Page 4 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, September 8, 2023 ‘Keep Malden Moving’ group sponsors petition drive calling for removal of bus/bicycle lanes from Rt. 60/Centre Street The following statement from Keep Malden Moving appears on the website Change.org, regarding their call to remove bus and bicycle lanes from Rt. 60/Centre Street. As of Thursday morning, there were 268 residents who had signed the petition. To: The City of Malden We, the concerned residents and commuters of Malden, Gerry D’Ambrosio Attorney-at-Law Is Your Estate in Order? Do you have an update Will, Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney? If Not, Please Call for a Free Consultation. 14 Proctor Avenue, Revere (781) 284-5657 Dan - 1972 We Sell Cigars & Accessories! Sell Cigars & Accessories! 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Traffi c Congestion: The implementation of bus and bike lanes on Route 60 has signifi - cantly contributed to increased traffic congestion in Malden. This has resulted in longer commute times for residents and commuters passing through our city. Due to overwhelming amounts of traffi c, drivers are being pushed to secondary roads that are unable to handle the unprecedented amount of traffi c. By removing these unnecessary lanes, we can alleviate congestion and improve overall traffi c fl ow. 2. Inadequate Usage: Despite claims suggesting otherwise, data shows that these bus and bike lanes are underutilized by both cyclists and public transit riders. Current ridership is so low in Malden that the MBTA has eliminated 4 bus routes, with more on the way. The majority of commuters still rely on motor vehicles as their primary mode of transportation along this route. Our 51stOur 51st Anniversary Anniversary Chris 2023 3. Financial Burden: The allocation of funds towards implementing and maintaining these underutilized bus and bike lanes is an unnecessary fi nancial burden on taxpayers’ wallets when there are more pressing infrastructure needs within our city. By eliminating travel lanes, local restaurants that off er delivery service have seen a drop in food orders, resulting in a decline in revenue. This is hurting our local small businesses. We believe it is crucial for the City Council to prioritize the needs of all residents when making decisions regarding transportation infrastructure projects within Malden. Therefore, we respectfully request that you take immediate action: — Remove all existing bus and bike lanes from Route 60. — Return any funds allocated towards these lanes to their original source. — Prohibit any future approval of bus or bike lanes that would result in the elimination of motor vehicle traffi c lanes or hinder Keep Malden Moving has started an online petition on Change.org calling for the removal of bus and bike lanes from Centre St./Rt. 60. parking availability. By doing so, you will alleviate traffi c congestion, improve safety conditions, and ensure that the needs of all commuters are considered when planning transportation projects in our city. We trust that you will carefully consider this petition and take appropriate action to address our concerns. Together, we can create a more effi cient and inclusive transportation system for Malden. Sincerely, Malden Motorist Letter to the Malden City Council from Mayor Gary Christenson regarding Centre Street transit project Members of the Malden City Council, This memorandum is in response to the discussion in the community concerning the modifi cations that were made on Centre Street to accommodate a bus lane and bike lane. I have communicated with you in the past about the elements of the handling of this entire project that we should learn from for future projects. It is not my intent to go back and revisit that, but rather to recognize where we are at now and to communicate from my administration’s perspective what the next step is. As you recall, when the project was fi rst proposed, an important component was the upgrading of the signals that would work in concert with the lane changes. The proponents of the project have from the beginning spoken of the importance of the signal changes to support the lane modifications. After a lengthy delay, we are fi nally at the point where those changes are being fi nalized and we will be able to see the impact of these changes on the lane modifi cations and how it aff ects traffi c. I have instructed our City Engineer to engage in a traffi c study of the Centre Street corridor so that we can review the ‘before and after,’ share that with the public, and engage in transparent dialogue on what is working, what needs improvement, and in general, map out where we go from here with the benefi t of that data. I would remind everyone that whatever changes may be needed should be done in partnership with the MBTA. As a city with two stations within our boundaries, it’s important that we work collaboratively with the MBTA on this and all issues. Doing so recognizes the importance of this relationship as we continue to work with the MBTA on other unrelated but equally important matters. I respect the right of any group of citizens to request that the City Council place a question on the ballot. It’s a power aff orded to the City Council in our charter and something that only happens once a majority of the City Council agrees. Regardless of the outcome of that discussion and vote, I intend to engage both the City Council and the Traffi c Commission in reviewing the outcome as a result of what we learn from that study. Gary Christenson Mayor

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