Page 20 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 18, 2021 Tornado boys’ volleyball players honored on Senior Night By Tara Vocino T he Malden High School Boys’ Varsity Volleyball Golden Tornadoes defeated Somerville High School, ending the spring season 8-1, during their Senior Night game on Tuesday at Malden High School’s Finn Gymnasium. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) Outside Hitter David Lombardi (second from right) with friends Jason Ong, a junior and Outside Hitter, and Brianna Preston, a senior who plays lacrosse and does cheering. Lombardi, who is ranked in the Top 10 in his Senior Class of 2021, is headed for Elon University in North Carolina in the fall. Setter Kenny Nguyen with his proud mother, Trang Pham, and brother, Brandon, at Tuesday’s Senior Night game. He plans to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology for engineering this fall. Libero/Back Row Tenzin Jinpa with friend Pramesh Adhikary. Jinpa plans to attend UMass Amherst this fall to major in computer science and philosophy to become a philosophy professor. Middle Andy Nguyen with his friend Ivan Tan, a junior. Nguyen plans to attend Boston University this fall to major in health science to become a physical therapist. Carlus Alves with Head Coach Daniel Jurkowski. Alves plans to attend trade school this fall to become an electrician. Greater Boston League Baseball All-Conference & All-Star Teams are named Players from Malden and Revere named to GBL All-Conference Team; Gibbs Bros. are Everett All-Stars By Jason Mazzilli T he Greater Boston League (GBL) has announced its 2021 All-Conference and AllStar Teams and three sophomores made it onto some of the top spots. Malden High School sophomore Brandon McMahon was one of the top pitchers and hitters in the GBL and was named to the GBL All-Conference Team along with Revere sophomores Max Doucette and Mike Popp, both outfielders. Lynn English third baseman Angel Gonzalez was named GBL Most Valuable Player for 2021 and Lynn English first-year head coach Esteban Paula "Coach of the Year". Chelsea High School was named the recipient of the GBL Team Sportsmanship Award. Malden's McMahon was one of the top all-around players in the GBL this year, with a 1.07 earned run average and registering 27 strikeouts in 25 2/3 innings pitched. He also hit .443 (17-for-39) with 14 RBIs. Three other Malden High players were named to the GBL All-Star Team including senior captain Liam Jordan, junior pitcher-first baseman Shai Cohen and junior Sam Solorzano, who was a key pitcher, second baseman and outfielder for Malden High. For Revere, seniors Calvin Boudreau (OF-IB-P) and Kasey Cummings (1B) and sophomore Chris Cassidy (2b) were also named to the All-Star team. Everett brothers Brandon Gibbs, a senior and Brian Gibbs, a sophomore were named to the GBL All-Star Team for 2021. AMENDMENT | FROM PAGE 4 late 1970s, economic growth and prosperity in our state and nation was broadly shared. Since 1979, however, average income for the top one percent has grown at an annual rate that is ten times greater than the growth of average income for the bottom 90 percent. In other words, a hugely disproportionate share of all new income and wealth over the past four decades has gone to those who are already very rich. This is not because working people aren’t working hard enough. In fact, they are working longer hours, and often multiple jobs. Worker productivity has increased an astounding 65% since 1979. And yet, working families are struggling to get by every day, living paycheck to paycheck. As this inequality has grown over the past few decades, Massachusetts hasn’t made the investments in public services that are necessary to make our economy work for everyone. Our public schools and colleges lack the resources they need to prepare students for the 21st century economy. We’ve let our roads, bridges, and public transportation infrastructure crumble because we haven’t investOutside Hitter Roberto Deng Feng with Head Coach Daniel Jurkowski. Deng Feng plans to attend Bunker Hill Community College this fall to major in hotel management. ed in maintaining and upgrading them. As a result, for many young people, the American Dream seems ever more elusive, if not downright impossible. While there are many factors that have contributed to such high levels of inequality, our state tax policy is one of these factors. Moreover, unlike the forces of globalization or rapid technological change or federal fiscal policy, state tax policy is within our direct control. Incredibly, lowerand middle-income taxpayers in Massachusetts pay a greater percentage of their annual income in state and local taxes than the highest-income taxpayers do. This is deeply unfair. The Fair Share Amendment would raise substantial new revenue to support public investments that are critical to our pandemic recovery and building a more just economy, and do it by making our tax system more equitable. It will provide funds to: • Continue implementing the Student Opportunity Act to ensure adequate and equitable funding for all K-12 public schools • Make high-quality public higher education more accessible and affordable for lower-income students and students of color • Expand access to high-quality, affordable pre-K education for working families • Improve our transportation system and infrastructure, including roads, bridges, sidewalks, multi-use trails, and public transit Critics of the Fair Share Amendment claim that millionaires will flee Massachusetts, especially now that remote work has become more popular. Yes, some wealthy people may retire to Florida or Arizona, where it doesn’t snow; but that happens already. The overwhelming evidence from detailed studies of state tax policy strongly suggests that the vast majority of high-income households will not leave the state simply because of a slightly higher marginal tax rate. After all, one of the advantages of making more than a million dollars a year is that you can afford to live where you want, and there are many other good reasons to stay in Massachusetts. In fact, investments in a stronger education system and improved transportation infrastructure will strengthen our AMENDMENT | SEE PAGE 22

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