Have a Safe & Happy July 4th! Vol. 29, No. 26 -FREE- www.advocatenews.net Wheelabrator shuts down plant to correct noise problems By Mark E. Vogler W heelabrator Technologies, Inc. shut down its trash-to-energy incinerator on Route 107 in Saugus this week to make repairs to solve noise problems which have bothered residents in Saugus and Revere over the past two weeks. “Today, the Wheelabrator Saugus waste-to-energy facility will stop processing waste and remain offl ine until an enhanced silencer is delivered and installed,” Wheelabrator Director of Communications & Community Engagement Michelle Nadeau said in a statement issued by the company Wednesday. “The facility is in the process of making unavoidable repairs to a steam turbine. During the repair process, steam that would normally power the turbine to create clean, renewable energy for local homes and businesses was instead being vented safely into the air,” Nadeau said. “Although the steam was vented through a silencer to reduce sound to the required standard, the venting was still State Rep. RoseLee Vincent noticeable in some neighborhoods located in close proximity to our facility. An enhanced silencer is being shipped to the facility and it will be installed as early as tomorrow (Thursday) by crews working around the clock. The facility will remain out of operation until this work is completed,” she said. “Well over 100 complaints” State Rep. RoseLee Vincent (D-Revere), whose 16th Suff olk District includes Precincts 3 and 10 in Saugus, said she and her legislative offi ces had received “well over 100 complaints” collectively from constituents over a 10-day period leading up to NOISE | SEE PAGE 9 WELCOME: Pictured during the 2019 Revere Chamber of Commerce Installation Luncheon on Friday, June 21, from left to right, are; James O’Donnell, Chamber President Brian Davis, and Mayor Brian Arrigo. See more photo highlight’s in next week’s Revere Advocate. (Advocate photo by Ross Scabin) Update: Council passes 2020 fi scal year budget By Alexis Mikulski L ast week, The Revere Advocate reported that the Revere City Council officially passed the City of Revere’s operating budget for the 2020 fi sELECT JOHN R. cal year. The budget will total $203.4 million, and consist of many important investments for the city, as well as for its citizens. The operating budget allocates money to each departCORREGGIO ANGELO’S FULL "Over 40 Years of Excellence!" 1978-2019 Regular Unleaded $2.579 Mid Unleaded $2.799 Super $2.859 Diesel Fuel $2.839 KERO $4.759 Diesel $2.699 CE Call for Current Price! (125—gallon minimum) Open an account and order online at: www.angelosoil.com (781) 231-3500 (781) 231-3003 367 LINCOLN AVE • SAUGUS • OPEN 7 DAYS IL ! SERVICE HEATING OIL 24-Hour Burner Service DEF Available by Pump!  $2.45 GALLON   Councillor-At-Large Putting Revere’s Neighborhoods First                      Free Every Friday 781-286-8500 Friday, June 28, 2019 ment within the City of Revere, which they can then use to strengthen and improve their own sector. In a follow-up to last week’s article, the exact amount that each department will receive and the key factors of the operating budget for the 2020 fi scal year are as follows. The general fund will consist of $203.4 million altogether. The city will receive $41.8 million, the schools will receive $89.8 million, and the combined fi xed costs of the city and schools is $42.1 million. This budget is a 5.6 percent increase from last year’s budget in total expenditures. At a previous City Council meeting, Mayor Brian Arrigo thanked everyone who worked tirelessly on the drafting and approval of this year’s budget. There are fi ve key factors that make up the 2020 fi scal year budget, and they consist of the General Government, Public Safety, Education, Public Works, and Culture and Recreation. Each of these departments has its own plan for how it will put the money to good use in 2020. The General Government has decided to invest in the City COUNCIL | SEE PAGE 4 Prices subject to change FLEET

Page 2 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 What’s all the buzz? City Council seeks preemptive strike against mosquitos By Alexis Mikulski ummer’s in full swing. With the warmer weather comes barbeques, swimming and mosquitos. Not only are these insects a pest, but they could possibly be hazardous to your health. So how do you protect yourself from diseases? In 2018, West Nile virus was S confi rmed by the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory to have a strong presence in Boston and its surrounding areas. West Nile virus is commonly transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, according to health offi cials. People who are over the age of 50 are at risk for more severe cases of the disease, and most people do not have any symptoms. If symptoms do develop, they appear in the form of fever and other fl u-like features, according to nurses at Massachusetts General Hospital. However, in rare cases, a more serious illness can occur. Last year in the city of Revere, the mosquito population was at an all-time high. If that is any indication of where this year is headed, city councillors are worried about protecting the safety of Revere community members. “The mosquitos this year are coming out like torpedoes; we need a plan of attack because it’s quite dangerous,” said City Council President Arthur Guinasso. In a motion put forth by Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo, the City Council voted that the Mayor request the Director of Inspectional Services to appear before the City Council to discuss the mosquito plan for this summer. “I received a call and a couple of pictures from these poor kids that have pretty signifi - cant mosquito bites. With all A.B.C. CIGAR 170 REVERE ST., REVERE Don’t Forget Dad! OPEN: Mon.-Sat. 8 AM - 8 PM Sun. - Holidays: 8 AM - 6 PM (781) 289-4959 GIFT CARDS! ALL MAJOR BRANDS OF CIGARS * Desktop Humidors * Travel Humidors * Boxes of Cigars * Bundles of Cigars * Singles * Torch Lighters * Zippo Lighters * Cigar Cutters Father’s Day Special Chris Moore & his     you & save you money! * VAPES * JUICE * JUULS * BONGS PIPES * GRINDERS * HOOKAHS JUNE SPECIAL Buy any Box of PERDOMO CIGARS at our Reduced Price & receive a FREE PERDOMO Lighter! (Retail value in excess of $25.00) C.B.D. PRODUCTS Creating Better Days * Nature’s Supplement * All Natural * CBD Infused Products * Edibles * Concentrates * Topicals SMOKER’S DELIGHT 15 Churchill Size Cigars including a COHIBA Over 5,000 Units Sold! A BEST BUY! PROUD DAD: Councillor-at-Large George Rotondo is shown with his graduate daughter, Gabriella, daughter Amanda Rotondo and Carolina Sanchez at the recent RHS graduation exercises at Harry Della Russo Stadium. (Advocate photo by Ross Scabin) of the rain we’ve been getting, we are going to have a very tough season for mosquitos,” said Rizzo. “The concern is above and beyond more than just getting a mosquito bite – the diseases that they could possibly be prone to – we certainly do not want anyone to be subjected to West Nile or anything like that,” he said. Some of the most common places for mosquitos to inhabit are wet, marshy areas, and wide open fi elds. With athletics and other outdoor activities taking place throughout Revere in the summer, this can be a cause of concern for many citizens. “I know last year there were a lot of complaints from folks at the soccer games: that mosquitos were out of control. We need to get the Director of Inspectional Services here to have a defi nitive plan to keep all of our fi elds, spectators, kids and parents safe,” said Rizzo. So what are some things you can do at home to take precautions against these pesky bites? First, educate yourself. There are multiple online resources to learn the most eff ective ways to prevent possible mosquito bites and infection. The website www.nemassmosquito.org is an accessible resource to read how to combat these bugs. Next, apply insect repellent with DEET, to create a barrier around yourself that mosquitos will be prone to stay away from. DEET can be harmful to infants and children under two months of age, so make sure to fi nd an alternative spray if you have little ones at home. Lastly, be conscious and aware of times when mosquitos are most active. Dawn to dusk, according to the Massachusetts Health Department, are peak biting hours for mosquitos. If you do fi nd yourself outside during these hours, try to wear long sleeved shirts, pants and socks. Even with mosquitos buzzing around, you can still have a safe and fun summer. With the appropriate precautions, you can avoid these tiny bites. RHS Graduation Moment

