AUTO & FLEET SERVICE 369 399-99429 PLASTIC TIRE BAG • 40% post-consumer recycled resin • White film hides dirty tire • Ideal for returning old tires or snow tires for storage ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. DESCRIPTION 399-99391 399-99429 399-99392 FG-P9933-91 FG-P9943-29 FG-P9933-92 Extra Large Tire Bag Standard Tire Bag Large Tire Bag SIZE 47" x 48" x 1.25 Mil 36" x 40" 39" x 44" QUANTITY 125/roll 250/roll 250/roll PLASTIC SEAT COVER • Slip-N-Grip® 399-99415 FG-P9943-15 399-99415 seat covers have two distinct layers: the bottom layer grips the seat to stay in place and the top layer is smooth to allow easy entry and exit from the vehicle • Protects bucket, bench and split seats ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. DESCRIPTION Plastic Seat Cover QUANTITY 500/roll STEERING WHEEL COVER • Keeps grease, dirt and other shop chemicals off • Made of clear polyethylene with stretch elastic grip feature • Unique double-band steering wheel covers stays in place while allowing access to airbags STANDARD SIZE: Covers virtually all passenger cars and light trucks. ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 399-99433 DESCRIPTION 399-99435 FB-P9943-33 FB-P9943-35 Double Band Steering Wheel Cover (Standard Size) Double Band Steering Wheel Cover (For Trucks) QUANTITY 500/box 250/box 399-99433 FLOOR-RACK START-UP KIT • Promotes your professional image by displaying your complete line of car interior protection products where your customers can see you putting them in their car • Convenient roll dispenser work station provides organized storage, helps save employee time and shows your customers you care about their car ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 399-60000 DESCRIPTION FK-P9943-76 Product Dispenser System (Includes Product) FLOOR DISPENSER RACK • Industry-leading dispenser system keeps products organized and within reach • Presents “We Care” image and promotes cleanliness • Retention straps prevent free-rolling and locking casters keep dispenser in place • Top tray holds paper floor mats and other service items while lower tray provides extra storage ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 399-98893 DESCRIPTION FB-P9833-89 Floor Dispenser Rack 399-60000 ASCOT SUPPLY CORPORATION SUPPLY CORPORATION BUYER'S GUIDE AUTO & FLEET SERVICE

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