REVERE Colella Awards/City of Revere Scholarships – see pages 7-8 ADVOCATE Vol. 29, No. 23 -FREEwww.advocatenews.net Free Every Friday 781-286-8500 Friday, June 7, 2019 A night to remember National Grid causes headache A for Revere neighborhood By Alexis Mikulski National Grid contractor, Robert J. Devereaux Corporation, is using streets in the Garfield Neighborhood as staging areas, which has caused a disturbance for many residents in Revere. In a statement presented by Prom goers shown from left to right, Bernard Salazar, Cristian Medina, Valeria Guerra, Alyandia Villa, Matteo Velasquez, Valeria Saldarriaga and Harry Paiva pause for The Advocate photographer at the RHS Senior Prom at Hilton Boston Logan Airport on May 31. See more photo highlights on pages 10 and 11. We accept: MasterCard * Visa * & Discover $ $2.55 GALLON GALLON 3.43 100 Gal. Min. 24 Hr. Service 781-286-2602 Price Subject to Change without notice Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, the goal is to inform the public about these issues, in the hopes of grabbing the attention of National Grid to relieve the neighborhood from this harassment. “The vehicles are parked overnight and weekends and storage trailers are parked 24-7. This has been going on for over a year. The equipment is stored there even when they are not working on our City Streets,” said Novoselsky. “They are working on the Revere Beach Parkway, a State Road [and] still keeping their equipment on our local streets. North Shore Rd (a State Road) from the Revere Beach Parkway to Dana Street is totally unfit for vehicles to drive on and people to walk,” he said. According to its website, Devereaux Corp. is a, “is a full-service and fully qualified utility contractor that has been serving the Utilities in the New England area for over 45 years.” They claim, “Our well trained professional staff provides an extensive range of services including initial communication with customers, scheduling and permitting, damage prevention and mark outs, installation of plastic and steel mains and services of all HEADACHE | SEE PAGE 6 City Councillor Rotondo receives award for saving a life By Alexis Mikulski C ouncillor-at-Large George Rotondo was hailed as a hero at Monday night’s City Council meeting. Rotondo, who has been a nurse since 1996 and an EMT before that, received an award from the City of Revere and the Revere Fire Department, for saving a life this week. Rotondo noticed an unconscious citizen from the window of his car in front of the City Hall parking lot, when he immediately decided to take action. “I was driving by and I saw that the troopers were there and they tried to get the guy out of it, so I got out and could see he wasn’t breathGeorge Rotondo Councillor-at-Large ing,” he said. The unidentified man was suffering from an opioid overdose, according to Rotondo. Overdosing on drugs or chemicals can either be accidental or intentional. They occur when a person takes more than the medically recommended dose of a prescription drug, or consumes an illicit drug. “I had some medic stuff in the back of my car, and the State Trooper gave me the Narcan which I administered, and at one point I thought I was going to have to breathe for him,” said Rotondo. “So I went to my car and grabbed my mask, and thank god we had the Narcan, because doing that is not the best thing. The Narcan is always the best thing,” he said. ROTONDO | SEE PAGE 19 ANGELO’S FULL "Over 40 Years of Excellence!" 1978-2019 Regular Unleaded $2.399 Mid Unleaded $2.799 Super $2.899 Diesel Fuel $2.839 KERO $4.759 Diesel $2.699 SERVICE HEATING OIL 24-Hour Burner Service Call for Current Price! (125—gallon minimum) DEF Available by Pump! Open an account and order online at: www.angelosoil.com (781) 231-3500 (781) 231-3003 367 LINCOLN AVE • SAUGUS • OPEN 7 DAYS REVERE FIREFIGHTERS’ MEMORIAL Sunday, June 9, 2019 8:15 A.M. Relatives and friends of the Revere Fire Department, especially our retirees, are cordially invited to attend our Annual Firefighters Memorial Day Exercises at the Alden A. Mills, Point of Pines Fire Station. Please join us as we honor our departed members at this, our most solemn and traditional service. Christopher P. Bright Chief of Department Prices subject to change FLEET

Page 2 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 For great advertising rates in Everett, Malden, Revere and Saugus, email: jmitchell@advocatenews.net Northeast Metro Tech students build automated device to cook hot dogs using electricity W FRIDAY, June 14th 2019 - 6pm Doors Open for Refreshments Painting starts at 7:15pm AKEFIELD – Two Northeast Metro Tech Robotics and Automation students are taking the art of barbecuing to a new level. Juniors Matthew Cheffro, of Wakefield, and Kyle Paradis, of Revere, recently created a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) hot dog cooker to produce what students call “shock dogs.” The name came from the method in which they’re cooked. “It basically electrocutes them,” Cheffro explained. “Using 120 volts of alternating current,” added Paradis. The pair first started building the project – inspired by Presto’s 1970s “hot dogger” electric hot dog cooker – last year. The device works as follows: hot dogs (preferably beef, as that’s what the device is programmed to cook) are stuck on stainless steel metal A.B.C. CIGAR Cigars * Accessories VAPES * JUULS * JUICE-RELATED ITEMS GIFT CARDS! 170 REVERE ST., REVERE OPEN: Mon.-Sat. 8 AM - 8 PM Sun. - Holidays: 8 AM - 6 PM (781) 289-4959 If You Use Any Of Our Products, Chris Moore & Staff Will Help You And Save You Money! JUNE SPECIAL Buy any Box of Romeo & Julieta Cigars and get a 5-Pack of Romeo & Julieta Cigars - Variety Pack - FREE! (Retail value over $40.) CREATING BETTER DAYS NATURE’S SUPPLEMENT, ALL NATURAL, CBD INFUSED PRODUCTS - EDIBLES * Concentrates * Topicals ALWAYS ON SALE! CIGARS OF ALL TYPES - Cigar Accessories SMOKER’S DELIGHT 15 Churchill Cigars including a Cohiba - A True Smoker’s Delight - $39.95 Father’s Day is June 16 Robotics and Automation juniors Matthew Cheffro (left) and Kyle Paradis get ready to eat hot dogs cooked in their automated hot dog maker.(Photo Courtesy of Northeast Metro Tech) prongs. With a push of a green button that is connected to a PLC, a lid closes on the device and metal prongs send electricity through the hot dog, cooking it from the inside out. Sixty-five seconds later, the dogs are done. “I’d say our dogs are better than a Fenway Frank,” Paradis said. Coding developed by Cheffro and Paradis programs the device, which also includes a number of colored buttons that alert the user that different sequences are occurring. A blinking yellow light confirms the dogs are cooking, while a blue light signals that the device is functioning properly and no fuses have blown. “It’s amazing,” Cheffro said. “I love that we can come up with an idea and then make it happen.” The project, which the juniors completed under the guidance of instructor Brian Caven, encompasses the three main disciplines of robotics and automation: software, electrical and mechanical. “Everything that students learn and create in class is similar to what they’d see in the industry,” Caven said. “Whether it’s cooking a hot dog on an electrical device or programming stop lights, these all involve the automation process. It was great to see Matt and Kyle exercise their creativity, and this is something the entire shop can enjoy.” Next year, as seniors, Cheffro and Paradis will once again work on expanding the “shock dogger,” potentially building a robotic arm that can remove the hot dogs and add toppings, along with making a touch panel that will allow them to adjust the amount of time the dogs cook for beef versus chicken. Local 4 backs Correggio’s City Council candidacy O n Feb. 14, William McLaughlin, the business manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4, announced the organization’s support for Ward 6 Councillor candidate John R. Correggio. “Local 4 is pleased to announce your candidacy for Revere City Council,” McLaughlin said in his letter to Correggio. “We are pleased to assist you, and would convey a sense that, with your strong support of issues affecting working families in the Commonwealth, you can count on our continued support.” John R. Correggio Candidate for Ward 6 Councillor