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 3 City awarded grant to revitalize Consiglia Della Russo Park T his week, Mayor Brian Arrigo announced the City of Revere was selected to partner with KaBOOM! to rebuild Consiglia Della Russo Park, which is located behind the Paul Revere School. KaBOOM! pairs with corporate partners to award grants to municipalities. Keurig Dr. Pepper will be the funding sponsor for this project. Before falling into disrepair and unsafe conditions, Consiglia Della Russo Park was a lively recreational area enjoyed by both Paul Revere School students and people throughout the neighborhood. Revere’s partnership with KaBOOM! will allow the City to revive the playground at a minimal cost. “We are thrilled to partner with KaBOOM! and look forward to rebuilding this vital piece of our park and playground system,” said Mayor Arrigo. “I applaud our dedicated staff who work vigorously to pursue grant funding to help deliver the highest quality of life to our residents.” In advance of the partnership, the Revere City Council approved the appropriation necessary to apply for the grant. Keurig Dr. Pepper will cover over $200,000 in expenses for the playground equipment. In addition, the company will provide 100 volunteers for the oneday community build. The rehabilitation of this site will also include a new walkway from the school to the playground site, and fencing improvements. The City will host a “Design Day” on July 8 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Paul Revere School, where children will be able to draw their dream playground to incorporate their vision, and adult volunteers will begin the planning process. The site will then be prepped on August 21 and 22, and the empty site will be transformed into a state-ofthe-art playground in a oneday community event on August 23. The City is aiming to recruit 100 volunteers (18+) for the Build Day; interested residents can contact Elle Baker at ebaker@revere.org. KaBOOM! is a national nonprofi t dedicated to providing children with a safe and exciting place to play. Come celebrate the end of an era. Join us for big family fun as we say farewell to live racing at Boston’s legendary track. JUNE 29 & 30 11:00 am to 5:00 pm • First Post 12:55 pm FREE ADMISSION & FREE PARKING LIVE THOROUGHBRED RACING · FOOD TRUCKS · FAMILY FUN ACTIVITIES 525 MCCLELLAN HIGHWAY, EAST BOSTON • 617-567-3900 ON THE BLUE LINE @SuffolkDowns TheHometownFavorite SUFFOLKDOWNS.COM Open Year-Round for Simulcasting from Saratoga, Del Mar, and more. WE WORK FOR YOU! * Have your car repaired by     * An I-CAR GOLD CLASS SHOP              for                                 1605 North Shore Road, Revere * 781-284-1200 Visit us at: www.AtlasAutobody.com or call (781) 284-1200 to schedule your appointment today!

Page 4 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Revere Knights of Columbus present scholarships Annual Our Lady of Lourdes Reunion Mass – June 30 n Thursday evening, several students were presented with scholarship awards O by the Revere Knights of Columbus, St. Michael the Archangel, Council #16550. ScholSABATINOINSURANCE AGENCY Call for a Quote 617-387-7466 Or email Rocco@sabatino-ins.com We cover: * Auto * Home * Boat * Renter * Condo * Life * Multi-Policy Discounts * Commercial 10% Discounts * Registry Service Also Available arships were awarded to students of the three Catholic parishes of Revere; St. Anthonys, Immaculate Conception and St. Mary’s. Representing St. Anthony’s was Kevin Willet; Immaculate Conception was represented by Domenic Amore; and Wilfredo Martinez and David Lania represented St. Mary’s. (Lania was unable http://www.sabatino-ins.com SABATINO 564 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 617-387-7466 Hours of Operation are: Mondays - Fridays 9am to 5pm Saturdays by appointment only to attend.) In addition to the students, members of the Revere City Council were also in attendance. The students all spoke of their deep faith and their commitment to do great things in the future. The Annual Our Lady of Lourdes Reunion Mass is Sunday, June 30 at 10 a.m. in the Our Lady of Lourdes Park in COUNCIL | from page 1 Clerk, Assessor, Strategic Planning and Economic Development sectors to “improve delivery of services and to plan for the future of the city.” The Public Safety Department plans to “Invest in additional police officers and code enforcement personnel                                                                                       will provide more public safety for residents of the city.” Education has outlined a plan to continue its commitment to the fi rst-class public schools that are located in Revere. Public Works, the group that is responsible for running the city’s street cleaning program and fi xing potholes, has planned a reorganization of the department and “significant capital investments in equipment and a new DPW facility.” The Culture and Recreation Department wants to create a community center at Garfield Middle School that will act and serve as a multigenerational and multicultural space for Revere residents. This is a project that Mayor Arrigo has been very outspoken and passionate about. In addition to each of these departments stating an overview of its intended projects, there is a list of revenues and expenses that money will be allocated to for the overall improvement and enhancement of the city. Some examples of these are Enterprise funds, “which will give the community the fl exibility to account separately for all fi nancial activities associated with a broad range of municipal services.” Revere has two Enterprise funds: Water & Sewer and Solid Waste/Recycling. Some expenses the city will allocate money to are the general government’s Beachmont, rain or shine. The celebrant will be Fr. Dan, the Administrator from Immaculate Conception. There will be up to 80 chairs provided and two tents for the celebrant and for those who cannot be in the sun. There will be a collation at the Revere Knights of Columbus building (29 Central Ave., Revere). All are welcome. fi xed costs, such as employee benefi ts, debt service and property and casualty insurance, education, state assessments and other financial uses. Fixed costs are invested into the city and schools, and also include but are not limited to, health insurance, which has a budget of $21.8 million, debt service, which has a budget of $5.1 million, and Medicare, which has a budget of $1.5 million. The Revere operating budget for the 2020 fi scal year is a responsibly balanced budget, and has allowed the city to have the highest bond rating it has ever seen. A comprehensive fi ve-year budget forecast has been updated in addition to this budget, as well as a capital improvement plan. This money will allow Revere to invest in necessary improvements, and to develop a brighter future for residents across the city. Almost all of City Council voted unanimously in approving the operating budget for the 2020 fi scal year. However, Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo was an outspoken opponent of the 5.6 percent increase in the budget. Rizzo is currently campaigning for the position of Mayor in the 2020 election, and was adamant about keeping the city’s spending under control. Mayor Arrigo disagreed with Rizzo’s comments and defended the budget by saying it will greatly benefi t Revere and the taxpayers.

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 5 City prepares for aftermath of Encore opening extra offi cers on duty last Sunday to keep traffi c off the main roads. Similarly, Arrigo said his office received half a dozen calls from residents regarding quality of life. Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com. Lawrence A. Simeone Jr. Attorney-at-Law ~ Since 1989 ~ * Corporate Litigation * Criminal/Civil * MCAD * Zoning/Land Court * Wetlands Litigation * Workmen’s Compensation * Landlord/Tenant Litigation Shown, from left to right, are Director of Substance Use Disorder Services Julia Newhall, Director of Innovation and Data Management Reuben Kantor, Director of Economic Development Robert O’Brien, Public Works Superintendent Paul Argenzio, Police Chief James Guido, Tyler Ash, Community Development, John Festa, Community Development, Fire Chief Christopher Bright, and Director of Inspectional Services Ben DeChristoforo were among those in attendance answering questions from the media during last Thursday’s press conference about the creation of a Casino Advisory Commission to track data. (Advocate Photos by Tara Vocino) By Tara Vocino C ity officials recently announced the creation of a Casino Advisory Commission to measure the impact that Encore Boston Harbor could have on Revere in the coming months. “We want residents to know that we have their back,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “I can’t control what happens in another city, but I can control what happens here.” Potential eff ects stemming from the casino opening include an increase in crime, soaring traffic volume and overtime expenditures for emergency service personnel. Arrigo said that in several months statistics will likely be compiled into a formal report and sent to agencies on the state level. He said this will help Revere justify its request for additional financial support and other resources. The commission will track changes to short-term rental activity, service calls to the Police and Fire Departments, the total number of casino-related calls and any increase in activity at local pawn shops. Although Revere borders Everett, it isn’t considered a surrounding community and therefore doesn’t have a surrounding community agreement with Wynn Resorts. Arrigo went on to say that traffi c is his immediate concern, and he advised residents to stay away from Lower Broadway in Everett, where Encore is located. The casino, which is expected to have as many as 50,000 visitors at its peak, only off ers 3,000 parking spaces, which means residents will have to rely on public transportation, including the Blue Line. A temWe Carry... * Lifetime Waterproof Warranty * Ceramic, Porcelain & Stone Tile                        31 Osprey Rd., Saugus * 781-289-9676  * Real Estate Law * Construction Litigation * Tax Lein * Personal Injury * Bankruptcy * Wrongful Death * Zoning/Permitting Litigation 300 Broadway, Suite 1, Revere * 781-286-1560 Lsimeonejr@simeonelaw.net Mayor Brian Arrigo said the city government wants “residents to know that we have their back” – referring to Revere garnering fi nancial support from the Encore Boston Harbor resort/casino, which opened on June 23. Friday, June 28 at 8:30 PM Singer/Musician CARL AYOTE Saturday, June 29 at 8:30 PM DJ LOGIK porary shuttle service is also available at Wonderland Station. Arrigo also said he will not take legal action against Wynn Resorts, as the company is not legally obligated to give Revere any profi t from Encore. “We had no control over this, but the previous administration did,” Arrigo said. “So, other things took priority.” In a separate interview, Daniel Rizzo, who was mayor at the time, stood by his decision of not doing business with Wynn Resorts, saying the company had “horrifi c and outrageous business practices.” “I'm also proud that the City Council at the time, including the current mayor, supported me in that decision – twice,” Rizzo said. Although he didn’t sign the host agreement, Rizzo said, the Gaming Act, which was passed by the Legislature in November of 2011, has a provision stating that any community that does not hold Host or Surrounding Community status may still be eligible for funding to off set unforeseen or unforeseeable impacts, which could amount to as much as $50,000. Police Chief James Guido said he had approximately six Dance to all the Hits of Yesterday and Today! MONDAY'S SHUCK! $1.00 Oysters Book Your Special Events With Us! Call 781-629-3798 SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET Only $19.95 / 11am-2pm Featuring Al Whitney Jazz Band BOOK YOUR NEXT FUNCTION WITH US * GIFT CARDS AMPLE FREE www.marinaatthewharf.com 543 North Shore Rd. Revere 781-629-3798 PARKING AMAZING WATER VIEWS

