THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2021 Page 11 Jonathan Tammaro, Merissa Milano, Peter Milano, Buddy Page, Maura McCarthy and Anthony Caggiano were among the sign-holders. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) GREATER BOSTON LEAGUE NOTEBOOK: The last time the Braves were in the World Series, a Malden High pitcher was on the mound for Atlanta Righty rookie Kevin McGlinchy pitched in 68 games that 1999 season for the NL Pennant winners By Steve Freker W e wonder if those former Atlanta Braves fans from Malden dusted off their Tomahawk Chop gear when the Braves won the World Series earlier this month? Yup. A lot of Malden and Greater Boston League (GBL) fans became newly-minted Braves fans in 1999 when Atlanta won the National League pennant and then squared off against the New York Yankees and guys like Derek Jeter and The Rocket, Roger Clemens. The new-found support of Atlanta in '99 was because of the fact they had a rookie right-handed pitcher on their roster who had played a major role in the team's success that season. That pitcher would be Malden High Hall of Famer Kevin McGlinchy, a 1995 Golden Tornado graduate who had a brief, but impressive Major League professional baseball career after being drafted by Atlanta in 1995. McGlinchy set a then Atlanta franchise record for mound appearances by a rookie — which still stands— as he appeared in 68 games in 1999. He usually pitched the 6th or more often, 7th inning, in front of future Hall of Famers, Greg Maddux, Mike Glavine and John Smoltz. The closer was usually Mark Wohlers. I was fortunate enough to have coached McGlinchy at Malden High from 1992-95 where he ended up winning 14 games and leading the GBL in hitting twice, including a blistering, record-setting.581 his senior year. McGlinchy said last week he had been closely following the World Series this year and was pleased to see his former team win it all for the fi rst time since 1995. He still had some links to this team, 22 years later, including the Manager Brian Snitker, who was McGlinchy's very fi rst coach in the pros, way back in ShortSeason Single-A Ball at the minor league outpost of Danville, Virginia. "He (Snitker) always treated me great and I was very happy to see him win that ring," McGlinchy said. **** Early predictions on the GBL Boys Basketball race Like the song goes, "Same As it Ever Was".... Everett and Lynn English are expected to be the leaders in the GBL Boys Basketball standings when winter season starts. It is not only right The last time the Atlanta Braves were in the World Series, Malden High 1995 grad Kevin McGlinchy was on the mound, in 1999. around the corner; it is right in our face, with preseason tryouts starting on Monday, Novermber 29. Lady Pats play Winthrop in Powder Puff football game in Winthrop Saturday T he Revere High School Powder Puff football team will play Winthrop High School in the annual Power Puff game Saturday at 1 p.m. at Miller Field in Winthrop. Members of the two schools’ senior classes will compete in a fl ag football game, part of a tradition going back decades. Both teams have been practicing in preparation for the annual game, and a good crowd is expected to be in attendance. State Senate candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio waves to drivers along Broadway. ~ LETTER TO THE EDITOR ~ Why Columbus Day should not be changed to Indigenous Day Dear Editor: One might argue, did Columbus really discover America? But to suggest he was a racist with no proof is disingenuous. It’s also disingenuous to suggest that Columbus statues are rooted in racism. Some issues to consider when discussing this matter are: Eleven Italians were lynched in New Orleans in 1891 while thousands cheered on what was the largest mass lynching in US history. To fi ght the oppression, Italian Americans promoted Columbus Day. Columbus was a progressive. Claims that the statues symbolize racism are simply not true. Humanity was separated for 10,000 years until his Atlantic voyage to America, creating a United world as we know it. Columbus was a dreamer not a slave owner. What the HRC should be doing besides more research, is celebrating his legacy. Columbus Day is not about the discovery of America it’s about providing a safe have for immigrants withing to leave oppressed foreign governments where human life has no value. Revere should be in the forefront of stopping this ridiculous dialogue of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Day. My suggestion is fi nd another day for Indigenous Day. Sincerely, Toni Esposito

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