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 3 Revere Runs 5K raises money for student scholarships By Tara Vocino N early 100 runners took part in the Revere Runs 5K at the A.C. Whelan Elementary School to benefit a scholarship fund for Revere High School students. According to Race Co-Director Julie DeMauro, Jessica Vo and Jennifer Puvada were awarded scholarships to pursue studies in the health field. Leila Cesic and Jonathan Nushi of the track team each received a scholarship as well. Adult runners paid a $25 entry fee while the cost for children was $5. The event also featured a one-mile Kids Fun Run. Matthew Leone placed first with a time of five minutes 20 seconds. Nathan Faddis finished in second place with a time of five minutes 36 seconds. Raina Hamdani was right behind him with a time of five minutes 38 seconds. “I’m happy,” Nathan said following last Saturday’s race. “I beat my time last year of seven minutes per mile, running from the school entrance, around the school and back to the parking lot.” His father, David, said that he is very proud of his son, addEmily MacLean (left) placed third in the Women’s 20-29 age group with a time of 26 minutes two seconds during this year’s Revere Runs 5K last Saturday. Beachmont resident Travis Alpert finished seconds ahead of Mayor Brian Arrigo with a time of 26 minutes 21 seconds. (Advocate Photos by Tara Vocino) ing that the run is a great start to the summer. “I hope he’ll advance to the 5K next year,” David said. Third place finisher Rania Hamdani, a fifth grade student at Garfield Elementary School, said she was disappointed that she didn’t place first or second. “I was trying to beat everyone and at the end of the course, I had to hurry up,” Rania said. “But I beat my time last year of seven minutes 38 seconds.” However, her mother, Fatima, said she is very proud that Rania placed in the top three. “She’s going to participate every year,” Fatima said. As for the 5K itself, Christopher Batts, 26, of Winthrop, placed first with a time of 16 minutes 42 seconds “To me, it’s more about time rather than placing first,” Batts said. “I was hoping for under 16 minutes per mile. But I’m doing another 5K tomorrow in Winthrop to have another shot of reaching my goal.” The six-year runner, who is a member of the Heart Breaker Running Club, ran track at Winthrop High School and runs 10 miles every day. Second place winner Fabian Mejia, 35, of Revere, finished with a time of 17 minutes 40 seconds. “I can’t complain,” Mejia said. “It’s all about the track kids at Revere High School.” He said he runs from the Revere Library to Revere Beach and back. Mejia was also one of five student athletes to be named to the Hall of Fame at Salem State University. His daughter, Gabriela said RUNS 5K | SEE PAGE 14 Lawnmower Tune-Up and Repairs • We repair all makes & models! • Authorized • FREE PICK-UP for all Tune-Ups! all m • We r d K-U makes & mo ma akes & mo D KU for all Tun UP fo Biker’s Outfitter 1039 Broadway, Revere • (781) 289-6466 www.bikersoutfitter.com WE WORK FOR YOU! * Have your car repaired by Real Manufacturer Certiified Technicians * An I-CAR GOLD CLASS SHOP Highest Certificate in the Repair Industry * Premier Insurance Co. Collision Repair Shop for Geico, Liberty Mutual, Metlife, Progressive and more! * Over 30 Years of putting families back on the Road Safe & Fast! * ATLAS Stands Behind All Repairs with a Limited Lifetime Warranty 1605 North Shore Road, Revere * 781-284-1200 Visit us at: www.AtlasAutobody.com or call (781) 284-1200 to schedule your appointment today! Dealer

Page 4 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Revere Police Lieutenant and others awarded Division Commander’s Commendation T his week the Revere Police Department posted information on Facebook about a Division CommandSABATINO INSURANCE AGENCY Call for a Quote 617-387-7466 Or email Rocco@sabatino-ins.com We cover: * Auto * Home * Boat * Renter * Condo * Life * Multi-Policy Discounts * Commercial 10% Discounts * Registry Service Also Available ers Awards Ceremony. The following story is based on that information. Last June 28, the Chelsea Police Department received a report of a domestic assault. During an argument, a man punched his pregnant wife in the stomach, trying to end her pregnancy. He then fled the residence, heading towards Lynn. Subsequently, he repeatedly called the victim, also speaking with the Chelsea Police Officers who were now on the scene, and he made suicidal statements. He claimed that he would not go to jail, stating that he had a knife and gun and that either he would die or a cop would die that night. He finally stated that he would return to Chelsea to execute his plan. While in Lynn, the suspect http://www.sabatino-ins.com SABATINO 564 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 617-387-7466 Hours of Operation are: Mondays - Fridays 9am to 5pm Saturdays by appointment only stopped a vehicle being driven by a female and forced his way into the passenger seat. He placed a knife to her throat and forced her to drive to where his vehicle was parked. He then repeatedly punched her in the head and dragged her out of her vehicle by her hair, forcing her into the back of his car. The suspect then tried to assault her, but she was able to fight him off and run away. He chased her, but another female witnessed the chase and stopped to help. Revere Police Capt. Dennis Collyer (left) and Lt. Jeffrey Graff, who was recently awarded a Division Commander’s Commendation for his bravery in helping to capture a dangerous suspect in June 2018. (Courtesy Photo) 54 OAKES STREET EVERETT, MA 02149 Phone (617) 389-2448 www.saseverett.com Preschool to Grade 8 (PreK program starts at 2.9) Christian Values & Strong Academics Before/After School Programs Extra-Curricular Activities Financial Assistance Available Come and see the difference we can make in the life of your child! Se habla Español - Falamos Português Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Bring this ad and receive $50 off your registration. (New Families Only) Registration is on-going. He attacked her as well, but both females were able to get away. During these events, Massachusetts State Police Dispatcher Lori Steinel constantly monitored and reported the GPS coordinates of the suspect ’s phone. Trooper Charles Buckley, who was in command of the State Police Revere desk, maintained contact with Chelsea and Lynn Police, updating troopers on the scene of any new information gathered from phone calls with the suspect. Sergeant Edward Troy, who was very familiar with the area, set up a perimeter to contain the suspect. Sergeants Stephen Barnes and Erik Gagnon, along with Troopers Thomas Janeczak, Joseph Lamusta, Andrew Patterson, Devon Surian, Stephen Thomson and Christopher Thurlow, conducted tactical searches of numerous locations, all while maintaining the perimeter. At approximately 1:00 a.m., a Revere resident observed the suspect in her backyard and notified the Revere Police Department. Barnes and Gagnon, along with Lamusta and Revere Police Lieutenant Jeffrey Graff, responded to her home and found the suspect hiding behind a large tree. The suspect approached Barnes, who was compelled to draw his firearm in response. Using effective verbal commands, Barnes stopped the suspect from further approaching, preventing a potential attack. The suspect stood his ground; however, ignoring commands to allow for a safe arrest. Gagnon and Lamusta surrounded the suspect, drawing their Tasers and ordering him to surrender. Then Gagnon and Graff were able to approach the suspect and safely make an arrest. The suspect was subsequently charged with armed carjacking, attempted rape, assault on a family member, assault on a pregnant woman and two counts of simple assault. “The skill and efficiency these officers displayed brought about a rapid conclusion to a highly dangerous and volatile situation, one which could have been much worse if this violent felon was allowed to remain at liberty for any additional amount of time. The bravery and control they exhibited in the apprehension of the suspect safely managed an incident that could have easily escalated to a tragic ending. In recognition of your dedication to duty, you are all hereby awarded a Division Commander’s Commendation.”