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Most Power Options, Runs & Drives Great, Clean Title, 30 Day Complete Warranty, 117K Miles READY TO ROLL! 781-321-8841 $8,995 Easy Financing Available! 1236 Eastern Ave • Malden EddiesAutotech.com $5,995 We Pay Cash For Your Vehicle! ATM on site Now Featuring our BREAKFAST PIZZA & OMELET MENU Saturday & Sunday Only Served until 3:30 PM Northeast Metro Voke-Tech graduates 281; 50 from Revere W AKEFIELD – Students, faculty, staff, parents and community members came together this month to celebrate the 281 graduates of Northeast Metro Tech. On Friday, June 7, seniors from 15 diff erent vocations were celebrated and received their diplomas during a ceremony at Breakheart Stadium. “Every year we recognize the success of our students, who come from different backgrounds, with diff erent interests, but with a common goal of receiving a 21st century education that prepares them for work or college,” said Chairman of the School Committee Deborah Davis, of Woburn. “Congratulations to the Class of 2019; we wish you the best in all your future endeavors.” Graduating students represented 12 communities: Chelsea: 63; Malden: 33; Melrose: 10; North Reading: 10; Reading: 4; Revere: 50; Saugus: 61; Stoneham: 6; Wakefield: 13; Winchester: 2; Winthrop: 10; Woburn: 19. Class President Andrew DeCicco, of Melrose, refl ected on what he and his classmates accomplished in their four years at Northeast, stating they wouldn’t be where they are today without will, determination and support from loved ones, friends and teachers. Moving forward, he added, graduates should strive for excellence and embrace the journey ahead of them, no matter where it leads. “Our class has already shown that we all are capable of accomplishing our goals when we commit ourselves to them,” DeCicco said. “As we all continue on in our lives, let’s take on each new problem with confi - dence, knowing that we have achieved great heights and are equipped with the necessary tools to tackle our futures.” This year, twin siblings Amrit Pal Kaur and Amrit Kaur, of Malden, were the salutatorian and valedictorian, respectively. Amrit Pal recognized the parents, guardians and family members who were at the ceremony, and who helped their students reach this milestone in their lives. “All of us are headed in diff erent directions, but we will always stay connected to our roots,” she said. “As we continue on in our journey, it is our time to become role models for the future generations by having high standards and morals, by maintaining a strong worth ethic and doing so with confi dence and compassion.” Amrit touched on the past, present and future in her valedictorian speech, stating “We learn from our past, enjoy the present and work hard for our future.” Although sad to close this chapter in her life, Amrit reflected on the family members who pushed everyone to work their hardest, the teachers who instilled knowledge and the friends who were there along all the ups and downs over the last four years. “Some of us will go on to college, others will go into the workforce, but each one of us will travel our own path,” she concluded. “As Dr. Seuss said, ‘You’re off to great places! 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THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 7 Last Call this weekend Suffolk Downs will soon join Saugus’ Franklin Park as a racetrack of yesteryear By Railbird Special to The Saugus Advocate L ast Sunday, to fanfare, the games of chance commenced at the glittering new Encore Boston Harbor casino in Everett. The fl ip-side of that story will play out a few miles down the road in East Boston this weekend. Late Sunday afternoon, when the last horse crosses the fi nish line in the fi - nal nightcap at Suff olk Downs, the laws of modern progress will go into full eff ect. Where champions like Seabiscuit and Whirlaway, Cigar and Skip Away dazzled throngs, 10,000 units of new housing will be raised, part of a massive new community. The book will slam shut on 84 years of often-glorious history at the East Boston Oval. Perhaps the Gaming Commission’s decision to grant the casino license to Wynn Resorts will prove wise over time. Out of the gate, however, the storyline is unappealing. For the better part of 20 years, Suff olk Downs rattled the commonwealth’s cage seeking a casino license. It was fi nally within reach when a carpetbagger - Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn - swept in at the 11th hour and snatched it from the Gaming Commission’s upturned palms. Racing fans, smarting from the perception that a Boston fi xture had been kicked to the curb, were soon left to ponder the diligence the Gaming Commission had devoted to investigating the two applicants. Wynn’s name is not on the casino, because soon after the license was granted he was dethroned from the helm of Wynn Resorts amid allegations that he had been a sexual predator for years (he denies the allegations). That news was late. The race had gone “offi cial.” So, there is just a last chance to visit the scene of so many victories and defeats, the arena where such vast numbers of sporting men for years, like pilgrims, paid their devotions. They will all be back Sunday, jostling toward the betting windows. They will crowd the grandstand apron, craning their necks to see the horses thundering headlong down the stretch. The ghosts of men in hats. All that will remain after Sunday is the job of demolishing the old racetrack. When it was constructed on muddine drink gather enjoy free. So are the memories... Editor's Note: Railbird is the pen name of a former newspaperman. He now confesses that he occasionally stopped at Suff olk Downs to play his favorite horses while on the clock. THE WAY IT WAS: The entrance to The Old Saugus Race Course - also known as Franklin Park and The Old Saugus Race Track - where Saugus hosted harness racing up until 1905, when the track closed (Photo Post Card Courtesy of George Brown to The Saugus Advocate) fl ats in 1935, Suff olk Downs’ grandstand was the largest in the country. It is solid concrete, and may not go easily. Thunderous explosions will likely rattle the good china in homes on Orient Heights and Beachmont. Perhaps the shock waves will reach Saugus, passing over the Pines River, the marshes, and the site of Saugus' 19th Century track, Franklin Park. Built in 1859, Franklin Park survived until 1905. According to the late Thomas Mahlstedt, the chief archaeologist of the old Metropolitan District Commission, Franklin Park prospered for years as the largest racetrack in the area. For the well-heeled sporting crowd, a luxurious four-story hotel was constructed by the track in the 1880s. What heroics were enacted on the track? Which horses were the glory of that time? What were the great betting coups talked about for years and years? None of the answers can be summoned up on the internet. Franklin Park's demise is the part of its history best recorded. Mahlstedt and Wikipedia agree that Saugus residents became disenchanted with track habitues. The MDC archaeologist wrote: "Slowly as more and more cardsharks, prostitutes and other characters of questionable repute frequented it, local neighbors, church groups and fi nally the Board of Selectmen agitated for the park's closure. The swell of public opinion, combined with lessening profi ts, culminated in the track and hotel's ceasing business in 1905." After closing, the track briefly became a site for circuses and carnivals. In 1911, the old horse stalls were converted to airplane hangers, and an early aviation school was founded. When pari-mutuel wagering was legalized in 1934, a group of investors sought to revive racing at the site but lost out to the developers of Suff olk Downs. Never too late. Perhaps the current stewards of the property, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, would be interested in returning the site to its 19th Century glory. While waiting for that longshot to come in, you can pay a fi nal visit to one of the last old places in Boston. Post time at Suff olk Downs for 12-races cards both Saturday and Sunday is 12:55. Sunday, the track will be selling T-shirts commemorating its 84-year history, with proceeds going toward thoroughbred aftercare. Admission and parking are Friday, June 28 at 9 PM TANGERINE Saturday, June 29 at 9 PM SLUSH PUPPIES Sunday Nights - 6:30 PM COUNTRY MUSIC NIGHT with Jimmy Allen Coming September 14th Boston's legendary.. THE STOMPERS 221 Newbury Street, Danvers For Tickets call (978) 774-7270 or www.breakawaydanvers.com                                                                                      

