STRATEGY 3.1: MANAGE THE COMPANY EFFECTIVELY, USING BEST PRACTICE SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES, AND DELIVER ONGOING BUSINESS EFFICIENCIES. OUTCOMES 3.1.A Best practice corporate and program reporting, governance and management of operations. 3.1.B Deliver a business plan that utilises a diverse network of agencies and a variety of methods to enable dissemination and uptake of key messages. KEY SUCCESS MEASURES An internal Board review process of its systems is undertaken annually. An Annual Business Plan delivered for each year of the Strategic Plan that meets the Members’ and Boards’ expectations. STRATEGY 3.2: ENHANCE OUR PEOPLE’S CAPABILITY, CAPACITY AND CULTURE. OUTCOMES KEY SUCCESS MEASURES 3.2.A Enhanced strategic partnerships and collaborations with Members and other organisations. 3.2.B A safe, healthy, positive and professional working environment. Long lasting partnerships between LBN and 12 other organisations that deliver against SP1 and SP2. A workplace health and safety system where issues are dealt with to the satisfaction of the Board. 100% staff are trained as per identified requirements as part of the Company’s annual performance planning process. 3.2.C Ensure LBN staff maintains a comprehensive understanding of livestock health, welfare, food safety and biosecurity issues. 100% staff have an awareness of industry responsibilities as set out in the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA), SAFEMEAT verification systems, species specific and associated welfare standards and guidelines and Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN). 16 LBN STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2022

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