STRATEGY 3.3: PROACTIVELY MANAGE INFORMATION AND RELATIONSHIPS TO MEET MEMBERS’ AND STAKEHOLDERS NEEDS AND ENHANCE SERVICES. OUTCOMES 3.3.A LBN’s service delivery is modern, flexible and professional. 3.3.B Easy, efficient and accessible services suitable to needs of Members and stakeholders. 3.3.C Strong positive working relationships exist with and between Members. KEY SUCCESS MEASURES LBN staff are located strategically to work with producers that account for 70% of Australia’s cattle herd. Positive feedback on the availability and provision of services to our Members and their stakeholders. LBN maintains a strong positive working relationship with AHA and CCA. STRATEGY 3.4: IDENTIFY AND DEVELOP NEW FUNDING MODELS TO ENSURE FUTURE FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. OUTCOMES 3.4.A Secure income for the financial sustainability of LBN. KEY SUCCESS MEASURES Secure income to enable the sustainable operation of LBN. Broaden the membership of LBN by two. LBN STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2022 17

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