Page 8 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Fire Capt. retires after almost four decades of service By Tara Vocino R evere Fire Capt. Dominic LaSala, known as a “Good Jake,” retired on Wednesday morning from the Revere Fire Department after 38 years of service. A “Good Jake” – the highest compliment a fi refi ghter can be given – LaSala was appointed in 1981 as a reserve fi refi ghter, became a permanent fi refi ghter in 1983, was promoted to a lieutenant in 1988, and was promoted to the rank of captain in 1995. LaSala served as a mentor to countless young fi refi ghters. Serving on the busiest fi re company, Engine 4, Fire Chief Christopher Bright said, LaSala could always be counted on to put the fi re out, even in mutual aid multiple alarm fi res. LaSala said Wednesday that it was an unbelievable experience. “If you can’t get up every day and do something you love, what’s the use in living?” LaSala asked. “Being part of the Revere Fire Department was my biggest and proudest moments of my life.” LaSala said every day that he came to work was like the fi rst day on-the-job. “The many memories I have with each and every one of you will last a lifetime,” LaSala addressed the crowd. “Every time we made a diff erence in someone’s life was my biggest gift. Thank you, and be safe.” During the ceremony, Bright highlighted a few notable incidents that LaSala responded to during his storied career, where he received commendations. On Dec. 14, 1990, he fought a 10-alarm wind-driven fi re that began on Highland Street, resulting in three other fi res that night. On March 1, ~ Home of the Week ~ SAUGUS...Nicely maintained 8 room Colonial boasting beautiful, updated cherry cabinets with granite counters and oversized peninsula with                                         area, huge, manicured, level lot with separately, fenced in Inground pool with 3 year old liner, one car detached garage, located just outside Saugus Center. Great location - Great home!   549,900          Good Credit or Bad Credit 153 Ferry St., Everett 617-294-4064 View the interior of this home right on your smartphone.       We Finance Everyone! 30 Day Warranty on all Cars! * Buying at Eastern will help establish your credit * Two locations with over 60 cars to choose from Fire Capt. Dominic LaSala on the scene at a fire in 2018. He retired after 38 years on Wednesday morning. (Courtesy photos, Fire Capt. Robert Fortuna) 1994, LaSala received a commendation for rescuing an employee and a burn victim at a three-alarm fi re at the Specialty Aluminum Company at 339 Washington Ave. LaSala, who was then Acting Deputy Fire Chief, rescued an unconscious victim from a building fi re along Broadway on April 22, 2007. And most recently in a lighter moment on May 16, 2019, he and his Engine 4 crew helped to rescue nine baby ducklings from a storm drain on Griffin Street, safely reuniting them with their mother, who was anxiously waiting on scene. Bright called LaSala a loving family man and loyal friend who had a strong work ethic, always going above the call of duty. “Here, at the Revere Fire Dept., the simple truth is that Captain Dom is one of the most loved fi refi ghters the department has ever Senior Capt. Dominic LaSala, who retired Wednesday, is known as a “Good Jake,” the highest compliment a fi refi ghter can be given. seen,” Bright said Wednesday morning. Mayor Brian Arrigo said that as LaSala enters his retirement years, he wishes him nothing but good health and prosperity. “Thank you for serving our city faithfully for many years,” Arrigo said. Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com. Correggio attends private opening of Encore Boston Harbor Councillor-at-Large candidate John R. Correggio and Senior Capt. Dominic LaSala, who retired Wednesday. 2015 FORD EXPLORER XLT Price: $26,800 * 68,000 Miles MPG: 12 City/17 Highway 2015 MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS C 300 Price: $25,500 * 42,000 Miles MPG: 25 City/34 Highway ~ 30 Day Warranty on all Cars ~ www.easternsaleseverett.com John R. Correggio, candidate for councillor-at-large (right), and Robert DeSalvio, president of Encore Boston Harbor, during the casino’s private opening on June 17. (Courtesy Photo)

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 9 Mayor launches modernized, accessible Revere.Org Continuing to improve Revere government, website uses data analytics to satisfy residents’ diverse needs Mayor Brian Arrigo on Wednesday announced the launch of the fully redesigned Revere.org, the offi cial website of the City of Revere. With a new design, new navigation, more functionality, and fresh content, Revere.org supports Mayor Arrigo’s eff orts to ensure the city government works for its taxpayers and takes full advantage of modern-day technologies. “City services should be easy to use, and city government should be accessible to everyone,” Mayor Arrigo said. “Our new website is going to help us engage more residents in the day-to-day workings of City Hall and provide the services and features that they’re looking for, quickly. Today NOISE | from page 1 the plant’s shutdown. “Built in the 1970s, Wheelabrator Saugus is the oldest active incinerator in the United States,” Vincent said in a statement she issued Wednesday. “What the people of Revere and Saugus have been experiencing these past ten days with deafening sound emissions clearly demonstrates that this plant is on life support, and it is time to pull the plug. For residents of Revere and Saugus who have been experiencing this highest-degree of noise pollution, it has been absolute torture,” she said. “Not only as their state representative, but as a neighbor and friend to many who reached out to my offi ce since Monday, June 17th, it has broken my heart to hear stories of people who have not been able to get a full night’s sleep in over a week and who have not been able to utilize their yards and eat outside on some of the most beautiful summer nights we have had so far this summer.” Vincent called it “simply unconscionable that this has dragged on for ten days.” But the legislator said she was encouraged by recent talks with representatives of the state Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). MassDEP has been working with Wheelabrator on other operational practices that may be employed to further reduce noise issues, according to Vincent. “I thank MassDEP for hearing the cries of my constituents, and I hope the agency will continue to hold Wheelabrator accountable for its actions,” Vincent said. “It should be noted that since November, 2016, my constituents who live in the shadow of the Wheelabrator Saugus facility have had to endure these types of noises at all hours of the day and night no less than seven times due to issues at the plant,” she said. “I think it’s time they meet today’s standards or close. The reason why the plant is making this noise is because it’s a dinosaur and keeps breaking down. Wheelabrator issues apology In its statement on Wednesday, Wheelabrator spokesperson Nadeau said Wheelabrator Saugus will continue to accept waste from contract communities. “We apologize to our neighbors who were impacted by the venting and were understandably feeling frustration at the noise levels, which our entire team has been working to mitigate,” she said. Saugus Board of Health Chair William Heffernan said the town’s Health Department “immediately engaged Wheelabrator” after receiving numerous calls from residents about the noise. “Wheelabrator called me to address the issue and let me know the plan going forward,” Heff ernan said. “The silencer they were using was not performing as anticipated. Instead of continuing to annoy the public with the noise, they decided to shut down operations until they could install a more advanced silencer device,” he said. “They apologized for the noise and will not resume the work on the turbine until they can guarantee the noise is eliminated.” www.reverealuminumwindow.com 505 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 Tel: 617-387-1120 www.gkdental.com • Family Dentistry • Crowns • Bridges • Veneers/Lumineers • Dental Implants • All on 4 Dental Implants • Emergency Dentist • Kid Friendly Dentist • Root Canals • Dentures • Invisalign Braces • Snap On Smile • Teeth Whitening We are the smile care experts for your entire family we’re proud to launch a 21st century website that refl ects the innovative work happening in Revere today.” The redesign of Revere.org used data analytics to cater to Revere residents’ diverse needs. Notable improvements include the following: • Easier navigation for residents, business owners, visitors, prospective home buyers and investors alike; • Accessible new design that allows for translation of the site into over 100 languages and improved access for the sight impaired; • Easier access to the city’s three mobile apps: Revere311, Trash and Street Sweeping, and Mobile Alerts; • New online job and licensing application forms; • A comprehensive Business and Development section to appeal to new investment in the city; and • Photography that showcases Revere’s natural beauty and historic landmarks. Visitors to the site should use the Feedback Form to provide city staff with comments or feedback for improvement. In House Dental Plan for $399 (Cleanings, X-Rays, Exams twice a year and 20% OFF Dental work) Schedule your FREE Consultations today

