THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2021 Page 13 ~ POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT ~ Board of Selectmen Vice-Chair Corinne Riley seeks a second two-year term M y name is Corinne Riley, and I would like to take AN AD V OC ATE FOR TRANSPARENCY: Board of Selectmen Vice-Chair Corinne Riley seeks more openness in town government as she campaigns for a second term. (Courtesy photo to The Saugus Advocate) ASKS | FROM PAGE 3 closed schools. Board of Selectmen ViceChair Corinne Riley: There are several important issues in town, including finalizing our Master Plan, economic development including Cliftondale Square, improving communication with residents, and improving the day-to-day customer service provided to our residents on tree, road, and drainage issues. But the most urgent challenge is public safety. That includes prioritizing a West-side Fire Station. It includes working proactively with Revere and State colleagues to prevent the Methadone Mile relocation to the Saugus town line. It includes addressing COVID issues like PPE, supporting the free testing station, and making the latest guidance and resources available. It includes finding a way to limit NOx output at Wheelabrator to 150 ppm. Selectman Michael J. Serino: I believe the most urgent challenge facing Saugus is the over-development of residential apartments on Route One. In 2015 Town Meeting rezoned Route One from commercial to mixed use zoning. After development of the (11 acre) Hilltop property, I was concerned that (92%) represented residential and only (8%) represented commercial development. Moreover, I was concerned with the impact to our public safety, schools and the loss of our commercial tax base. Therefore, I authored zoning changes mandating a minimum percentage of commercial use. The Town Meeting overwhelmingly approved the changes. An this opportunity to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Saugus Board of Selectmen (BOS). I run independently, and I am not part of any ‘pack’ of candidates. I do not hold or seek employment with the Town in any capacity. This way, I am not beholden to anyone except you, the taxpayers, students, and seniors of Saugus. My priorities on the BOS include increased transparency, accountability, cooperation, and my most important priority is ensuring that all voices are heard in Saugus. Specific goals include finalizing our Master Plan, increased public outreach and input, a West(11 acre) lot would now require a minimum of (30%) commercial use, thereby reducing residential apartments. Currently, a few projects were approved under the old zoning bylaws. To date no new projects have been proposed under the new zoning bylaws. I will continue to monitor this challenge. The challengers Leo M. Fonseca, Jr.: The revitalization of Cliftondale Square – Having a “downtown area” is vital, and I believe not having one is a real weakness in Saugus. In order to continue the Town’s growth and prosperity, I will work hard with Town leaders and residents to shape what this should look like. I believe my expertise in restaurants and hospitality and my work on several urban boards and development projects in Boston and beyond will be invaluable in this process. I will listen to the wants and needs of neighbors and hear their concerns. I will work with landlords, builders, retailers and restaurants and other businesses on planning, design and scope. Most importantly, I will collaborate with fellow Selectmen and Town leadership to get this done and continue to move Saugus forward. Elizabeth Marchese, a former School Committee member: The largest challenge facing Saugus town government is how to reduce or control the ever increasing tax burden upon our residents. Property tax and water bill rates have greatly risen this year. I fear we are slowly taxing our residents out of their homes, especially those on fixed incomes. Now add the building of the new Northeast Vocational School along with the need for a West Side Fire Station and staffside Fire Station, Economic Development including Cliftondale Square revitalization, NOx compliance at Wheelabrator, improved communication and customer service for residents. I have served as Vice-Chair of the BOS since 2019. During this term, I proposed our first Citizens Input Forum, held in February 2020. This forum included inputs from the public that were later included in the BOS Goals and Objectives, including the West-side Fire Station and Cliftondale Square revitalization. I have long thought that better cooperation with the State would benefit Saugus. Accordingly, I have worked successfully with State Representative ing, this burden will ultimately be passed on again to our resident homeowners. It’s time to think outside of the box and find ways of bringing more revenue into Saugus to alleviate the burden on our residents. One way is to utilize our Wheelabrator Committee and to sit down to negotiate a host community agreement and/or a landfill operations contract containing tipping fees such as is in existence with the town of Shrewsbury. Another way is to attract more businesses such as Town Meeting Member Joseph Vecchione is attempting to do with the Cliftondale Revitalization Committee. It is imperative that no matter what the