Page 10 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2021 On the Campaign Trail: Supporters standout for State Senate candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio By Tara Vocino O ver 50 supporters for State Senate candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio held signs along Broadway on Saturday morning. D’Ambrosio was greeted with horn beeps, waves and handshakes from enthusiastic passersby. Candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio’s grandfather, Antonio D’Ambrosio, Sergio Rago, Maria Rago, Carlos Aguilar and Wendy Vega held signs for their candidate. Candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio with the city’s First Lady, Daveen Arrigo Candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio with his longtime girlfriend, Caitlin Walsh. Pictured from left to right are supporters with candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio along Broadway during Saturday’s standout: Anthony Caggiano, Steven Capuano, Al Buccilli, candidate D’Ambrosio, his grandmother, Antonietta D’Ambrosio, Antonietta Bianco, Luigi Bianco and the city’s First Lady, Daveen Arrigo. Revere residents and candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio: in front: his grandfather, Antonio D’Ambrosio, and Saber Abougalala; in back: Michael Othmer, Michael DiChiara, Anthony Boyd, Anthony D’Ambrosio, Josh Verrengia and Ilenia DiChiara. Supporter Tasha Kilroy, State Senate candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio and supporter David O’Brien. (Courtesy photo, Gerry D’Ambrosio)

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