Page 10 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Rockies score big early in win over Saints By Greg Phipps A fter a week-long layoff , the Revere Rockies didn’t appear to lose a beat as they continued their winning ways by routing the South Boston Saints, 11-1, in Yawkey League baseball action on Sunday at Revere High School. The Rockies wasted no time getting back into the swing of things, scoring three times in their fi rst at bat and adding fi ve more in the bottom of the second to build an early 8-0 bulge. Bobby Foote’s second-inning grand slam broke the game open. The homer was a rocket over the right field fence and was Foote’s second round-tripper of the season. The four RBI also gave him 15 for the season. The victory Revere’s Jacob Byrne slides safely into third base during Sunday’s 11-1 win over the South Boston Saints at Revere High School fi eld. (Advocate Photos by Greg Phipps) On Sunday, Rockies starter Jon Shepard hurled fi ve scoreless innings for his fourth win of the season. Revere baserunner Ryan Petrone rises to his feet after being forced out at second base during Sunday’s Rockies game against South Boston. left 10-1 Revere with a fourpoint lead over the secondplace East Boston Knights in the Carl Yastrzemski Division. The Knights were 8-4 as of early this week. Pitching has been Revere’s strongest suit so far this season, and Sunday’s starter, Jon Shepard, provided another solid outing. Despite getting into early trouble in the top of the first, the righty, who improved to 4-0 with an ERA under one, settled down and completed five shutout innings. He didn’t walk a batter, surrendered fi ve hits and fanned six. Oliver Collette relieved Shepard and allowed South Boston its lone run on two hits in his one inning of work. * A Delta Dental Premier Provider Aluminum Everett er 10 Everett Ave., Everett 617-389-3839 Owned & operated by the Conti family since 1958 • 61 Years! “Same name, phone number & address for over half a century. We must be doing something right!” Owned & operated by the Conti family since 1958 • 57 Years! family since 1958 • 60 •Vinyl Siding •Carpentry Work •Decks •Vinyl Siding ears! •Free Estimates •Fully Licensed •Roofing •Free Estimates •Carpentry Work •Fully Licensed •Decks •Roofingf g •Roo in • Fully Insured •• Replacement Windows Replacement Windows www.everettaluminum.com Now’s the time to schedule those home improvement projects you’ve been dreaming about all winter! Everett Aluminum Dr. Mario Abdennour, Dr. Bhavisha Patel, Dr. Priti Amlani, Dr. Bruce Goldman and team. ROCKIES | SEE PAGE 17 Summer is Here!

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Page 14 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Beacon Hill Roll Call By Bob Katzen By Bob Katzen THE HOUSE AND SENATE. Beacon Hill Roll Call records local representatives’ votes on two roll calls from the week of June 17-21. There were no roll calls in the Senate last week. SUBSCRIBE TO MASSTERLIST - IT’S FREE! Join more than 17,000 other people from movers and shakers to political junkies and interested citizens who start their morning with a copy of MASSterList! MASSterList is a daily ensemble of news and commentary about the Legislature, Politics, Media and Judiciary of Massachusetts drawn from major news organizations as well as specialized publications selected by widely acclaimed and highly experienced editor Jay Fitzgerald. Jay introduces each article in his own clever and never-boring, inimitable way. Go to: www.massterlist. com/subscribe Type in your email address and in 15 seconds you will be signed up for a free subscription. GROWING HEMP (H 3535) House 152-0, approved and sent to the Senate a bill that would allow farmers with agricultural deed restrictions on their land to grow hemp. It would also qualify hemp farmers for the property tax breaks currently given to growers of other crops. The state’s Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) Program, according to its website, “helps to preserve and protect agricultural land to keep valuable farmland soil from being built on by development companies for non-agricultural purposes that could be detrimental to the environment.” The program pays farmland owners the difference between their farm’s fair market value and the lower agricultural use value in exchange for a permanent deed restriction which forbids the property from being used for anything that will have a negative impact on its agricultural viability. The growing of hemp was legalized along with marijuana in 2016, but farmers that want to grow the industrialuse cannabis plant still can’t cultivate the crop if their land falls under the APR. “Allowing hemp to be grown on APR deed-restricted land is an opportunity for Massachusetts farmers to expand the $550 million agricultural industry which will benefit the entire commonwealth,” said Rep. Smitty Pignatelli (D-Lenox), the sponsor of the proposal. “We are currently importing hemp for various manufacturing products such as clothing, food, paper, and textiles, and tapping into these industries right here in the commonwealth will generate jobs and bring our farmers closer to economic security and success.” (A Yes” vote is for the bill.) Rep. Bob DeLeo Yes Rep. RoseLee Vincent Yes APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT (H 3904) House 153-0, approved and sent to the Senate a bill that would establish a system for the state to license and regulate appraisal management companies (AMC). It is estimated that 80 percent of appraisal orders in the Bay State are processed by AMCs. The other 49 states already have AMC registration in place. “AMC registration is a nationwide licensing requirement with an August 2019 deadline,” writes Allan Cohen in the New England Real Estate Journal. “AMC registration comes right out of the federal Dodd-Frank law enacted by the U.S. Congress in 2010.” “Specific in its language about firewalls, Dodd-Frank gave impetus to the use of AMCs acting as an intermediary between lenders and appraisers,” continued Cohen. “The goal is to protect consumers and avoid having fi - nancial institutions fall back into poor lending practices. Using an AMC as a fi rewall reduces the frequency of relational lending and infl uencing appraisers to meet valuation targets or certain values.” “Appraiser independence is vital to both safety and soundness of fi nancial institutions, and to consumers who regularly rely on the appraisal obtained by the lender to determine if the price they are paying for a house is reasonable,” said Rep. Tom Stanley (DWaltham), the sponsor of the bill. “Missing the … deadline impacts everyone either looking to buy a home or refi nancing a mortgage as AMCs will not be able to operate in the state. There’s no opposition to this legislation. It’s time to sign this bill into law and comply with the Dodd-Frank Act requirements.” “For many of my constituents, a real estate transaction will be one of the most important financial decisions in their life,” said Rep. Jim Murphy (D-Weymouth). “We must ensure that people are receiving an accurate assessment that is free from infl uence or bias. By regulating the AMC industry, we are taking an important step forward to protect Massachusetts consumers.” (A Yes” vote is for the bill.) Rep. Bob DeLeo Yes Rep. RoseLee Vincent Yes HOW LONG WAS LAST WEEK’S SESSION? Beacon Hill Roll Call tracks the length of time that the House and Senate were in session each week. Many legislators say that legislative sessions are only one aspect of the Legislature’s job and that a lot of important work is done outside of the House and Senate chambers. They note that their jobs also involve committee work, reREAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman/The Commercial Record, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group. For a searchable database of real estate transactions and property information visit: www.thewarrengroup.com. BUYER1 BUYER2 Martinez, Manuel D Morkunas, Vida Venh, Tavi Gaitan-Tejada, Carolina SELLER1 Fuentes, Marleni Say, Souen Guzman, Marvin Yepes, Gladys Abualola, Hassan A Kalco Properties LLC Russo Realty LLC SELLER2 ADDRESS Ramirez, Richard A 15 Keayne St 46 High St CITY Revere 360 Revere Beach Blvd #305 Revere 207 Crescent Ave Revere Revere DATE 10.06.2019 10.06.2019 07.06.2019 07.06.2019 PRICE $925 000,00 $360 000,00 $645 000,00 $450 000,00 ~ Legal Notice ~ City of Malden seeks applicants for Department of Public Works Operator Heavy Motor Equipment The City of Malden seeks candidates for the position of Heavy Motor Equipment Operator in the Highway and Water Division of the Department of Public Works. The HMEO under the direct supervision of the DPW Director, Operations Manager, Supervisors and/or Working Foreman, to operate trucks with a rated capacity of more than 3 tons and up through 9 tons, including large tractors, dump trucks, tree bucket trucks, etc. Current Commercial Driver’s License - Class B with air brake endorsement required. For a full job description and details on how to apply, visit www.cityofmalden.org and click on Employment Opportunities. June 14, 21 & 28 2019 J& S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY CO. MULCH SALE! Discount Spring Special PICK-UP or DELIVERY AVAILABLE 617-389-1490 Premium Hemlock or Pitch Black BELOW WHOLESALE COSTS LANDSCAPERS WELCOME $4 yd. $3 yd. search, constituent work and other matters that are important to their districts. Critics say that the Legislature does not meet regularly or long enough to debate and vote in public view on the thousands of pieces of legislation that have been fi led. They note that the infrequency and brief length of sessions are misguided and lead to irresponsible late-night sessions and a mad rush to act on dozens of bills in the days immediately preceding the end of an annual session. During the week of June 17-21, the House met for a total of six hours while the Senate met for a total of two hours and four minutes. Mon. June 17 House 11:02 a.m. to 11:13 a.m. Senate 11:08 a.m. to 12:22 p.m. Tues. June 18 No House session No Senate session Wed. June 19 House 11:03 a.m. to 3:57 p.m. No Senate session Thurs. June 20 House 11:01 a.m. to 11:56 a.m. Senate 11:09 a.m. to 11:59 a.m. Fri. June 21 No House session No Senate session Bob Katzen welcomes feedback at bob@beaconhillrollcall.com For great advertising rates in Everett, Malden, Revere and Saugus, email: jmitchell@ advocatenews. net

