THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 Page 15 Joining candidate Parziale: Irma Accettullo, Geri Damiano, Marian Maff eo and Charlie Russo. The Good Diner owner Sabra Abougalala helped serve the many guests who visited The Good Diner in support of Candidate Anthony Parziale. Candidate support: Candidates for Revere Councillor at Large Edward Almeida, Anthony Parziale, Don Martelli and Stephen Damiano Jr. Brotherly love and support: Candidate for Councillor at Large Anthony Parziale with his brothers, Jessie and Mike Parziale. Candidate Anthony Parziale with his committee, Treasurer Michael LaBerge and Campaign Manager Ryan Waldron Marie Cyefl o and Emily Soscia with Candidate Anthony Parziale Candidate for Councillor Anthony Parziale, his wife, Kali, and daughter, Presley, greeted many friends, including Ward 3 Councillor Anthony Cogliandro, Candidate for Revere School Committee Member Anthony Caggiano, City Council President Pro Tempore/Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna and State Rep. Jeff Turco. Seven Tips Towards Healthy Aging By Laurie Fullerton S eptember is known as Healthy Aging Month, as it is just a great time of year to make some lifestyle changes. As our hot, summer days wind down, we all tend to draw on that “back to school” urge embedded in everyone from childhood. It is a time to focus and take precautions to help face the challenges that come with aging. Healthy Aging Month started over 30 years ago in 1992 when a television special aired that inspired people to make lifestyle and dietary changes to prevent heart problems. At the time, the show received the American Heart Association’s Howard Blakeslee Award. Many campaigns followed, including the distribution of books, brochures, videotapes, etc. In 2000, the “Healthy Aging Magazine” was launched followed by their website launch in 2014. The founder of Healthy Aging Magazine, Carolyn Worthington, notes that September is a perfect time to celebrate Healthy Aging Month when many people think about getting started on new tasks after the summer. Over the years, it has featured articles and information on positive lifestyle changes that could boost one’s health and well-being. The publication draws on the observance month’s activities that are designed to encourage people to rejuvenate and get going on positive measures that can impact the areas of physical, social, fi nancial and mental wellness. Here are Seven Tips for Reinventing Yourself during September according to Healthy Aging Month magazine. 1. Do not act your age or at least what you think your current age should act like. What was your best year so far? 28? 40? Now? Picture yourself at that age and be it. Some people may say this is denial, but we say it’s positive thinking and goes a long way toward feeling better about yourself. (Tip: Don’t keep looking in the mirror, just FEEL IT!) 2. Be positive in your conversations and your actions every day. When you catch yourself complaining, check yourself right there and change the conversation to something positive. 3. Surround yourself with energetic, happy, positive people of all ages and you will be happier too. (Tip: Smile often. It’s contagious and wards off naysayers.) 4. Start walking not only for your health but to see other people and stay social. 5. Make this month the time to set up your annual physical and other health screenings. Go to the appointments and then, hopefully, you can stop worrying about ailments for a while. 6. Find your inner artist. Who says taking music lessons is for young school children? You may have an artist lurking inside you just waiting to be tapped. Have you always wanted to play the piano, violin, or tuba? Have you ever wondered if you could paint a portrait or scene in oil? What about working in wood? 7. Eat and Drink Healthy – Make healthy choices like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and plenty of water!

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