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 5 YMCA of Metro North 35th annual charity golf tournament “We are extremely fortunate to have such generous members, donors and supporters for our golf fundraiser,” said Golf Chairperson Paul ManLawrence A. Simeone Jr. Attorney-at-Law ~ Since 1989 ~ * Corporate Litigation * Criminal/Civil * MCAD The team from Borislow Insurance who won this year’s tournament. Shown, from left to right, are Deb Young, Jennifer Borislow and Paul Mantell. (Courtesy Photo) T he YMCA of Metro North hosted this year’s Fore the Kids Golf Tournament to benefit the Y’s youth programs, on Monday, June 3. The Y welcomed nearly 100 golfers to the exclusive Kernwood Country Golf Club for the 35th year of this prestigious event. This year’s tournament raised $52,000 to help support local youth, who couldn’t afford to otherwise, attend the Y’s Day Camp and Y Academy programs. The YMCA of Metro North thanks title sponsor Northshore Bank for their generous sponsorship of this event. “This event combines a day on the golf course with the spirit of giving,” said President and CEO Kathleen Walsh. “Since every dollar raised supports our scholarship program, this timing aligns well with our camp requests.” The tournament consisted of 18 holes, scramble shotgun tee off style and concluded with lunch, raffles and words from the YMCA of Metro North Leadership. Congratulations to the team from Borislow Insurance, Mark Guanya, Jennifer Borislow, Paul Mantell and Deb Young, who won first place in the tournament with a round of 63, 7 under par. The second place winners, Paul Gorman, Tom Fabrizzio, Victor Grasso and John Morris, hailed from the Southshore YMCA and scored a round of 64. Other notable winners from the day include Closest to the Pin winner Bob Batten, Men’s Longest Drive winner James Alfonso, and Women’s Longest Drive winner the Y’s own Kathleen Casey. * Zoning/Land Court * Wetlands Litigation * Workmen’s Compensation * Landlord/Tenant Litigation * Real Estate Law * Construction Litigation * Tax Lein * Personal Injury * Bankruptcy * Wrongful Death * Zoning/Permitting Litigation 300 Broadway, Suite 1, Revere * 781-286-1560 Lsimeonejr@simeonelaw.net tell. “All of the net proceeds go directly to support families and children in our summer camp and summer aquatics programs.” We Carry... * Lifetime Waterproof Warranty * Ceramic, Porcelain & Stone Tile * Hardwood Prefinished and Unfinished, Do-it-Yourselfer Products! Drop by our Showroom and check out our 250 styles of area rugs and other products! 31 Osprey Rd., Saugus * 781-289-9676 Contact@Russoflooring.com Friday, June 7 at 8:30 PM Singer/Musician DAVE MACK Saturday, June 8 at 8:30 PM DJ LOGIK Dance to all the Hits of Yesterday and Today! Come celebrate the end of an era. Join us for big family fun as we say farewell to live racing at Boston’s legendary track. JUNE 8 & 9 | JUNE 29 & 30 11:00 am to 5:00 pm • First Post 12:55 pm FREE ADMISSION & FREE PARKING LIVE THOROUGHBRED RACING · FOOD TRUCKS · FAMILY FUN ACTIVITIES 525 MCCLELLAN HIGHWAY, EAST BOSTON • 617-567-3900 ON THE BLUE LINE @SuffolkDowns TheHometownFavorite SUFFOLKDOWNS.COM Open Year-Round for Simulcasting from Saratoga, Del Mar, and more. MONDAY'S SHUCK! $1.00 Oysters Book Your Special Events With Us! Call 781-629-3798 SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET Only $19.95 / 11am-2pm Featuring Al Whitney Jazz Band BOOK YOUR NEXT FUNCTION WITH US * GIFT CARDS AMPLE FREE www.marinaatthewharf.com 543 North Shore Rd. Revere 781-629-3798 PARKING AMAZING WATER VIEWS

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THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 7 Colella Awards/City of Revere community scholarships presented George V. Colella award recipients By Tara Vocino N Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, Beachmont Veterans Memorial School scholarship recipient Alana Trunkey, Beachmont Veterans Memorial School Principal Percy Napier, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly, Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo, Ward 5 Councillor John Powers and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. Napier said Alana performs at a high school level, excels in academic excellence and is a peacemaker. Alana plans to attend Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to major in astrophysics. ine elementary and middle school academic standouts – Alana Trunkey, Ethan Men, Omolade Ayomide Adeniyi, Mia Waldron, Jon Begolli, Ivan Tejada-Serrano, Mia Perrin, Christy Ly and Elizabeth Mesina – were awarded the George V. Colella award in the City Council Chambers on Monday afternoon. Two high school students – Jenna Wells and Devna Langat – were awarded the City of Revere Community Scholarship. AWARDS | SEE PAGE 8 Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, Garfield Middle School Principal Stephen Pechinsky, Garfield Middle School scholarship recipient Mia Perrin, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly, Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. Pechinsky said Mia has the highest grade point average in the school and played Mrs. Potts well in “Beauty & the Beast” this year. Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, A.C. Whelan Elementary School Scholarship recipient Ivan Tejada-Serrano, Teacher Rachel Newman, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly, Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. Newman said that Ivan displays leadership characteristics, being the first to volunteer when anyone needs help, and is a good friend/classmate to everyone. He plans to study architecture when he gets older since he loves to draw. Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, Paul Revere Innovation School Principal Donna Bonarrigo, Paul Revere Innovation School scholarship recipient Jon Begolli, Ward 5 Councillor John Powers and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. In back: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly and Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo. Bonarrigo said Jon is bilingual – fluent in English and Albanian – as well as a role model in the classroom and cafeteria. He plans to study economics, since he loves math, and will attend Rumney Marsh Academy in the fall. life∙style Your life. How you live it. Whatever you do, you could do it for less with our low rate! MASS BAY LIFESTYLE LOANS as low as 7.80% Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, Staff Sgt. James J. Hill Elementary School Principal Melissa Lomas, Staff Sgt. James J. Hill Elementary School scholarship recipient Omolade Ayomide Adeniyi and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. In back: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly, Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo and Ward 5 Councillor John Powers. Lomas said Omolade is a stellar student – highly engaged – and scores high in standardized tests. She hopes to become the valedictorian in 2026 and to become a doctor, visiting nurse or nurse practitioner, since she loves the medical field. Easy! *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Monthly principal and interest payment per $1,000.00 borrowed for 30 months at 7.80% APR is $36.80. Rates subject to change without notice. Loan amount up to $30,000. Other rates and terms available. Rate, term and approval amount based on credit worthiness. Terms and conditions apply. Qualification restrictions apply. APR* VACATIONS | WEDDINGS | BIKES | MORE Apply EASY online at massbaycu.org, call 617-269-2700 or just stop by. massbaycu.org (617) 269-2700 183 Main Street, Everett Federally insured by NCUA EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY

Page 8 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Visit Our Newly Expanded Facility. We will beat competitors pricing! (Restrictions apply.) AWARDS | from page 7 222 Central St. Saugus, MA 01906 (Next to Saugus Iron Works) 781-231-5990 2FREE ND MONTH on 10x10 units No administration fees. 200 new units available. All sizes to fi t your needs. New Customer Specials Offer valid at 222 Central Storage. Must present coupon. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 6/12/19. www.222centralstorage.com FREE with Rental LOCK Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School scholarship recipient Mia Waldron, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Principal Sara Hoomis, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly, Councillorat-Large Daniel Rizzo, Ward 5 Councillor John Powers and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. Hoomis said that Mia dances Irish Step and is a tremendous, hardworking student and natural leader. SKATING CENTER www.Roller-World.com | 781-231-1111 ATM on site Located adjacent to Honey Baked Ham in Saugus Plaza, South Bound Route 1 MBTA Bus Route 429 FREE WI-FI - 2 WIDE SCREEN TV’S FULLY AIR CONDITIONED Fall-Winter Skating Schedule ATTENTION! Sunday Monday Tuesday 12-8 p.m. $7.50 Private Parties 7:30-10:30 p.m. $8.50 Adult Night Friday Saturday Wednesday & Thursday 3-11 p.m. $7.50 Private Parties Admission after 6 p.m. $8.50 12-11 p.m. $7.50 Admission after 6 p.m. $8.50 Inline Skate Rentals $3 - additional Roller skate rentals included in all prices. Birthday & Private Parties Available School & PTO GROUPS Win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel Jet Blue Air 5 days / 4 nights Your school PTO can raffle the trip to make substantial money for your group. Call for details. BIRTHDAY PARTIES $11.50/Person, min. of 10 kids. Price includes Adm. + Roller Skates. Cake, soda, paper goods, 20 tokens for birthday person plus 100 Redemption Tickets and a gift from Roller World. in one of our private BP Rooms. Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, City of Revere Community Scholarship Program Chairman Joseph Gravellese, scholarship recipient Jenna Wells, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly, Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo, Ward 5 Councillor John Powers and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. A student athlete, Jenna plans to attend Merrimack College, majoring in education, to become a teacher. Her scholarship essay was on the importance of community. Everett Aluminum 10 Everett Ave., Everett 617-389-3839 Owned & operated by the Conti family since 1958 • 57 Years! “Same name, phone number & address for family since 1958 • 61 over half a century. We must be doing something right!” •Vinyl Siding •Free Estimates •Carpentry Work •Fully Licensed •Decks •Roof • Fully Insured • Replacement Windows www.everettaluminum.com •Roo ng Now’s the time to schedule those home improvement projects you’ve been dreaming about all winter! Spring! Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, Susan B. Anthony Middle School student and twotime award recipient Elizabeth Mesina, Susan B. Anthony Middle School Principal Joanne Willett, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. Willett said Elizabeth is imaginative, performs in the Boston Ballet and is a pianist and artist. She plans to study space when she grows up. City of Revere Community Scholarship Program recipients Ward 4 Councillor/City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, School Committee Vice Chairman Carol Tye, Ward 3 Councillor/City Council President Arthur Guinasso, Rumney Marsh Academy Principal Richard Paul Gallucci, Rumney Marsh Academy repeat scholarship recipient Christy Ly, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly and School Committee Member Gerry Visconti. In back: Councillor-atLarge Daniel Rizzo and Ward 5 Councillor John Powers. Gallucci said Christy has an A+ average and she is first in her class, calling her a special person in every way. Reserve your unit NOW!