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 15 Speaker of the House DeLeo State Representative RoseLee Vincent Councillor-At-Large Correggio Candidate for John Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna Ward 5 Councillor John Powers School Board Member Carol Tye School Board Member Susan Gravellese School Board Member Michael Ferrante Morabito Councillor-at-Large Steve Please Drive Safely! Bob y Fourth o Mayor Brian Arrigo & Family Councillor-At-Large Jessica Giannino y H f Jul app

Page 16 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 $100,000 JAMES B. MOSELEY STAKES HIGHLIGHTS FINAL WEEKEND AT SUFFOLK DOWNS Weekend-long racing festival features full fi elds and over $1 million in purses and incentives E ast Boston, MA — Live racing will return to Suffolk Downs for the fi nal time in the track’s 84 year history this Saturday and Sunday, June 2930, as the track hosts the fi nal live racing and food truck festival weekend which will feature twelve races each day and over $1 million in purses and incentives. More than 130 horses have been entered for Saturday’s card with an average fi eld size of 11 per race. The entries include familiar local names such as former leading trainer Jay Bernardini, decorated jockey Tammi Piermarini as well as some prominent national outfi ts including Christophe Clement and Joe Sharp. “We are looking forward to celebrating our 84-year legacy on the fi nal weekend of live racing here and we are also looking forward to what's next as we continue to pursue our plan to refurbish the Great Barrington Fair Grounds while we continue simulcast operations here,” said Chip Tuttle, the Chief Operating Offi cer at Suff olk Downs. “We appreciate the loyalty and dedication of all of our employees, the New England horsemen and horse women who have supported our racing program for the last several years, and the hard work and cooperation of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and its Racing Division.” The featured race of the weekend will be the $100,000 James B. Moseley Stakes which is a black-type race for fi llies and mares and will be run at about five furlongs on the turf. The race has drawn a fi eld of eight fi llies and mares. The race is named in the honor of the late James B. Moseley, an integral part of the history of the racetrack who, alongside John Hall, II, reopened and revitalized the track in 1991. In addition to the featured race, there will be six other races carded on the turf. Over the course of the weekend, there will be four stakes races restricted to horses foaled in Massachusetts – the $50,000 Massachusetts Stallion Stakes and the $50,000 Ask Queenie Dirt Mile on Saturday along with the $50,000 John Kirby Stakes and $50,000 Thomas F. Moran Stakes on Sunday. On Sunday, the undefeated Successful Saint puts his three-race streak on the line in the $50,000 John Kirby Stakes. The Ask Queenie Stakes, which will be run for the inaugural time, is named in honor of Ask Queenie, one of the most popular and successful Massachusetts-bred horses in history. Bred by longtime local breeder Lloyd Lockart, the chestnut mare was trained by his daughter Lori Lockhart and owned by his granddaughter, Laurine Barreira. Ask Queenie retired in 2010 with 27 wins from 63 starts and over $780,000 in career earnings and 20 wins against stakes competition. Since her retirement, she has been a broodmare in Florida. On Sunday, the track will be selling commemorative Suffolk Downs t-shirts with the proceeds to go towards Thoroughbred aftercare. Following this weekend, the track will remain open yearround for simulcasting. Sterling Suff olk Racecourse (SSR), the company that operates racing and simulcasting at Suffolk Downs, is currently working alongside the New England HPBA and the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association (MTBA) on plans to refurbish and return live racing to the Great Barrington Fairgrounds in Great Barrington, MA and to continue simulcasting operations in Boston. Post time for the twelve race card on both Saturday and Sunday is 12:55 p.m. For more information, visit www.suff olkdowns.com by Jim Miller How to Choose and Use a Home Blood Pressure Monitor Dear Savvy Senior, I just found out I have stage 1 hypertension and my doctor recommended I get a home blood pressure monitor to keep an eye on it. Can you offer me any tips on choosing and using one? Hypertensive Helen Dear Helen, It’s a smart idea! Everyone with elevated or high blood pressure – stage 1 (or 130/80) and higher – should consider getting a home blood pressure monitor. Home monitoring can help you keep tabs on your blood pressure in a comfortable setting. Plus, if you’re taking medication it will make certain it’s working, and alert you to a health problem if it arises. Home Monitors The best type of home blood pressure monitors to purchase are electric/battery powered automatic arm monitors, which are more reliable than wrist or fi ngertip monitors. With an automatic arm monitor, you simply wrap the cuff around your bicep and with the push of one button the cuff infl ates and defl ates automatically giving you your blood pressure reading on the display window in a matter of seconds. Many monitors today also come with additional features like irregular heartbeat detection; a risk category indicator that tells you whether your blood pressure is in the high range; a data-averaging function that allows you to take multiple readings and get an overall average; multiple user memory that allows two or more users to save their readings; and downloadable memory that lets you transmit your data to your computer or smartphone. You can fi nd these monitors at pharmacies, medical supply stores or online, and you don’t need a prescription to buy one. Prices typically range between $40 and $100. In most cases, original Medicare will not cover a home blood pressure monitor, but if you have a Medicare Advantage plan or a private health insurance policy it’s worth checking into, because some plans may provide coverage. Some of the best automatic arm monitors as recommended by Consumer Reports are the Omron 10 Series BP786N ($75); Rite Aid Deluxe Automatic ($60); Omron Evolv BP7000 ($70); and A&D Medical UA767F ($45). How to Measure After you buy a monitor, it’s a good idea to take it to your doctor’s          •   •   •          advertising rates jmitchell@ For great advocatenews.net Visit Our Newly Expanded Facility. We will beat competitors pricing! (Restrictions apply.) offi ce so they can check its accuracy and make sure you’re using it properly. Here are some additional steps to follow to ensure you get accurate readings at home. Relax: Don’t exercise, smoke or drink caff einated drinks or alcohol for at least 30 minutes before measuring. Sit quietly for at least fi ve minutes before you take a measurement and remain quiet during the test. Sit correctly: Sit with your back straight and supported (on a dining chair, rather than a sofa). Your feet should be fl at on the fl oor and your legs should not be crossed. Your arm should be supported on a fl at surface (such as a table) with the upper arm at heart level. Make sure the middle of the cuff is placed directly above the bend of the elbow. Check your monitor’s instructions for an illustration. Put the cuff directly on your bare skin: Putting it over clothes can raise your systolic (upper) number by up to 40 mmHg. Measure at the same time every day: It’s important to take the readings at the same time each day, such as morning and evening. It doesn’t matter whether you do it before or after taking medication. Just be consistent. Go to the bathroom: A full bladder can rise your systolic pressure 222 Central St. Saugus, MA 01906 (Next to Saugus Iron Works) 781-231-5990 2FREE ND MONTH on 10x10 units No administration fees. 200 new units available.        New Customer Specials Offer valid at 222 Central Storage. Must present coupon. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 6/12/19. www.222centralstorage.com FREE with Rental LOCK by 10 to 15 mmHg. Take multiple readings and record the results: Each time you measure, take two or three readings one minute apart and record the results by writing them down, or using an online tracker (see CCCtracker.com). For more information on high blood pressure numbers and how to accurately measure it at home, visit Heart.org/HBP. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit SavvySenior.org. Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book. Reserve your unit NOW!

