Page 12 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2021 Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center Celebrates Birthdays Seated from left to right: Emilie Eustace, Constance Labonte, birthday girl Barbara Iovine and Phyllis Morley. Standing, pictured from left to right: Vincenzo Surdo, Katherine Bennett, Fermina Mangone and Marianna Iantosca. Seated, from left to right: birthday girl Rose Napolitano and Carmela Noe. Shown from left to right: Beverly Forgione, birthday girl Marie Voto and Judy D’Ambrosio during Tuesday’s November birthday party at the Rosetti-Cowan Senior Center. Pictured seated, from left to right: Marie Sardella, birthday girl Christine Vera and Jorgina Laranjeira. Pictured standing, from left to right: Lucretia Deeran, Josephine Piccardi, Barbara Stoddard and Mary Pecoraro. Approximately 125 seniors came out to enjoy the birthday gala hosted by the Rosetti-Cowan Senior Center. In back, pictured from left to right: Susan Foti and birthday girl Eleanor “Ellie” Martelli. Pictured in the front row, from left to right: birthday girl Josephine Morrissey, Eleanor Cerabone and Jeannette Trionfi . Revere Senior Center Volunteer Coordinator Ed Deveau invited the seniors to upcoming events.

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