEET SERVICE

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