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 17 Two first-time Tata scholarships awarded F By Tara Vocino or the fi rst time, two scholarships were awarded in memory of Revere Pop Warner Football founder Patsy “Pat” Tata last Wednesday night at Harry Della Russo Stadium. The lucky recipients were Alexa Panzini, who plans to study social work at Westfi eld State University, and Matthew Stasio, who is undecided but is considering studying fi nance at Bentley University. Each of them received a scholarship for $500. Panzini, a Revere Pop Warner cheerleader for eight years and a three-year Revere High School cheerleader, wrote about determination in her application essay. She explained that it took determination to learn a new tumbling skill Two scholarships were awarded last Wednesday night in memory of Patsy “Pat” Tata, who founded Revere Pop Warner Football in 1961. (Courtesy Photo) and determination to make it to nationals. Because she didn’t always have the grade point average to participate in cheerleading, Panzini said, she made the difficult deciROCKIES | from page 10 The Saints fell to 4-5 with the loss, 12 points behind divisionleading Revere. The Rockies had a showdown at secondplace East Boston on Wednesday and are back home to host the AI Thomas Athletics on Saturday and Sunday. In Sunday’s win, Alex Wong had a big day with three hits and two RBI, followed by Ryan Petrone with two hits and two runs driven in. Both players doubled as well. Tony Iafolla collected three RBI with two singles, and Jacob Byrne swatted a double. Also contributing single hits were Argeny Villa, Adam Del Rio, Zach Aresty and Mike Lembo. Overall, the Rockies belted 13 hits, one of their better offensive outputs of the season. Though they’ve been prolifi c enough off ensively (ranking fi rst overall in batting), they haven’t had to be, since the pitching has been so stellar. As of early this week, Revere sported a team ERA of 1.59, sion to not cheer during her senior year. “I had to watch from the sidelines, but I was determined to make it back to the team, and I did,” Panzini wrote in her essay. “While my four years at Revere High School were not as smooth as I thought they’d be, as I look back I realize that I, in fact, persevered.” Panzini also said the Tata family are close family friends. As for how she feels about winning the scholarship, Panzini said it gave her a sense of accomplishment and that the money will be used to purchase books and dorm supplies. Stasio, who played Revere Pop Warner Football through eighth grade, said he was fortunate to be the other scholhad given up 59 hits in 75 innings, and had allowed just one home run. Amazingly, Revere’s ERA fi gure ranks second in the league to the Charlestown Townies, who play in the Ted Williams Division. The Townies had an ERA of 0.70 entering this week’s action. Despite its great pitching, Charlestown, as of early this week, stood in second place at 4-5 in the Williams Division. The McKay Club Beacons and Stoneham Sabers shared the top spot with 8-6 records. 1. On June 28, 1889, the first professional female astronomer, Maria Mitchell, died; what island was her birthplace? 2. What comedian said, “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food”? (Hint: initials WCF.) 3. In what city was the Declaration of Independence adopted? Banking with a hometown touch. Open a free checking account with no monthly fees, and get access to Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and other features. Because no matter where you go, we’re right by you. Call or visit us to sign up. 418 BROADWAY, EVERETT MA 02149          FROM 7 7 1 SALEM ST, LYNNFIELD, MA 01940    WWW.EVERET TBANK . COM PAGE 18 4. In “The Color of Money” who said “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned”? (Hint: initials PN.) 5. On June 29, 1956, which U.S. president signed an act that established the U.S. interstate highway system? 6. Which U.S. state first recognized July 4 as an official celebration? 7. What was Brazil’s capital before the completion of Brasilia? 8. What wizard did the fictional horse Shadowfax belong to? 9. On July 1, 1947, a U.S. arship recipient. In addition to Revere Pop Warner, he also played football at Revere High School for three years and was on medical leave his senior year. “I’m proud and happy for him,” his father, Matthew, said. Tata’s children were at the ceremony to award the scholarships and shared a few words about their father. Tata played semiprofessional football for St. Lazarus and the Kelley Club in East Boston after he graduated from Revere High School in 1945, where he was captain of the varsity football team, according to his son, Pat Tata, Jr. “He was called ‘coach' until his dying days,” Pat said. “He loved football, education and children.” Off the football field, Tata was president of the Revere Firefi ghters Union for 20 years, a School Committee member and a fi refi ghter for 37 years. He was a councillor-at-large in the 1980s and an aide to former Mayor Thomas Ambrosino. Known for “having the voice of God,” Tata was a lector at St. Anthony’s of Padua Parish. He passed away in 2015 at the age of 87, according to his son, Patrick. His daughter, Debra, said her father believed that physical activity is good for young adults. His other son, John, spoke about his father’s passion for football and children. “They still talk about him to this day,” John said. “He’s like another dad to them.” Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com. government program to eradicate what mosquitoborne illness began? 10. What Motown group had a hit with “My Girl”? 11. In what cult movie would you find Dr. Frank-NFurter? 12. On July 2, 1911, what Detroit Tigers baseball player hit in his 40thstraight game? (Hint: initials TC.) 13. What seafood is reported to be most popular in the United States? 14. In what year did the U.S. Congress make July 4 a federal holiday: 1780, 1870 or 1900? 15. On July 3, 1863, what “turning point” Civil War battle began? 16. Who was the Declaration of Independence’s principal author? 17. On July 4, 1828, Boston’s Tremont House became the first U.S. hotel to install what indoor amenity? 18. What is the largest ape? 19. What pie ingredient has poisonous leaves? 20. Which country produces the most garlic? Answers below, please no cheating! Right by you. Member FDIC Member SIF 1. Nantucket 2. W.C. Fields 3. Philadelphia 4. Paul Newman 5. Dwight Eisenhower 6. Massachusetts (on July 4, 1781) 7. Rio de Janeiro 8. Gandalf 9. Malaria 10. The Temptations 11. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 12. Ty Cobb 13. Shrimp 14. 1870 15. Gettysburg 16. Thomas Jeff erson 17. Bathrooms 18. The mountain gorilla 19. Rhubarb 20. China

Page 18 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Restoration work at Rumney Marsh Burial Ground D espite the stubbornly chilly start to spring, Ipswichbased company Epoch Preservation recently began work on two projects at Rumney Marsh Burial Ground. The fi rst of the two projects involves the temporary relocation of several gravestones that have been adversely affected by trees, roots and stumps. After the removal of the trees and stumps, the gravestones will be cleaned and returned to their rightful places. The second project aims to repair the gravestone of CapGROUND | SEE PAGE 19 Now Available by Subscription Your Hometown News Delivered! EVERETT ADVOCATE MALDEN ADVOCATE REVERE ADVOCATE SAUGUS ADVOCATE One year subscription to The Advocate of your choice: $80 per paper in-town per year or $100 per paper out-of-town per year. Name_________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ City_______________ State_______ Zip ____________ CC# _______________________________ Exp. _____ Sec. code____ Advocate (City):___________________ Clip & Mail Coupon with Credit Card, Check or Money Order to: Advocate Newspapers Inc. PO Box 490407, Everett, MA 02149

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 19 HELP WANTED ALL AROUND•PART-TIME Handyman 2 or 3 Days a Week $20 per hour Ideal for retired person ~NO HEAVY LIFTING~ 617-549-7475 JIM’S HOME IMPROVEMENT — General Contractor — •Kitchens & Baths • Carpentry • Painting (Int. & Ext.) • Cleanouts • Windows • Doors • Decks • Additions • All Reasonable MASS. BUILDER’S LICENSE NO RESTRICTIONS C.S. 065388 NO JOB TOO BIG, NO JOB TOO SMALL Call Jim @ 781-910-3649 Award-Winning Landscaping Servicing the North Shore for over 38 Years GROUND | from page 18 tain Samuel Sprague, who led the local militia during the Revolutionary War. Sprague’s gravestone has been in two pieces for some time now. Epoch Preservation’s Rachel Meyer chalked the damage up to a fallen tree limb, and she was pleasantly surprised to find the pieces in such good condition. Meyer described the project as “a straightforward repair” which will “preserve a small part of Revere’s history for the next generation.” When the repair is complete, Captain Sprague’s gravestone will again be a highlight of any visit to the Burial Ground. Rumney Marsh Burial Ground is open daily from 9-4 and can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. Join Our Loyal Longtime Advertisers - call for Great Advertising Rates at 781-286-8500 ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~               SU19P1378EA Estate of:   Date of Death:    INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner    of  .    of   has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve   on the bond.                                                                                                                    NOW BOOKING NEW CUSTOMERS! DON’T WAIT! Call 781-321-2074 Pavers * Walkways * Patios * Driveways * Pool Decks Planting * Perennials * Shrubs * Trees New Lawns * Sod * Hydroseed Flowers/Annuals/Mums * Conventional Seeding * Synthetic Complete Maintenance * Cleanups (Spring & Fall) * Lawn Cutting, Edging & Weeding * Lawn Fertilizer Programs * Trim & Prune Shrubs * Mulching, Thatching Interlock Block * Fire Pits * Sitting Walls * Pillers Landscape Lighting * Design * Install * Repair * Night Illumination

