Page 18 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, October 15, 2021 BHRC | FROM PAGE20 1. October 15 is National Grouch Day, which was inspired by what show? 2. What famous Indian, who trained as a lawyer and was born in October 1869, said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”? 3. Which sea animal has the most teeth? 4. What tool did Henry Phillips utilize to transform assembly line production? 5. On Oct. 16, 1982, what comet was observed visiting earth for the 30th recorded time? 6. What kind of punctuation is an interrobang? 7. In the 1939 movie “Young Mr. Lincoln,” who played Abraham Lincoln? 8. On Oct. 17, 1965, what fair ended that had a “Carousel of Progress,” a Vatican Pavilion and the “World’s Largest Cheese”? 9. What kind of animal was Kelso? 10. Which Michigan city (with a girl’s name) has a Unicorn Hunting Society at Lake Superior State University, which grants a hunting license (called a “questing” license) for unicorns? 11. How are Ducktail, Handlebar and Van Dyke similar? 12. The 1969 Pontiac GTO option package called “The Judge” got its name from what popular catchphrase on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In? 13. In 1896, Englishman Walter Arnold became the first person convicted of speeding – at what mph: 8, 17 or 25? 14. On Oct. 19, 1864, Confederate agents living in Canada robbed three banks in St. Albans in what state? 15. What pair played novice policemen in the 1933 film “The Midnight Patrol”? 16. Which national constitution still in use is the world’s oldest? 17. On Oct. 20, 1935, the Long March (a retreat) ended in what country? 18. Which U.S. state has the most lawyers: California, Massachusetts or New York? 19. The slang term vamoose comes from what language? 20. October 21 is National Apple Day; what color are most apple blossoms when they open? ANSWERS ch (D-Needham). “However, in some of our largest cities and smaller towns, drop boxes were not a viable voting option because they weren’t accessible, weren’t open or didn’t even exist. We can fix that problem setting baseline standards for municipal ballot drop box accessibility." “Mandating that municipalities maintain one ballot drop box per 25,000 residents would create substantial new costs and obligations,” said Sen. Cindy Creem (D-Newton).“Not only would municipalities have to purchase and deploy the drop box, they would have to devote staff time to the periodic collection of ballots and to collecting ballots on Election Day when they are already stretched thin and concerned about the work they have to do. (A “Yes” vote is for the ballot drop box requirements. A “No” vote is against them.) Sen. Jason Lewis No PERMANENT VOTING BY MAIL OPTION (S 2545) Senate 7-31, rejected an amendment that would allow voters to choose to become a permanent voter by mail for all future elections, a temporary voter by mail for all elections in a calendar year or a temporary voter by mail for one specific election. The measure automatically enrolls voters who voted by mail in the 2020 state primary and general election as permanent mail voters. Voters would also have the option to change their status at any time. Sponsor Sen. Becca Rausch said that the state does not require voters to reregister every year and should not require voters to sign up for various voting methods each year. "By allowing voters to choose automatic delivery of a ballot in every election, we tear down unnecessary barriers to exercising the right to vote,” said Rausch. “Every extra step we add to the process of voting—including forcing people to opt into vote by mail annually—places another burden on the voter in their exercising of this fundamental right. Elections must be accessible for all voters, plain and simple. Expanding voting ~ Legal Notice ~ NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Malden Community Preservation Committee Notice is hereby given that the City of Malden Community Preservation Committee will hold a public hearing on Weds. October 20, 2021, at 6:00PM Eastern Time, via remote hearing, at which members of the public are invited to attend to participate and provide comments. The CPC will give a presentation about the Community Preservation Act in Malden, will gather public input on the overall CPA program, and will hold a project hearing for a supplemental request for funds for Wallace Park Wall. If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Maria Luise, ADA Compliance Coordinator at mluise@cityofmalden.org or 781-397-7000, Ext 2005 The hearing will be hosted by the City of Malden on Zoom and will be accessible to members of the public who are invited to attend and provide comments via the following link: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/j/93118880638?pwd=VmZDQ0lqR2FpajJMWndJL0xRSCsyQT09 Passcode: 510788 Or via Telephone: (US) +1 929 436 2866 or +1 646 518 9805 Webinar ID: 931 1888 0638 Passcode: 510788 For further information, or to submit written comments and questions, please contact the City of Malden Community Preservation Committee via email at maldencpc@cityofmalden.org October 8 & October 15, 2021 options to include a permanent vote by mail status is one way we can empower voters to exercise their fundamental right to vote." “We do feel that it is important that each voter opt in to vote by mail on a regular basis is going to count for any address change, etc.,” said Sen. Barry Finegold (D-Andover). “People do move and this amendment would have ballots sent to their former address in perpetuity.” (A “Yes” vote is for the amendment. A “No” vote is against it.) Sen. Jason Lewis No WORKERS GET PAID TIME OFF TO VOTE (S 2545) Senate 12-26, rejected an amendment that would require all employers to give each worker two hours of paid time off per election to vote. The employee could use that two hours to vote early in-person, vote by mail or vote on Election Day. The amendment would replace a current law that is narrower and requires the worker to apply for a leave of absence in orBHRC | SEE PAGE 20 1. “Sesame Street” 2. Mahatma Gandhi 3. Dolphin 4. Phillips screws and screwdrivers 5. Halley’s Comet 6. When a question mark follows right after an exclamation mark 7. Henry Fonda 8. The New York World’s Fair 9. A racehorse that was Horse of the Year from 1960-1964 10. Sault Ste. Marie 11. They are types of beards; October 18 is National No Beard Day. 12. “Here comes da judge” 13. 8 14. Vermont 15. Oliver Hardy & Stan Laurel 16. The U.S. Constitution (1787) 17. China 18. New York 19. Spanish (vamos, which means “we go”) 20. Pink

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