results on November 2nd our government leaders work together for solutions. Darren R. McCullough: I feel as though the biggest challenge facing town government is the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to face. The Covid virus has changed the way we communicate with one another, and has created many obstacles and challenges while continuing to facilitate meetings within our town government and remain a full service community. The Covid 19 virus has impacted the way we converse, govern, educate our children, and live our lives as a whole. If I was fortunate enough to be elected as a Saugus Selectmen, I would work collaboratively with the towns Public Health Director, Towns Administration and School Administration to continue making the health and safety a priority for our residents. Domenic Montano, a former Board of Selectmen candidate: Opioid Epidemic and Public Safety Staffing. The town needs to get ahead of the opiWong to bring funding for our first flashing crosswalk signs to Saugus. After seeing significant unemployment and food insecurity due to COVID, I worked with the BOS, Town Meeting, and Representative Wong again to pass a law establishing the Saugus Emergency Relief Fund, which is funded by voluntary donations on tax bills and will provide direct relief to our residents in times of emergency. I ran in 2019 to promote accountability, so during recent BOS meetings regarding the Town Manager contract extension, I was adamant that language was added specifying a public evaluation, which was agreed upon, and is a significant improvement over the previous oid epidemic by having services in town for these individuals so that together, we can assist families in need. Public safety staffing needs to be considered with first responders, (Fire, Police, EMS) responding to these calls. I would like the town to consider the DPW and its workers. I believe that they are severely understaffed, making emergencies in town, where they respond to, increasingly difficult (i.e. fallen trees, plowing, sanding). Drawing attention to these issues is something that I would address as an elected Selectman. Harry Young: An urgent challenge that needs addressing is route 1. We need to look at the zoning allowing all the new housing developments. Collaboration with all the departments in town is needed to determine how to best address the strain on our resources. Currently we have a shortage of manpower in all our public safety departments including ambulances. We shouldn’t be putting residents at risk because the town does not have the resources needed to cover the influx of new residents. We must make sure the town’s resources grow along with housing. We need to keep the safety and services in town a priority. For the School Committee Q: In 100 words or less, what do you consider the most urgent challenge facing Saugus Public Schools? And as an elected School Committee member, what would you do to help address that challenge? The incumbents: School Committee ViceChair Ryan P. Fisher: Easy question. We need to significantly raise student achievement. contract. I also suggested and organized the recent COVID candlelight vigil held on Town Hall lawn in September to remember those we’ve lost, to support their families, and recognize those front-line workers that did so much to support us through COVID. Aside from the BOS, I have served on the School Committee, secured AEDs for all public schools, secured funding for the FIRST Robotics Program, taught religious education, coached Little League, belong to the Saugus Lions Club and Saugus Veterans Council, and fought privatization of the Saugus school custodians. I respectfully request your vote on November 2. Thank you! Every major accomplishment, from building the complex to consolidating grades within buildings to all new technology everywhere to bringing on Erin McMahon as superintendent has been in service of this one singular objective. The goal to put Saugus at the top of the state rankings over five years will fix or alleviate every other problem, but will require the full concentration and effort of every staff member, and the support of every resident of the district. Distractions can lead to failure. We’ve been distracted repeatedly by a committee member who can’t exercise control and won’t put the district before himself. My twofold responsibility is to support and monitor our efforts at raising achievement, and to help clear the path for success. Big problems start as small concerns, and I’ll continue to communicate with parents and help resolve their issues before our momentum and progress are jeopardized. School Committee Member Joseph “Dennis” Gould: One of the most urgent challenges is addressing the DESE report and implementing improvements. Since I started on the Committee and five years as a volunteer at Vets library, I have been an advocate of hiring media specialists for 2-5 and stocking the new library area at Belmonte and Vets with up to date books. I am currently leading volunteers setting up both libraries and was successful getting and keeping funding for media specialists at Belmonte. I also have been a proponent for proper funding in drama, chorus, arts, clubs and ASKS | SEE PAGE 17

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