AUTO & FLEET SERVICE 367 TIRE RIDER TUFF TIRE C SMART TIRE CART • Easy to maneuver, even with a full load of tires • Can handle tires up t diameter • Features a gas spring tha automatically closes the arms and grips the tires • All you have to do is t down on the pedal, slide the c stack of tires and release the pedal. T frame lines up the tire on its o you to move tires 12 to 35 inches in siz • Works on passenger 15" tires up to truck siz 245/70R19.5 tires • Moves mounted tires and wheel sets • Moves tires in stacks of 8 t high • Stacks tires closer together than o carts which creates more storage space • No foot pedals • Great for loading and unloading trucks and containers • Patented tilting ac relieves stress off the user • New push/ system pushes the tires out of the SMAR Cart arms without stress • Fewer moving parts • Easy to assemble • “Patent Pending” PATENTED EASY TO MANEUVER TILT ACTION RELIEVES STRESS NEW PUSH/PULL SYSTEM 703-00810 ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 703-47147 ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 703-00810 MTC-E CAPACITY 6 to 8 tires DIMENSIONS 35" O.D. Max TIRE CART REPLACEMENT TIRES/WHEELS Sold as a pair of two • Flat-free foam design • SIZE: 10" x 3-1/2" • Industrial inner & outer wheel bearings • Compatible with Martins tire carts CAPACITY G471147HD DIMENSIONS 8 to 10 tires Handles sizes from 15" to truck size 245/70R19.5 TIRE DOLLY W/ CASTERS Includes (4) swivel, non-marking and smooth 3" casters, (1) equipped with brake • 300 lb. capacity • Ideal for moving tires around or for tire storage • Unique built-in compartment stackable design for space saving storage • SIZE: 25.2" x 25.2" x 4.33" 703-00818 ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 703-00818 DESCRIPTION PU1005ASC Tire Cart Replacement Tires/Wheels ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 703-00509 TC0509 DESCRIPTION Tire Dolly w/ Casters ASCOT SUPPLY CORPORATION SUPPLY CORPORATION BUYER'S GUIDE AUTO & FLEET SERVICE

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