THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, September 8, 2023 Page 5 Middlesex Sheriff’s Office urges residents to be alert for continuing arrest scams W OBURN, Mass. — The Middlesex Sheriff ’s Offi ce is continuing to urge area residents to be alert for ongoing phone scams in which the perpetrators are posing as members of the Middlesex Sheriff ’s Offi ce (MSO). In recent weeks, numerous residents have reported receiving calls or voice messages from individuals claiming to be members of the MSO. In some cases, the callers are using the names of real MSO personnel and have — in some instances — told individuals to report to a legitimate MSO address to clear up the matters. In each case, scammers told residents there were warrants or fi nes in their name for unresolved citations, or for failing to appear for jury duty. In one instance this past weekend, a caller falsely told an individual the FBI had a warrant for their arrest. In various calls, scammers sought anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars to clear up the matters, while some wanted the fi nes to be paid using prepaid cards. Fortunately, none of those who have recently notifi ed the Middlesex Sheriff ’s Offi ce of these scam calls reported losing any money. The Middlesex Sheriff's Office reminds residents that legitimate law enforcement will never threaten arrest over the phone, nor demand a fi ne or fee be paid using a gift card, prepaid card or cryptocurrency. These are tell-tale signs of a scam and residents who receive such calls are urged to hang up and report the calls to local authorities. Residents who receive scam calls in which individuals falsely identify themselves as MSO deputies or offi cers may contact the MSO at 978-667-1711 and ask to speak with the Inner Perimeter Security (IPS) Unit. To learn more about law enforcement arrest scams and how to protect yourself, please visit our website at www.middlesexsheriff .org/arrestscams. Black Legacy Project to perform on Sept. 26 T he Black Legacy Project will perform on September 26 at Mystic Side Opera Company (339 Pleasant St. in Malden). The touring band’s debut album, “Black Legacy Project Vol. 1,” comes out on September 22. The Black Legacy Project launched in September 2021, partnering with communities nationwide to promote transformative dialogue crossing racial and political divides. Enlightened by those conversations, the Black Legacy Project brings diverse communities together to record present-day versions of songs central to the Black American experience and to compose original, meaningful songs relevant to the profound need for change in our time. Those songs are featured on their debut album,and they will perform music from the release at the show. For its groundbreaking work, CNN honored the organization as a 2022 Champion For Change. CLASSES | FROM PAGE 3 Registration for children’s Italian classes for beginners is Saturday, Sept. 9, from 9 a.m.-12 at the Appian Club (100 A Fallon Road, Stoneham). Child must be six years or older. Classes begin on Saturday morning, starting Sept. 23. Cost is $130 for 20 weeks. Instructor for over 30 years is Sandra DiRenzo (781-3965012). Contact coordinator John Nocella for further details at 781-438-5687 or, preferably by email, at john02180@ gmail.com. Please pass info along to other family members, friends and neighbors. The class is sponsored by the Appian Club of Stoneham, a nonprofit, social charitable 501(c)(7) organization whose mission is to promote Italian culture and heritage. Like us on Facebook advocate newspaper Facebook.com/Advocate.news.ma JOHN MACKEY & ASSOCIATES ~ Attorneys at Law ~ * PERSONAL INJURY * REAL ESTATE * FAMILY LAW * PERSONAL BANKRUPTCY * LANDLORD/TENANT DISPUTES 14 Norwood Street Everett, MA 02149 Phone: (617) 387-4900 Fax: (617) 381-1755 WWW.JMACKEYLAW.COM SABATINO INSURANCE AGENCY 519 BROADWAY EVERETT, MA 02149 Auto * Home * Boat * Renter * Condo * Life * Multi-Policy Discounts * Commercial 10% Discounts * Registry Service Also Available Sabatino Insurance is proud to welcome the loyal customers of tino I sur nce is p the l yal c st ers o d t welcome PHONE: (617) 387-7466 FAX: (617) 381-9186 Visit us online at: WWW.SABATINO-INS.COM

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