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 9 Cyclists celebrate Bike to the Sea Day dine drink gather enjoy THE NORTH SHORE'S HOTTEST NIGHTCLUB! Friday, June 7 at 8 PM Tom Petty Tribute Show REBELS Friday, June 14 at 8:30 PM New England's #1 Dance Band WILDFIRE Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and Lynn Mayor Tom McGee greeted bikers at the beginning of the route in Everett. (Advocate Photos by Katy Rogers) Saturday, June 8 at 8 PM LIVE BULLET Bob Seger Tribute Band Saturday, June 15 at 8:30 PM Country Music Sensation THE ULTRA Friday, June 21 at 8:30 PM Saturday, June 22 at 9 PM WHAMMER JAMMER OZZMOSIS Bikers followed the path through Everett, Malden, Revere, Saugus and Lynn. Lynn Mayor Tom McGee, Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and Malden Chief of Police Kevin Molis greeted bikers at the starting point at the Madeline English School in Everett. Ozzy Osbourne Tribute 221 Newbury Street, Danvers For Tickets call (978) 774-7270 or www.breakawaydanvers.com Bikers prepared for miles of riding, starting in Everett and ending in Nahant. B ike enthusiasts gathered at the Madeline English School in Everett on Sunday morning to celebrate Bike to the Sea Day. About 100 bicyclists grouped together to follow the bike path/Northern Strand CommuMan Nguyen was joined by his son, Hugo, for Bike to the Sea Day on Sunday. nity Trail through Everett, Malden, Revere and Saugus to the Lynn line in an effort to bring awareness to the Northern Strand Community Trail. The ride continued on the road to Nahant Beach in Lynn. AccordLaw Offices of Terrence W. Kennedy 512 Broadway, Everett • Criminal Defense • Personal Injury • Medical Malpractice Tel: (617) 387-9809 Cell: (617) 308-8178 twkennedylaw@gmail.com ing to Bike-to-the-Sea’s website, “In Lynn … the off-road trail has yet to be built.” Follow us on Twitter advocatenewspaperma 505 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 Tel: 617-387-1120 www.gkdental.com • Family Dentistry • Crowns • Bridges • Veneers/Lumineers • Dental Implants • All on 4 Dental Implants • Emergency Dentist • Kid Friendly Dentist • Root Canals • Dentures • Invisalign Braces • Snap On Smile • Teeth Whitening We are the smile care experts for your entire family In House Dental Plan for $399 (Cleanings, X-Rays, Exams twice a year and 20% OFF Dental work) Schedule your FREE Consultations today

Page 10 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 RHS Senior Prom a night to remember Jennifer Demelo and Kevin Badaro Marwane Sayed and Joli Giuliano Sonya Chaabouni and Denys Umanzor Erika Cheever and Scotty Montefusco Stefani Mereles and Rafael Fernandes Brenden Godino and Alexa Panzini Monica Orta Gonzalez and Robert Alba Frank Sims and Sarah Baker David Phan and Marcella Cardone Maria Torres and Dauntae Crisostamo Eddie Diaz and Naysha Franco John Leone and Nicole Mendonca J& • Reliable Mowing Service • Spring & Fall Cleanups • Mulch & Edging • Sod or Seed Lawns • Shrub Planting & Trimming • Water & Sewer Repairs Joe Pierotti, Jr. S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY CO. Masonry - Asphalt • Brick or Block Steps • Brick or Block Walls • Concrete or Brick Paver Patios & Walkways • Brick Re-Pointing • Asphalt Paving www.JandSlandscape-masonry.com • Senior Discount • Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured 617-389-1490 Sonya Chaabouni, Joseph Esposito, Talal Hamza and Nadia Desimone Designing and Constructing Ideas that are “Grounds for Success” Landscaping Jared Consalvi and Samantha Batista Taif Al Halabi and Zachary LaCorte Andrew Suy and Melanie Caceres Truc Nguyen and Samuel Cabal

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 11 at Hilton Boston Logan Airport Friday, May 31 Edward Perez and Beatriz Ramirez Luis Gomez and Catherine Portillo Brianna Fox and Randy Raduazzo Gabriella DeLorenzo and Gabriella Serraino Isaiah Quiceno and Cierra Pharr Isiah Lydon Webb and Loena Taipllari Alejandra Guingue and Matt Cravotta Bianca Martinez, Dany Reyes, Bryan Reyes and Avalee Jemery Jacinda Ortiz and Bryan Nino Michael Adolphus and Farah Selman Trevor Ristino and Nicole Newman Sarah Baker, Jenna Geraci and Janessa Stephens Delvin Rendon and Luisa Gil Mia Morales and Rhonwen Pierre As low as 7.99% APR* For up to 12 Months Amounts from $500 — Cristian Merino and Sonia Villanveva Julian Rincon and Sofia Aristizabal $5,000 • VACATIONS • EXTRA CASH • PAY BILLS & MORE APPLY ONLINE: MEMBERSPLUSCU.ORG/SUMMER-SIZZLER-LOAN MORE INFO: (781) 905-1500 *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Payments for 7.99% APR for 12-months are approximately $87.00 per month per $1,000 borrowed. Payment does not reflect disability and/or credit life insurance and may differ slightly due to rounding. Terms up to 12 months. Minimum loan amount $500 and maximum loan amount $5,000. APR is based upon member’s credit score. Rates listed above reflect excellent credit scores. Rates effective May 28, 2019 and subject to change without notice. Membership requires a $25 deposit in a share/savings account.

Page 12 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Candidate for Councilor-at-Large Gerry Visconti Hosts Successful Campaign Kickoff Thank you to all my supporters and family who made our Kickoff a great success! Elect GERRY VISCONTI Councilor-at-Large (Pol. Adv.)

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 13 Mayor Brain Arrigo annual birthday reception at Marina Restaurant & Bar Mayor Brian Arrigo, Joseph, Jack and Daveen Arrigo. Frank Sarro, Dimple Rana, Nick Moulaison, Sr., Brian Vesce, Mayor Brian Arrigo, Robert Bent, School Committee Gerry Visconti, Albert Terminiello, Jr., Robert Capoccia, John Kingston and Rick Serino. ATTENTION REVERE!! Three tributes all on one stage on Friday, June 14th at The Oceanside Events Center, 1290 North Shore Rd. Revere. Marisa Curiate, Cathy Bowden, Mayor Brian Arrigo, Camille Laurano and Rita Johnson. Onsite and adjacent parking for hundreds of cars. Show moved to larger 600 capacity Ballroom due to overwhelming demand. Don’t miss this Scorpions, AC/DC, Judas Priest tribute. Doors open at 8 PM, show starts at 9 PM sharp. East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Pres. & CEO Manny Lopes and Mayor Brian Arrigo State Senator Joseph Boncore and Mayor Brian Arrigo Pictured top row, from left to right; John Forrala, Mayor Brian Arrigo, Mark Locke, Bob Marra and Frank Stringi, Pictured bottom row, same order; Frank Sclafani, Mike Colecchia and Nick Catinazzo. Ward 5 Councillor John Powers, Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso, Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, School Committee Susan Gravellese, Mayor Brian Arrigo, School Committee Gerry Visconti and School Committee Michael Ferrante.

