THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, May 17, 2024 Page 9 HOMEOWNERSHIP | FROM PAGE 1 tee with providing him unique opportunities to create aff ordable housing in Malden that fi t a variety of needs.Mayor Christenson approved the funding for ACDC’s purchase of the former Salvation Army building on Main Street, which will be turned into 20 aff ordable rental units.Mayor Christenson was looking for an opportunity to develop aff ordable homeownership opportunities as well, and the 245 Bryant Street property presented a property large enough to target for that type of development. “I’m pleased to announce the start of this 100% affordable homeownership project that will help us combat the housing crisis and create homeownership opportunities for our low-income residents,” said Mayor Christenson. “I am grateful to ACDC for their continued commitment to providing our community with resources, programming, and much-needed aff ordable housing. I also want to recognize Congregation Agudas Achim Ezrath Israel, which has made its home in Malden for more than a century and has a lasting commitment to our community. The sale of their property for aff ordable homeownership is just the latest example of their stewardship of our community.” “I’m proud to support this affordable homeownership project that will add more options for aff ordable housing in Ward 7,” said Ward 7 City Councillor Simonelli. “This project will create opportunities for low-income renters who want to buy a home in our community and realize the American Dream. I’m grateful to Mayor Christenson, ACDC, the Congregation, and Malden’s Offi ce of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) for their hard work and partnership in getting this project done.” Mayor Christenson approved $1.75 million in ARPA funds to fund the acquisition.The project will utilize a variety of other state programs such as the Commonwealth Builder Program to be able to produce homes for sale at aff ordable levels. ACDC will work closely with Mayor Christenson, Ward 7 Councillor Simonelli, and the City’s OSPCD to ensure a transparent community planning process to create affordable homeownership opportunities for Malden residents. “ACDC is excited to partner with the Mayor and Councillor Simonelli to create a second affordable housing development in Malden,” said ACDC Executive Director Angie Liou. “We look forward to developing more affordable homeownership opportunities so that families have the chance to begin building generational wealth and deepen their roots in Malden.” “We are grateful to Mayor Christenson for his assistance as we look forward to fi nding a new, smaller house of worship in the city that has been our home for over one hundred years,” said Congregation Agudas Achim Ezrath Israel in a statement. “We are happy that this acquisition will help the City and ACDC continue the property’s service to the community as it becomes aff ordable housing.” “I am proud to see us add another affordable housing development to our city’s portfolio, this time adding homeownership into the mix and ensuring that people can continue to choose Malden when deciding where to put down roots and raise their families,” said City Councillor Amanda Linehan. “This development responds to the needs of our residents, and strengthens the already-rich legacy of Congregation Agudas Achim Ezrath Israel in Malden.” “I want to thank Ward 7 Councillor Simonelli, Ward 3 Councillor Linehan and OSPCD Director Deborah Burke, co-chairs of the ARPA Housing Subcommittee, who have all been advocates for this project,” Mayor Christenson said.“This project shows what can be done when we work together toward a common goal.” ACDC will begin the design process this year working with City offi cials, community, and their architects and consultants. The Congregation will continue to use the site during a transition period as they relocate. ACDC will hold public meetings to solicit community input as they work to create a welcoming project design in 2024. In the fi rst half of 2025, this project will be seeking its required permits and funding commitments in anticipation of a mid- to late2025 construction start. After an estimated construction schedule of roughly 18 months, this project will welcome its newest residents in 2027. 245 Bryant Street is ACDC’s second affordable housing development project in Malden, following its purchase of 213 Main Street. That project has completed the permitting phase and is seeking additional fi nancing prior to construction start. Malden community members can fi nd future updates on 245 Bryant Street at www.cityofmalden.org/245Bryant and 213 Main Street at www.cityofmalden.org/213Main. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net

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