STRATEGIC PRIORITY THREE Deliver organisational performance, Member value and sustainable resourcing. Strategic Priority Three (SP3) provides key business guidance and operational governance from the Board through to the staff. It promotes confidence in the strategic direction of the Company and maximises the capability of the LBN Board and management to effectively realise progress and elevate performance. It provides confidence to the Members that best-inclass governance practices are being followed, and that there is compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements. SP3 ensures better practice, staff development and training, supporting high performance from a motivated and specialist workforce thereby strengthening and defining LBN’s culture. LBN must focus its efforts on service innovation to strengthen and enhance collaborative partnerships. It will work with its Members to ensure a sustainable funding model is provided for the ongoing resourcing of the Company. It will look for further opportunities as part of this work to ensure continued delivery of revenue through new opportunities. This will be done, in-part, through focused projects in species other than cattle on a full cost recovery basis. LBN STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2022 15

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