Page 14 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Shown from right to left are Mayor Brian Arrigo, Fabian Tran, 16, Christian Madrid, 17, Active Living Coordinator Julie DeMauro, Recreation Director Michael Hinojosa and Race Co-Director Ann Marie Costa. Shown from right to left are Mayor Brian Arrigo, first place winner Christopher Batts, 26, of Winthrop, Active Living Coordinator Julie DeMauro, Recreation Director Michael Hinojosa and Race Co-Director Ann Marie Costa. Maria Aguilar and Nathan Faddis with his father, David Faddis. Fatima Hamdani with her daughter, Rania, a fifth grade student at Garfield Elementary School. Shown from right to left are Mayor Brian Arrigo, third place Kids Fun Run finisher Fatima Hamdani, Recreation Director Michael Hinojosa, Active Living Coordinator Julie DeMauro and Race Co-Director Ann Marie Costa, who finished first in the 70-100 age group. Shown from right to left are Mayor Brian Arrigo, Erika Cheever, 17, Rocio Gonzalez, 12, Maeve Hurley, 11, Active Living Coordinator Julie DeMauro, Recreation Director Michael Hinojosa and Race Co-Director Ann Marie Costa. Second place finisher Fabian Mejia recorded a time of 17 minutes 24 seconds. He is shown with his children Gabriela and Jothan. Mayor Brian Arrigo and Recreation Director Michael Hinojosa congratulate Matthew Leone on winning first place in the Kids Fun Run. ENCORE CASINO DRIVING OPPORTUNITY!! Everett Car Service has exclusive rights to pick up all visitors in front of new $2.6B Encore Casino. Well over 40,000 visitors estimated daily and Everett Car is the only license holder in the city to service the Casino. Major opportunity to make money driving taxi – 50/50 split. Both day and night shifts available - call us now at 781-322-9400 or email dmorovitz@maldentrans. com. Good driver history a must! Please bring copy of driver history (from Registry) to interview. EOE Christopher Batts, 26, of Winthrop, won the Revere Runs 5K with a time of 16 minutes 42 seconds. RUNS 5K | from page 3 she is proud of her father and wants to run when she gets older. “I like to watch him run and cheer him on,” Gabriela said. “I go with him for one mile around the block.” Mejia’s four-year-old son, Jothan, runs a half-mile with him around the block. “I’m happy and like to watch him run,” Jothan said. For his wife, Ana, it’s about Zak Attioui placed third in the Revere Runs 5K with a time of 17 minutes 47 seconds. the look on her husband’s face when he’s running. “I love watching what he loves to do,” Ana said. “It’s exciting, and we’re all very proud of him.” Third place finisher Zak Attioui of Revere was 20 seconds shy of his goal of 17 minutes 20 seconds, which he achieved when he wasn’t fasting all day for Ramadan. “I could have done better,” Attioui said. Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail. com.

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 15 GT 617.387.3388 www.mainsthop.com (617) 242-4300 www.mamarosies.com Leslie Keohane Store# 37377 280 Main St. - Everett, MA 02149 Ofce: 617-394-5061 MEAT STOP Fundraiser Rafe $20

Page 16 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Revere girls can’t slow down Raiders By Greg Phipps T he Revere High School girls’ lacrosse team expected to have its hands full against Merrimack Valley Conference (MVC) stalwart Central Catholic in the first round of the Div. 1 North playoffs on Tuesday in Lawrence. But the visiting Patriots were hit with a shock perhaps even they didn’t quite anticipate as the host Raiders tallied eight times in the opening four minutes. Revere was never able to mount any kind of a serious challenge after that early haymaker (an 8-0 deficit with just over 21 minutes remaining in the first half) and went down to defeat in convincing fashion, 19-6. The loss left the 12th - seeded Patriots with a 12-9 record to end the 2019 season. Meanwhile, No. 5 seed Central Catholic (14-5) moved on to the quarterfinals. Struggling to keep the Raiders from penetrating to its net, Revere had a difficult time achieving ball possession and didn’t enjoy much time on the offensive attack. In fact, Central Catholic was able to maintain possession for nearly 10 Revere players Kiana Napolitano (12) and Jenna Wells scramble for a loose ball in Tuesday’s first-round loss at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence. (Advocate Photos by Greg Phipps) full minutes at one point in the second half. When the Patriots did manage to go on offense, they were pretty effective. Senior captains Kiana Napolitano (four goals) and Jenna Wells (two scores) provided the scoring. Revere trailed by a daunting 16-3 margin at halftime but did play the Raiders even at 3-3 over the final 25 minutes – at least on the scoreboard. Goalie Isabella CuartasLopera, a sophomore, made four saves. “It’s always going to be a tough matchup against these LACROSSE | SEE PAGE 19 Revere’s Taylor Sujko heads upfield after gaining possession of the ball in Tuesday’s playoff game. Patriots defender Jessica Haggerty tries to outrun the pursuit of two Central Catholic forwards on Tuesday. ~ Home of the Week ~ SAUGUS...Nicely located 6 room Colonial offers 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, living room and dining room combination - great open floor plan, eat-in kitchen with slider to bright and sunny sunroom, updated full bath (2009), mudroom, level lot, located on side street between Saugus Center and Cliftondale Square. Great opportunity to own!! Offered at $379,900 335 Central Street, Saugus, MA 01906 (781) 233-7300 View the interior of this home right on your smartphone. View all our listings at: CarpenitoRealEstate.com

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 17 LAX Patriots fall to Peabody in round one M By Greg Phipps idway through the second quarter, the Revere Patriots appeared to be in good shape, holding a 5-1 lead over the Peabody Tanners and getting the better of the territorial battle Monday in the first round of the Div. 1 North boys’ lacrosse tourney at Harry Della Russo Stadium. From that point on, however, the tide changed dramatically as the visiting Tanners would score 14 of the next 19 goals and surge to a 15-10 win over the Patriots. The defeat left eighthseeded Revere at 14-5 for the season while ninth-seeded Peabody (12-6) advanced to the quarterfinal round. Holding a 3-1 advantage after the opening 12 minutes, Revere netted the first two scores of the second frame to go ahead by four before Peabody seemingly flipped a switch and turned its intensity up a couple of notches. The Tanners crept to within 5-4 at the half and carried the momentum into the third by scoring four straight times and grabbing an 8-5 lead. Revere forward Eric Bua then gave the Patriots renewed hope by whipping home two goals in the final minute of the quarter to make it a close 8-7 affair. The positive vibes from that final minute unfortunately didn’t carry over for Revere, as the Tanners would outscore the home team 7-3 in the fourth to win comfortably. “The energy we came out Revere forward Eric Bua scoops up a loose ball against Peabody as teammate Jason Reyes looks on. Bua scored five times in Monday’s first-round defeat. Revere’s Kevin Cabrera tangles with two Peabody players for ball possession in Monday’s first-round loss at Harry Della Russo Stadium. (Advocate Photos by Greg Phipps) with wasn’t the energy we finished with,” said Revere head coach Austin Powers after the game. “We came out flying and were ready to go. We were hungry and then we just lost our momentum.” Asked what may have led to the major change in complexion during the game, Powers said the visitors made better choices on the field. “They made good decisions when they had the ball, and we turned it over too much, and we didn’t play much in the offensive end in the third quarter.” Despite the loss, Bua had a strong offensive outing with five goals, followed by two tallies each from Jarrod Natola and Yacine Mansouri. Goalie Cameron Mazza was a busy netminder, stopping 23 shots. Powers said many seniors are leaving this year’s squad. He said, overall, he was pleased with the performance of his team this spring. “All season the kids played hard. Losing [14] seniors will be hard next year, but I’m happy with the season as a whole. Obviously, I’m disappointed with the finish.” Departing senior players are Bua, Mazza, Matt Stasio, Zach Carifio, Rick Briana, Trevor Restino, Nick Sujko, Sebastian Vanegas, Wayne Cintolo, Cal Capozzi, Jason Reyes, Ethan Francois and Nixon Morales. J& S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY CO. MULCH SALE! Discount Spring Special PICK-UP or DELIVERY AVAILABLE 617-389-1490 Premium Hemlock or Pitch Black BELOW WHOLESALE COSTS LANDSCAPERS WELCOME $43 yd. $38 yd. www.reverealuminumwindow.com Revere’s Sebastian Vanegas charges past a Peabody defender.