Page 20 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Space For Lease 4,500 Sq. Feet +_ Roller World Plaza 425 Broadway (Rte. 1) SAUGUS 2nd Floor-Elevator Direct To Unit Please Call Jerry 617-620-9201 or 781-233-9507 ROUTE DRIVER & MOVER “We are a well established company looking for a route driver & mover for the greater Boston area. Must have a valid driver’s license & clean record. Health card and box truck driving experience A Plus. Drug testing requirement. Full time, OT available. We offer competitive wages and a great benefits package is available. Apply in person. Monday-Friday (9 am-4 pm) @ 83 Broadway, Malden, MA. No phone calls please”.                             * Auto Body Help Wanted * Busy Revere Auto Body Shop now hiring: Experienced Auto Body Technicians * Detailers * Mechanics * Glass Techs Apply online: Atlasautobody.com or call: 781-284-1200 --------------------------------------------------Busy Revere Auto Body Shop ahora contratando: Técnicos experimentados del cuerpo del automóvil * Detailers * Mecánica * Glass Techs Apply en línea: Atlasautobody.com o llame al: 781-284-1200 Pregunta por Hugo. KITCHEN CABINETS To Look Like New 508-840-0501 FURNITURE STRIP & FINISH                     We buy STAMPS & COINS 781-324-2770 WASTE REMOVAL & BUILDING MAINTENANCE • Landscaping, Lawn Care, Mulching • Yard Waste & Rubbish Removal • Interior & Exterior Demolition (Old Decks, Fences, Pools, Sheds, etc.) • Appliance and Metal Pick-up • Construction and Estate Cleanouts • Pick-up Truck Load of Trash starting at $169 Call for FREE ESTIMATES!             “COMPLETE GLASS SERVICE CENTER” Storefronts & Entrance Doors Custom Mirrors • Table Tops • Auto Glass Insulated Glass • Window & Screen Repairs 2034 Revere Beach Parkway, Everett 617-389-GLAS AAA Service • Lockouts Trespass Towing • Roadside Service Junk Car Removal 617-387-6877 26 Garvey St., Everett MDPU 28003 ICCMC 251976 JIM’S HOME IMPROVEMENT — General Contractor — •Kitchens & Baths • Carpentry • Painting (Int. & Ext.) • Cleanouts • Windows • Doors • Decks • Additions • All Reasonable MASS. BUILDER’S LICENSE NO RESTRICTIONS C.S. 065388 NO JOB TOO BIG, NO JOB TOO SMALL Call Jim @ 781-910-3649 Walter Robinson (617) 415-3933 Window, floor, deck, and gutter cleaning Power-washing, trash removal & clean up    

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 21                               COMEAU PLUMBING & HEATING Small Projects and Emergency Repairs LICENSED INSURED Erik Comeau Master Plumber erikcomeau75@gmail.com FREE ESTIMATES Saugus, Mass. Cell # 781-941-6518 FRANK’S Housepainting (781) 289-0698 • Exterior • Ceiling Dr. • Power Wash • Paper Removal • Carpentry FREE ESTIMATES — Fully Insured         781-241-3543                                                                                                                                     • WEEKLY MOWING • IRRIGATION • DETHATCHING • MULCHING & EDGING • CRAB GRASS PREVENTER • FERTILIZER • BUSH & SHRUB TRIMMING • SPRING CLEAN-UP • SOD INSTALLATION • WALLS & WALKWAYS   “One call does it all!” 781-808-1061 Drivers Wanted Taxi, Limo Drivers Wanted Full or Part Time 781-321-2337                       Advocate Call now! 781-286-8500 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net                                “Proper prep makes all the difference” – F. Ferrera • Interior Classifi eds

Page 22 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Council on Elder Aff airs hosts Brown Bag Lunch/Ice Cream Sundae Day O n Tuesday, June 18, the Revere Council on Elder Affairs hosted a Brown Bag Lunch and ice cream sundaes for their fellow seniors. The lunch consisted of ham & cheese sandwiches, potato chips and pickles. An ice cream sundae express was presented, and seniors enjoyed their choice of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, along with hot fudge, whipped cream, strawberries, Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s, Kit Kat pieces and sprinkles. This was a great event for seniors to enjoy something different and unique. Shown from left to right are Mary Pecoraro, Carmen Mendez, Sue Colella and Jackie Luti during the Brown Bag Lunch/Ice Cream Sundae Day on June 18. (Photos Courtesy of Stephen W. Fielding) The Revere Council on Elder Aff airs Shown from left to right are Francine Cataldo, Lynette Nee, Carmela Giangregorio and Ann Marie Droukas.       SAUGUS                                                              SAUGUS -                             Darlene Minincleri & Sue Palomba                                           53 Jackson St. Saugus (781) 813-3325 Call for a FREE Market Analysis                                          NEW LEASE - Prime Commercial space on Route 1, South, Saugus. Incredible Exposure 1000 Square Feet Including all utilities.     SAUGUS                                                                                                                  SOLD SOLD

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Page 23 # 1       “Experience and knowledge Provide the Best Service”        View our website from your mobile phone! 335 Central St., Saugus, MA 781-233-7300                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WONDERING WHAT YOUR HOME IS WORTH? CALL FOR YOUR FREE MARKET ANALYSIS! LITTLEFIELD REAL ESTATE SAUGUS ~ Rehabbed colonial. New windows, siding, new kitchen with quartz counters, stainless appliances, new cabinets. New hardwood flooring throughout house. New heat. Central AC. New maintenance free deck. .........$570,000 SAUGUS ~ Desirable 2 family. Each unit has 2 beds, updated kitchens and baths, vinyl siding, in-unit laundry, rear decks .......$499,000 SAUGUS ~ 2 family new to market! 4 bed, 2.5 bath, granite counters, SS appliances, newer gas heat/AC, prof landscaping, custom paint, new patio, 1 bed apt. .......................$739,000 38 Main Street, Saugus MA WWW.LITTLEFIELDRE.COM 781-233-1401 PEABODY ~ 4 bed colonial, 2.5 baths, central AC, finished basement, SS appliances, hardwood throughout, great cul-de-sac location, gas heat ....................$759,000 Call Rhonda Combe For all your real estate needs!! 781-706-0842                         SAUGUS ~ 3 bed, 1.5 bath colonial. Open concept 1st floor, 2 car garage, newer gas heat, roof and HW heater, prof landscaping....$ Coming Soon in Lynn: Brand New Construction! Call Rhonda Combe SAUGUS ~ Recently renovated ranch. Kitchen, appliances, heat, AC, roof and vinyl siding all replaced in 2011.Fenced in yard, hot tub, storage shed. .....$384,900 SAUGUS ~ 3 bed ranch, open concept, stainless appliances, private dead end street, newer gas heat, hardwood flooring, 10k lot, garage ..............$435,000 for details! REVERE ~ 2 family located in the Beachmont area, 3 beds, one bath in top unit, 2 beds, one bath lower unit .....................................$639,000 LAND FOR SALE SAUGUS Call Rhonda Combe at 781-706-0842 for details!! Under Contract

Page 24 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 28, 2019 Follow Us On: COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY SALES & RENTALS Sandy Juliano Broker/President                    WE KNOW EVERETT!! Call TODAY to sell or buy with the best! CALL TODAY TO SET UP A PRIVATE SHOWING AT ANY OF OUR LISTINGS! DON’T FORGET TO ASK ABOUT BUYER AGENCY. IT IS THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE A SUCCESSFUL PURCHASE AND IT’S 100% FREE! OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY JUNE 30, 2019 12:00-2:00 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY JUNE 30, 2019 11:00-12:30 63 HARVARD ST., CHELSEA NEW PRICE! - $549,900 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY JUNE 30, 2019 1:00-2:30 ALL NEW 4 BEDROOM SINGLE 56 WALNUT ST., EVERETT NEW PRICE ! - $639,900 A 24 SWAINS POND AVE., MELROSE $699,900 OFFER ACCEPTED! 135-137 CHELSEA ST., EVERETT 5 UNITS - $1,200,000 Call Joe @ 617-680-7610 Call Norma @ 617-590-9143 SOLD BY MARIA AS BUYER’S AGENT, SAUGUS OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY JUNE 30, 2019 1:30-3:00 NEW LISTING BY SANDY! 20 PLYMOUTH ST., EVERETT TWO FAMILY - $699,900 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY UNDER AGREEMENT! 30 CHELSEA ST, UNIT 204, EVERETT 2 BED, 2 BATH CONDO - $369,900 JUNE 30, 2019 11:00-12:30 2 CARUSO COURT, WEST PEABODY $759,900 EVERETT 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT $1,600/MONTH C   ! NEW LISTING BY SANDY! 9 KENMORE DR., PEABODY $1,225,000 COMING SOON LISTED BY NORMA! Joe DiNuzzo Norma Capuano Parziale - Broker Associate O Dil F 10 00 AM - Agent Open Daily From 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 433 Broadway, Suite B, Everett, MA 02149 www.jrs-properties.com 500 PM Denise Matarazz - Agent Maria Scrima - Agent Follow Us On: Rosemarie Ciampi - Agent Kathy Hang Ha -Agent Mark Sachetta - Agent 617.544.6274

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