THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 17 Two first-time Tata scholarships awarded F By Tara Vocino or the fi rst time, two scholarships were awarded in memory of Revere Pop Warner Football founder Patsy “Pat” Tata last Wednesday night at Harry Della Russo Stadium. The lucky recipients were Alexa Panzini, who plans to study social work at Westfi eld State University, and Matthew Stasio, who is undecided but is considering studying fi nance at Bentley University. Each of them received a scholarship for $500. Panzini, a Revere Pop Warner cheerleader for eight years and a three-year Revere High School cheerleader, wrote about determination in her application essay. She explained that it took determination to learn a new tumbling skill Two scholarships were awarded last Wednesday night in memory of Patsy “Pat” Tata, who founded Revere Pop Warner Football in 1961. (Courtesy Photo) and determination to make it to nationals. Because she didn’t always have the grade point average to participate in cheerleading, Panzini said, she made the difficult deciROCKIES | from page 10 The Saints fell to 4-5 with the loss, 12 points behind divisionleading Revere. The Rockies had a showdown at secondplace East Boston on Wednesday and are back home to host the AI Thomas Athletics on Saturday and Sunday. In Sunday’s win, Alex Wong had a big day with three hits and two RBI, followed by Ryan Petrone with two hits and two runs driven in. Both players doubled as well. Tony Iafolla collected three RBI with two singles, and Jacob Byrne swatted a double. Also contributing single hits were Argeny Villa, Adam Del Rio, Zach Aresty and Mike Lembo. Overall, the Rockies belted 13 hits, one of their better offensive outputs of the season. Though they’ve been prolifi c enough off ensively (ranking fi rst overall in batting), they haven’t had to be, since the pitching has been so stellar. As of early this week, Revere sported a team ERA of 1.59, sion to not cheer during her senior year. “I had to watch from the sidelines, but I was determined to make it back to the team, and I did,” Panzini wrote in her essay. “While my four years at Revere High School were not as smooth as I thought they’d be, as I look back I realize that I, in fact, persevered.” Panzini also said the Tata family are close family friends. As for how she feels about winning the scholarship, Panzini said it gave her a sense of accomplishment and that the money will be used to purchase books and dorm supplies. Stasio, who played Revere Pop Warner Football through eighth grade, said he was fortunate to be the other scholhad given up 59 hits in 75 innings, and had allowed just one home run. Amazingly, Revere’s ERA fi gure ranks second in the league to the Charlestown Townies, who play in the Ted Williams Division. The Townies had an ERA of 0.70 entering this week’s action. Despite its great pitching, Charlestown, as of early this week, stood in second place at 4-5 in the Williams Division. The McKay Club Beacons and Stoneham Sabers shared the top spot with 8-6 records. 1. On June 28, 1889, the first professional female astronomer, Maria Mitchell, died; what island was her birthplace? 2. What comedian said, “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food”? (Hint: initials WCF.) 3. In what city was the Declaration of Independence adopted? Banking with a hometown touch. Open a free checking account with no monthly fees, and get access to Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and other features. Because no matter where you go, we’re right by you. Call or visit us to sign up. 418 BROADWAY, EVERETT MA 02149          FROM 7 7 1 SALEM ST, LYNNFIELD, MA 01940    WWW.EVERET TBANK . COM PAGE 18 4. In “The Color of Money” who said “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned”? (Hint: initials PN.) 5. On June 29, 1956, which U.S. president signed an act that established the U.S. interstate highway system? 6. Which U.S. state first recognized July 4 as an official celebration? 7. What was Brazil’s capital before the completion of Brasilia? 8. What wizard did the fictional horse Shadowfax belong to? 9. On July 1, 1947, a U.S. arship recipient. In addition to Revere Pop Warner, he also played football at Revere High School for three years and was on medical leave his senior year. “I’m proud and happy for him,” his father, Matthew, said. Tata’s children were at the ceremony to award the scholarships and shared a few words about their father. Tata played semiprofessional football for St. Lazarus and the Kelley Club in East Boston after he graduated from Revere High School in 1945, where he was captain of the varsity football team, according to his son, Pat Tata, Jr. “He was called ‘coach' until his dying days,” Pat said. “He loved football, education and children.” Off the football field, Tata was president of the Revere Firefi ghters Union for 20 years, a School Committee member and a fi refi ghter for 37 years. He was a councillor-at-large in the 1980s and an aide to former Mayor Thomas Ambrosino. Known for “having the voice of God,” Tata was a lector at St. Anthony’s of Padua Parish. He passed away in 2015 at the age of 87, according to his son, Patrick. His daughter, Debra, said her father believed that physical activity is good for young adults. His other son, John, spoke about his father’s passion for football and children. “They still talk about him to this day,” John said. “He’s like another dad to them.” Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com. government program to eradicate what mosquitoborne illness began? 10. What Motown group had a hit with “My Girl”? 11. In what cult movie would you find Dr. Frank-NFurter? 12. On July 2, 1911, what Detroit Tigers baseball player hit in his 40thstraight game? (Hint: initials TC.) 13. What seafood is reported to be most popular in the United States? 14. In what year did the U.S. Congress make July 4 a federal holiday: 1780, 1870 or 1900? 15. On July 3, 1863, what “turning point” Civil War battle began? 16. Who was the Declaration of Independence’s principal author? 17. On July 4, 1828, Boston’s Tremont House became the first U.S. hotel to install what indoor amenity? 18. What is the largest ape? 19. What pie ingredient has poisonous leaves? 20. Which country produces the most garlic? Answers below, please no cheating! Right by you. Member FDIC Member SIF 1. Nantucket 2. W.C. Fields 3. Philadelphia 4. Paul Newman 5. Dwight Eisenhower 6. Massachusetts (on July 4, 1781) 7. Rio de Janeiro 8. Gandalf 9. Malaria 10. The Temptations 11. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 12. Ty Cobb 13. Shrimp 14. 1870 15. Gettysburg 16. Thomas Jeff erson 17. Bathrooms 18. The mountain gorilla 19. Rhubarb 20. China

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