Page 10 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 12, 2019 You are invited to participate in MATV’s Open House Showcase on Sat., May 11 MATV’s 13th Annual Open House Showcase will be a live TV show, webcast, YouTube LIVE event, and Community Open House on Saturday, May 11 from 1:00-7:00 p.m. It will feature a diverse range of live performances and interviews with community guests. YOU can participate as part of the production crew, help out behind-the-scenes, be an on-air interviewer, apply to perform on the show, be interviewed as a guest, or simply come as an attendee – for all or any part of the event! We are actively looking for a diverse array of talent to perform on this year’s Open House Showcase. As always, we plan to feature a wide range of musical genres, dance, cultural performances, comedy, martial arts & more, that refl ects the diversity of our community. If you or someone you know has a great act to share, please let us know. Do you want to share with the community a story or a community project or the mission of your organization, or promote yourself as a candidate for public offi ce? Sign up to be a guest interviewee on MATV’s Open House Showcase! Interviews are short (three to five minutes in length) but you can tell us what you’d like to be asked and help us focus the conversation. Fill out the appropriate form and we’ll schedule a slot for you! Calling all MATV & community volunteers! This is a fun, “all hands on deck” experience – we need YOUR help in making this show a success. You can volunteer to serve as production crew that day – everything from camera, directing, audio board, or switching – OR you can be an on-air host or a public “greeter,” help with food pick-ups or work in advance to create short video clips to “rollin” to the production. Let us know you would like to help out. Thanks in advance! Mark your calendars and save the date! Bring your family & friends down to MATV SHOWCASE | SEE PAGE 11                                                                             Volunteers Liz Kelley & Joe Gray work camera during the live studio performances.           “The Shirts & Shoes,” an original indie rock band, perform on the showcase. The band “Brother’s Walk” performs on a previous Open House Showcase. Masio Dotson (center), a musician and MATV member/ instructor, with family and friends. Open House Showcase is fun for all ages. Mayor Gary Christenson learns the proper hand movements for Indian classical dance. Open House Showcase is all about community connection.

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