Page 18 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Obituaries Alice (Fraser) Sarno A ge 92, died W ednes - day May 30 at her home in R ever e. She was the wife of the late Peter Sarno with whom she shared of 62 years of marriage. Alice and her husband enjoyed traveling to over 60 countries. Born in Boston, she was the daughter of the late Hallet Fraser and Henrietta Flinkfelt. Alice, a Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), was a Red Cross nursing assistant volunteer ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT Suffolk Division Docket No. SU19P1020EA Estate of: Rosalyn Anita Sorkin Date of Death: April 27, 2018 INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner Shari Cashman of Swampscott, MA, Petitioner Nancy B. Sorkin of Swampscott, MA, Petitioner Jeffrey A. Sorkin of Marblehead, MA a Will has been admitted to informal probate. Shari Cashman of Swampscott, MA, Nancy B. Sorkin of Swampscott, MA and Jeffrey A. Sorkin of Marblehead, MA has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administered under informal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filed with the Court, but interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Personal Representatives appointed under informal procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner. June 7, 2019 Home loans, designed with you in mind. LET US HELP FIND THE RIGHT MORT G AGE OPTION FOR YOU . FIXED RATE MORT G AGES— NO POINTS . 15 YEAR 3.625% R ATE 3.733% APR* E V ERET T – 419 BROADWAY LYNNFIELD – 7 7 1 SALEM STREET 61 7-38 7 - 1 1 10 30 YEAR 3.990% R ATE 4.051% APR* Learn more at EVERETTBANK . COM ~ Legal Notice ~ REVERE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Public Hearing Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of Section 38N of Chapter 71 of the Massachusetts General Laws, that the Revere School Committee will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the Emmanuel M. Ferrante School Committee Room, located on the first floor of Revere High School, 101 School Street, relative to the Revere Public Schools proposed Fiscal Year 2019-2020 School Operating Budget. All interested persons will be given the opportunity to be heard for or against the whole or any part of the proposed budget. May 31 and June 7, 2019 For great advertising rates in Everett, Malden, Revere and Saugus, email: jmitchell@advocatenews.net at several hospitals throughout the course of World War II and its aftermath; as well as a USO volunteer and organizer. During the late 1940s and early 1950s, she was employed as a hostess at Storyville, Blinstrub’s, and other famed Boston area Jazz and Big Band nightclubs. She was the former manager of the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary (MEEI) Emergency Department and the former Director of that hospital’s Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology (ENT) Outpatient Services Department. Alice continued to work part time until she was 86 years old. Despite the fact that she would have turned 93 in a couple of months Alice never looked her age. She was young at heart and in spirit. Her gorgeous smile, big blue eyes, and quiet sincerity connected her with people of all ages, from all parts of the globe, and friends quickly became family members. She was loved and cherished as a humble, intelligent, tenacious, supportive, thoughtful, generous and kindhearted person. Alice leaves four children Laura L. Proctor and her husband Eric of AZ, Peter H. Sarno and his wife Nanette of Georgetown Paul T. Sarno of Revere and Linda M. Sarno and her partner Michael E. Ciarlone (dessert buddy), two grandchildren; Jessica and Matthew, five great grandchildren; Peter Joseph, Madeline Sophia, Emerson Rose, Faith Joy, and Delaney and one grand dog, Bogie. She was the sister of the late Hallet Fraser, Louise Page, Robert Fraser and Leslie Fraser She is also survived by OBITUARIES | SEE PAGE 18 1. What is Orchard House? 2. What fruit name does not have a perfect rhyme? 3. In June 1815 the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon where? 4. In golf, what is a bogey? 5. On June 8, 1905, the Pennsylvania Railroad began 18-hour service between what two cities? 6. In 1999 what magazine changed Man of the Year to Person of the Year? 7. Who created the fictional detective Perry Mason? 8. On June 8, 1967, the national spelling bee winner aced what word to win? (Hints: small dog, starts with C.) 9. Who said “If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work”? (Hint: initials WS.) 10. What TV comedy duo also played the guitar and stand-up base? 11. On June 9, 1870, what writer died, who, in “Hard Times” wrote “There is a wisdom of the head, and ... there is a wisdom of the heart”? 12. What fictional character lived in Bag End, Under Hill, Hobberton? 13. In scrabble, a “triple letter score” square is what color? 14. What book has the subtitle “OR, The Whale”? (Hint: author initials HM.) 15. Artist Charles Dana Gibson, creator of the “Gibson Girl,” was born in what Massachusetts community? (Hint: starts with R.) 16. What is the largest crop in the United States? 17. On June 10, 1652, the first U.S. mint was established in what city? 18. In June 2001 what car make was discontinued? (Hint: named after a colony.) 19. What kind of rabbit is found in Massachusetts? 20. On June 13, 1611, a Dutch astronomer, Johannes Fabricius, published a paper about what dark spots? Answers below, please no cheating! FROM PAGE 18 1. Louisa May Alcott’s home in Concord, Mass. 2. Orange 3. Waterloo 4. A one over par score 5. Chicago and New York 6. Time 7. Erle Stanley Gardner 8. Chihuahua 9. William Shakespeare 10. The Smothers Brothers 11. Charles Dickens 12. Bilbo Baggins 13. Red 14. Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” 15. Roxbury 16. Corn 17. Boston 18. Plymouth 19. Cottontail 20. Sunspots

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 19 LACROSSE | from page 16 [MVC] teams, and [the Raiders] are not even the best team in that league,” Revere head coach Manuel Lopes said afterwards. “We were up against a tough opponent. It’s been the story for us all year – we’re strong on offense but struggle defensively.” Lopes said the Patriots will lose nine seniors, mostly from the midfield forward, and may experience difficulties scoring next season. This year’s defensive issues were the result of Revere losing a number of senior defenders, including the goalie, from last year’s unit, he explained. All things considered, Lopes termed 2019 an “exceptional” season overall. “We’re going to have to do some rebuilding next year and we’ll probably have problems scoring,” he said. “We’re an urban team and we have kids on our team who play different sports. Over there, that team [Central Catholic] probably has about 20 kids who just play lacrosse.” Along with Napolitano and Wells, the other departing seniors are Taylor Sujko, Jannel Mercado, Lily DelloIacono, Jessica Haggerty, Kamila Calle, Emily DiGiulio and Nicole Mendonca. ROUTE DRIVER & MOVER “We are a well established company looking for a route driver & mover for the greater Boston area. Must have a valid driver’s license & clean record. Health card and box truck driving experience A Plus. Drug testing requirement. Full time, OT available. We offer competitive wages and a great benefits package is available. Apply in person. Monday-Friday (9 am-4 pm) @ 83 Broadway, Malden, MA. No phone calls please”. ROTONDO | from page 1 Narcan is the most common narcotic overdose treatment used in an emergency situation. It can work within minutes and temporarily reverses the effects of an overdose until further medical treatment has been administered. As mentioned in a previous article, in a report published by the Massachusetts State Government, there have been 108 opioid-related deaths in Revere since 2013. The city is currently exploring different solutions to help combat this epidemic. In the event that you witness someone experiencing an opioid overdose, Rotondo provided insight for Revere residents on what they can do to assist in a similar situation. “Obviously, call 911 right away. If you have Narcan, give the Narcan. If you know how to rescue breathe and they are not breathing, then rescue breathe,” he said. “Try and wake them up and do as best as you can. After that you need Narcan to reverse it. If you don’t have it, then it’s just rescue breathing at that point.” The award was presented to Rotondo by City Council President Arthur Guinasso and members of the Revere Fire Department. Rotondo described it as “an unnecessary award, but great honor.” Now Available by Subscription Your Hometown News Delivered! EVERETT ADVOCATE MALDEN ADVOCATE REVERE ADVOCATE SAUGUS ADVOCATE One year subscription to The Advocate of your choice: $80 per paper in-town per year or $100 per paper out-of-town per year. Name_________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ City_______________ State_______ Zip ____________ CC# _______________________________ Exp. _____ Sec. code____ Advocate (City):___________________ Clip & Mail Coupon with Credit Card, Check or Money Order to: Advocate Newspapers Inc. PO Box 490407, Everett, MA 02149

