Page 14 THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2021 Meet the 2021-2022 SHS Varsity Girls’ Field Hockey Sachems T By Tara Vocino he Saugus High School Varsity Girls’ Field Hockey Sachems will hold their Senior Night at Saugus Middle-High School on Oct. 25 at 6 p.m. SENIORS: Bottom row, pictured from left to right: Kristiana Ormond, Gianna Costa, Lindsey McGovern, Sophia Scalisi, Emily Orent and Andrea Marquez. Top row, pictured from left to right: Krista Castle, Kali Penachio, Tayla Walsh, Georgia Fiore, Crystal Kembo and Elise Rego. SHS Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey: Front row, pictured from left to right: Emily Orent, Krista Castle, Kali Penachio, Gianna Costa, Kristiana Ormond, Crystal Kembo, Elise Kego, Sophia Scalisi, Andrea Marquez and Tayla Walsh. Second row, pictured from left to right: Lindsey Tammaro, Karina Martinez, Natalie Comeau, Co-Capt. Georgia Fiore, Co-Capt. Lindsey McGovern, Anna Enwright, Dellana Wall, Isabella Natalucci and Grace Fiore. Third row, pictured from left to right: Asst. Coach Amanda Naso, Samantha Sarnacchiaro, Marissa Patterson, Abigail Enwright, Peyton DiBiasio, Jessica Bremberg, Natalie Justice, Morgan Belyea, Maria Silva, Avianna Saint Hilaire, Audrey Comeau and Head Coach Barbara Guarente. Eighth-graders: Bottom row, pictured from left to right: Karina Martinez, Natalie Comeau, Dellana Wall and Anna Enwright. Top row, pictured from left to right: Audrey Comeau, Peyton DiBiasio, Natalie Justice, Maria Silva and Avianna Saint Hilaire. CAPTAINS: From left to right: Assistant Coach Amanda Naso, Co-Capt . Georgia Fiore, Co-Capt. Lindsey McGovern and Head Coach Barbara Guarente. ~ POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT ~ Domenic Montano announces his candidacy for Board of Selectmen M y name is Domenic Montano and I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Board of Selectmen in Saugus. My current profession is law enforcement within the Town of Saugus. I have been in this position for approximately 8 years and it has taught me invaluable lessons not only as a public servant but as a human being. I have seen individuals at their worst and I am always committed to them to do everything in my power to give them the best possible chance at success. We all thrive off of help from another, from communication, from teamwork. Some things cannot be done by oneself and I want everyone to know who I come in contact with that, you are not alone. My goal in my current role is to protect and serve but I always try to do more. I am a huge advocate of community policing and intervention. I believe that it is crucial to reach the community on a huof Saugus staple event. I do fundraising and volunteer work in partnership with the Massachusetts Pink Patch Project, a program centered around raising awareness for Breast Cancer. I am a Saugus High School as well as Salem State University graduate. I take education very seriously. I am very pleased to see the new Saugus Middle-High School up and running and I am proud to see the Saugus Sachem sign on the building from either side of Route One. I am proud of this town and what it stands for. I am the fourth child of five in my famiRUNNING AGAIN: Domenic Montano, a candidate for selectman two years ago, hopes to win a seat on the board in the Nov. 2 town election. (Courtesy photo to The Saugus Advocate) man level and bridge the gap between law enforcement. I am responsible, in partnership with my coworker, Matthew Donahue, for the Cars and Cops Car Show, which has become a Town ly. My parents, Domenica and Fred Montano are my heroes. They taught me that anything is possible if you are determined and mentally strong. My father was an immigrant from Sicily and fought hard for his family to be successful. My father’s famous line is, “You can do anything you want to do, remember, you’re a Montano!” It seems silly, but it really does bring a sense of value, love, and honor. My parents have successfully shown me what it’s like to operate small businesses, most recently owning Montano’s Pasta and Pastry Shop in Saugus, formerly located at Cogliano’s Plaza. Folks, I’d be lying if I said, I don’t miss that fresh Scali or Sicilian Pizza! My brothers, sister, and sisters-in-law are everything to me. Every day my family seems to grow and all of our hearts grow, just a little bigger. Just recently we welcomed my brother and sister-in-law’s new baby, Layla Montano to the family. She has the sweetest laugh and the best big sister, Olivia! I would like to thank my girlfriend, Deanna, who has been my biggest supporter throughout all of my endeavors, whether it is volunteer work, community events, my hobbies (yes, I am the guy with the Jurassic Jeep!), or my newest venture, Selectman for Saugus, she is always there, rooting me on! I feel extremely honored to have grown up in Saugus from the age of 14. Complied with the great honor to serve the town and residents by keeping them safe is something I will always keep close to my heart. I feel that it is my continued duty to take on the task of Selectman to further continue giving back to the community of Saugus, which has given my family and me, so much. I am asking for your vote and I promise to be committed to you and our town. It would be an honor to become a Selectman for the Town to further ensure the progress of Saugus, as well as to bring new ideas to our great town!

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