Page 20 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Space For Lease 4,500 Sq. Feet +_ Roller World Plaza 425 Broadway (Rte. 1) SAUGUS 2nd Floor-Elevator Direct To Unit Please Call Jerry 617-620-9201 or 781-233-9507 S&B ROOFING Over 15 Years Experience * Free Estimates * Great Prices * Great Service * Licensed & Insured Please call 857-247-8594 for your FREE ESTIMATE! Award-Winning Landscaping Servicing the North Shore for over 38 Years HELP WANTED ALL AROUND•PART-TIME Handyman 2 or 3 Days a Week $20 per hour Ideal for retired person ~NO HEAVY LIFTING~ 617-549-7475 JIM’S HOME IMPROVEMENT — General Contractor — •Kitchens & Baths • Carpentry • Painting (Int. & Ext.) • Cleanouts • Windows • Doors • Decks • Additions • All Reasonable MASS. BUILDER’S LICENSE NO RESTRICTIONS C.S. 065388 NO JOB TOO BIG, NO JOB TOO SMALL Call Jim @ 781-910-3649 OBITUARIES | from page 18 many nieces, nephews and extended family. Alice is survived by her sister-in-law Agnes Sarno of Saugus and late brother in laws and sister in laws Marcia, Anthony, Salvy, and Dorothy In lieu of flowers donations in her memory may be made to Bridge Over Troubled Waters, 47 West St., Boston, MA 02111 or to the charity of your choice. Esther P. (Sawyer) Nadeau A longtime resident of Malden died peacefully in her sleep on Sunday, June 2, surrounded by the comfort of her loving family. Esther was born in Revere in 1926. One of five children, she was raised and educated in Revere. In 1946, Esther married her sweetheart, Edward Nadeau, and the two settled down in Malden together to raise their family. They shared over 35 years together until his passing in 1982. Esther worked with the City of Malden School Department, working in the cafeteria in the Linden and Daniels schools, and then for many years at Malden High School. She retired after 45 years when a disability forced OBITUARIES | SEE PAGE 18 NOW BOOKING NEW CUSTOMERS! DON’T WAIT! Call 781-321-2074 Pavers * Walkways * Patios * Driveways * Pool Decks Planting * Perennials * Shrubs * Trees New Lawns * Sod * Hydroseed Flowers/Annuals/Mums * Conventional Seeding * Synthetic Complete Maintenance * Cleanups (Spring & Fall) * Lawn Cutting, Edging & Weeding * Lawn Fertilizer Programs * Trim & Prune Shrubs * Mulching, Thatching Interlock Block * Fire Pits * Sitting Walls * Pillers Landscape Lighting * Design * Install * Repair * Night Illumination

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 21 OBITUARIES | from page 20 her to step away. In later years when she moved to Suffolk Manor, she became an active member of the social groups there. Esther was also a longtime member of the First Nazarene Church of Malden. She is survived by her daughters, Susanne M. Nadeau of Newburyport, and Pamela J. Nadeau of Reading, her grandchildren, Michael, Carly, and James, and her great grandchildren, Bianca and Marcos. Esther was preceded in death by her husband Edward, her mother, Fannie Sawyer, and her siblings, Victor Sawyer, Mary Nelson, June Crenshaw, and Ann Maccioli. KITCHEN CABINETS To Look Like New 508-840-0501 FURNITURE STRIP & FINISH Clean-Outs! We take and dispose from cellars, attics, garages, yards, etc. We also do demolition. Best Prices Call: 781-593-5308 781-321-2499 SPADAFORA AUTO PARTS JUNK CARS WANTED SAME DAY PICK UP 781-324-1929 Quality Used Tires Mounted & Installed Used Auto Parts & Batteries Family owned & operated since 1946 * Auto Body Help Wanted * Busy Revere Auto Body Shop now hiring: Experienced Auto Body Technicians * Detailers * Mechanics * Glass Techs Apply online: Atlasautobody.com or call: 781-284-1200 --------------------------------------------------Busy Revere Auto Body Shop ahora contratando: Técnicos experimentados del cuerpo del automóvil * Detailers * Mecánica * Glass Techs Apply en línea: Atlasautobody.com o llame al: 781-284-1200 Pregunta por Hugo. WASTE REMOVAL & BUILDING MAINTENANCE • Landscaping, Lawn Care, Mulching • Yard Waste & Rubbish Removal • Interior & Exterior Demolition (Old Decks, Fences, Pools, Sheds, etc.) • Appliance and Metal Pick-up • Construction and Estate Cleanouts • Pick-up Truck Load of Trash starting at $169 Call for FREE ESTIMATES! Offi ce: (781) 233-2244 CA$H for your JUNK CAR Weber Auto 1-800-594-2084 We buy STAMPS & COINS 781-324-2770 “COMPLETE GLASS SERVICE CENTER” Storefronts & Entrance Doors Custom Mirrors • Table Tops • Auto Glass Insulated Glass • Window & Screen Repairs 2034 Revere Beach Parkway, Everett 617-389-GLAS AAA Service • Lockouts Trespass Towing • Roadside Service Junk Car Removal 617-387-6877 26 Garvey St., Everett MDPU 28003 ICCMC 251976 JIM’S HOME IMPROVEMENT — General Contractor — •Kitchens & Baths • Carpentry • Painting (Int. & Ext.) • Cleanouts • Windows • Doors • Decks • Additions • All Reasonable MASS. BUILDER’S LICENSE NO RESTRICTIONS C.S. 065388 NO JOB TOO BIG, NO JOB TOO SMALL Call Jim @ 781-910-3649 Walter Robinson (617) 415-3933 Window, floor, deck, and gutter cleaning Power-washing, trash removal & clean up $ $ $ $

Page 22 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Frank Berardino MA License 31811 • 24 - Hour Service • Emergency Repairs BERARDINO Plumbing & Heating Residential & Commercial Service Gas Fitting • Drain Service 617.699.9383 Senior Citizen Discount COMEAU PLUMBING & HEATING Small Projects and Emergency Repairs LICENSED INSURED Erik Comeau Master Plumber erikcomeau75@gmail.com FREE ESTIMATES Saugus, Mass. Cell # 781-941-6518 FRANK’S Housepainting (781) 289-0698 • Exterior • Ceiling Dr. • Power Wash • Paper Removal • Carpentry FREE ESTIMATES — Fully Insured pride contracting inc. excavation and construction pedro maldonado 781-241-3543 president and contractor saugus, massachusetts sales@pridecontractinginc.com general contracting construction, landscaping snow plowing, paving J.F & Son Contracting Snow Plowing No Job too small! Free Estimates! Commercial & Residential 781-656-2078 Christine27@comcast.net - Property management & maintenance EVERETT MALDEN REVERE SAUGUS A Mold & Waterproofing EXPERTS dvocAte Newspapers Published weekly by The Advocate Newspapers, Inc. • MAIN OFFICE • 573 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149 Mailing Address: PO Box 490407, Everett, MA 02149 Telephone: (617) 387-2200 / (781) 286-8500 (781) 233-4446 / FAX: (617) 381-0800 Email us at: Jmitchell@advocatenews.net info@advocatenews.net James David Mitchell, Publisher James D. Mitchell, Editor The Advocate Newspapers, Inc. are free newspapers published every Friday. This newspaper assumes no financial responsibility for errors in advertisements printed herein, but will reprint without charge that part of an advertisement in which the error occurs. • WEEKLY MOWING • IRRIGATION • DETHATCHING • MULCHING & EDGING • CRAB GRASS PREVENTER • FERTILIZER • BUSH & SHRUB TRIMMING • SPRING CLEAN-UP • SOD INSTALLATION • WALLS & WALKWAYS www.Steves ServicesLLC.com “One call does it all!” 781-808-1061 Drivers Wanted Taxi, Limo Drivers Wanted Full or Part Time 781-321-2337 • Sump Pumps • Walls & Floor Cracks • ALL WORK GUARANTEED - Licensed Contractor - JPG CONSTRUCTION Cell phone 781-632-7503 508-292-9134 Advocate Call now! 781-286-8500 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net Shoveling & removal Landscaping, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Roofing, Carpentry, Framing, Decks, Fencing, Masonry, Demolition, Gut-outs, Junk Removal & Dispersal, Clean Ups: Yards, Garages, Attics & Basements. Truck for Hire, Bobcat Services. “Proper prep makes all the difference” – F. Ferrera • Interior Classifieds

THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Page 23 # 1 Listing & Selling Office in Saugus “Experience and knowledge Provide the Best Service” Free Market Evaluations CarpenitoRealEstate.com View our website from your mobile phone! 335 Central St., Saugus, MA 781-233-7300 SAUGUS 1st AD INDIAN ROCK FARMS offers this custom 12 rm Contemporary Tri-level 3-4 bdrms, 3 ½ baths, spacious open floor plan, 20’ kit w/granite counters, 1st flr famrm w/gas fp, 1st flr laundry, hdwd, cen air, alarm, au-pair suite, 1 c gar, IG gunite pool, cabana w/kit & half bath, many updates. Great home – Great location...............................................................$799,900. LYNN/SAUGUS line OH Sat 11-1 & Sun 2-3 Beautifully maintained 2 bedroom townhouse offers 1 ½ baths, fireplace living room, spacious kitchen with granite counters, one car garage, front & rear decks, security system, handicapped features.....................$337,000. SAUGUS LAST LOT available in Bellevue Heights! Beautiful views, great sub-division surrounded by exclusive, custom homes that are perfectly maintained Build your dream home!.....................................$310,000. SAUGUS Nicely located & maintained 6 rms, 2 bedroom Cape, offers granite kitchen w/ct flr, sunroom, fireplace lvrm, dnrm, large master w/half bath & skylight, office area, hardwood flooring, one car detached garage, level lot, side street....................................................................$459,900. SAUGUS 6 room, 3 bedroom Colonial offers 1 ½ baths, 3 season porch, eat-in kitchen w/ct flooring, first floor laundry, deck, large, level lot with off street parking, located just outside Cliftondale Sq..........$379,000. SAUGUS 1st AD Nicely located & maintained 6+ room cape cod offers fireplace living room, dining room, large master bedroom, office, finished LL with playroom, great sunroom for summer enjoyment, updated heat & windows, dead-end street – Great home!!............................................$389,900. SAUGUS 1st AD 6 room Colonial offers 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, lvrm/dnrm, great open floor plan, eat-in kitchen with slider to sunroom, updated full bath, level yard, located between Saugus Center and Cliftondale Square. Great opportunity.............................................................$379,900. SAUGUS RARE FIND Two Family Duplex style home offers 5/4 rooms,2 bedrooms each unit, separate utilities, two car detached garage, farmers porch, level lot, side street location.........................................$469,900. SAUGUS RARE Business Zoned parcel with many possibilities. This 34,000 corner lot houses a Federal Colonial style home with amazing details. Please call Saugus Inspectional Services for all permitted uses...........................................................$725,000. SAUGUS 1st AD AMAZING opportunity to expand this 4 rm, 2 bdrm cape into possible 7 rm, 5 bdrm home, updated gas heat & roof, oversized 2 c gar w/loft, lg lot, deck, located on Wakefield line..........................$399,900. SAUGUS CUSTOM 7+ rm Col, 3 ½ baths, huge 1st flr fmrm w/fp, lvrm, dnrm, 1st flr laundry, master suite, sunroom, hardwood, au-pair suite, custom woodwork thru out, cen air & vac, 2 c gar, great Woodland loc ..........................................$689,900. SAUGUS 1st AD PLEASANT HILL CONDO offers 5 rms, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, granite kitchen, lvrm w/gas fireplace & slider to private balcony, master suite w/bath & walk-in closet, hdwd flrs, central air, laundry in unit, garage parking & one outdoor parking.......$419,900. WONDERING WHAT YOUR HOME IS WORTH? CALL FOR YOUR FREE MARKET ANALYSIS! LITTLEFIELD REAL ESTATE SAUGUS ~ Rehabbed colonial. New windows, siding, new kitchen with quartz counters, stainless appliances, new cabinets. New hardwood flooring throughout house. New heat. Central AC. New maintenance free deck. .........$570,000 SAUGUS ~ Desirable 2 family. Each unit has 2 beds, updated kitchens and baths, vinyl siding, in-unit laundry, rear decks .......$499,000 SAUGUS ~ 2 family new to market! 4 bed, 2.5 bath, granite counters, SS appliances, newer gas heat/AC, prof landscaping, custom paint, new patio, 1 bed apt. .......................$739,000 38 Main Street, Saugus MA WWW.LITTLEFIELDRE.COM 781-233-1401 PEABODY ~ 4 bed colonial, 2.5 baths, central AC, finished basement, SS appliances, hardwood throughout, great cul-de-sac location, gas heat ....................$759,000 Call Rhonda Combe For all your real estate needs!! 781-706-0842 SAUGUS ~ 4 bed, 3 bath colonial. Spacious kitchen, SS appliances, Oversized one car garage, irrigation, gas heat enclosed porch, centralVac, finished lower level...$569,900 SAUGUS ~ 3 bed, 1.5 bath colonial. Open concept 1st floor, 2 car garage, newer gas heat, roof and HW heater, prof landscaping....$426,900 Coming Soon in Lynn: Brand New Construction! Call Rhonda Combe SAUGUS ~ Recently renovated ranch. Kitchen, appliances, heat, AC, roof and vinyl siding all replaced in 2011.Fenced in yard, hot tub, storage shed. .....$384,900 SAUGUS ~ 3 bed ranch, open concept, stainless appliances, private dead end street, newer gas heat, hardwood flooring, 10k lot, garage ..............$435,000 for details! REVERE ~ 2 family located in the Beachmont area, 3 beds, one bath in top unit, 2 beds, one bath lower unit .....................................$639,000 LAND FOR SALE SAUGUS Call Rhonda Combe at 781-706-0842 for details!! Under Contract

Page 24 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 7, 2019 Follow Us On: COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY SALES & RENTALS Sandy Juliano Broker/President Spring, flowers in bloom and buyers house shopping! Call today for a free opinion of value on your home! WE KNOW EVERETT!! Call TODAY to sell or buy with the best! CALL TODAY TO SET UP A PRIVATE SHOWING AT ANY OF OUR LISTINGS! DON’T FORGET TO ASK ABOUT BUYER AGENCY. IT IS THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE A SUCCESSFUL PURCHASE AND IT’S 100% FREE! New! Commercial Property Call Norma for details! (617) 590-9143 63 HARVARD ST., CHELSEA NEW PRICE! - $549,900 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY JUNE 9, 2019 11:30-1:00 ALL NEW 4 BEDROOM SINGLE 56 WALNUT ST., EVERETT $649,900 LISTED BY MARIA 206 HANCOCK ST., EVERETT $524,900 OFFER ACCEPTED! 3 BEDROOM SINGLE FAMILY OFFER ACCEPTED! 135-137 CHELSEA ST., EVERETT 5 UNITS - $1,200,000 Call Joe @ 617-680-7610 Call Norma @ 617-590-9143 SOLD BY MARIA! 6 RUSSELL ST., EVERETT 8-ROOM SINGLE FAMILY - $445,000 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY JUNE 9, 2019 11:30-1:00 NEW LISTING BY SANDY! 20 PLYMOUTH ST., EVERETT TWO FAMILY - $699,900 LYNNFIELD 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT UNDER AGREEMENT! 30 CHELSEA ST, UNIT 204, EVERETT 2 BED, 2 BATH CONDO - $369,900 SOLD BY SANDY! 68 NEWTON ST., EVERETT TWO FAMILY - $575,000 HEAT & HOT WATER INCLUDED $1,550/MONTH RENTED! Joe DiNuzzo - Broker Associate Norma Capuano Parziale - Agent Open Daily From 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 433 Broadway, Suite B, Everett, MA 02149 www.jrs-properties.com Denise Matarazz - Agent Maria Scrima - Agent Follow Us On: Rosemarie Ciampi - Agent Kathy Hang Ha -Agent Mark Sachetta - Agent 617.544.6274

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