THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 12, 2019 Page 11 Energy upgrades begin with light bulbs By Barbara Taormina ow many Honeywell workers does it take to change 31,600 lightbulbs? Although there are no quick H answers, the city does know it cost $8.8 million to kick off a multiyear contract for energy effi ciency upgrades to city buildings and facilities that the City of Malden signed with Honeywell last year. Councillor-at-Large Debbie DeMaria said School Superintendent John Oteri gave a great report on the Honeywell project at a citywide PTA meeting earlier this month. “So far the project has replaced 31,600 lightbulbs, which are now all LED,” said DeMaria. “Honeywell is moving forward with all its energy audits, and they are working on thermostats.” The new bulbs are the fi rst major accomplishment of a project that began back in February 2017, when the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) chose Honeywell to provide energy management services based on requests for quotes the planning council issued on behalf of fi ve communities, including Malden. Eric Ruben, the city’s direcEaster Celebrations at Maplewood Baptist Church T he Maplewood Baptist Church will be celebrating Jesus’ Last Supper with residents of the Golden Living Center – Dexter House during our Holy Thursday Service on Thursday, April 18 at 6:00 p.m. The theme for the evening will be Enduring Love. By way of song, scriptures and stories, all attending will be taken on a journey back to the Garden of Gethsemane – where the Savior experienced His longest and loneliest of nights. In accordance with our church’s mission to bless the community around us, our children will be preparing a token of love for each resident who joins us. On Friday, April 19 at 7 p.m., we will join others from churches in our city for a combined evening of refl ection and readings on Calvary’s cross at the Freedom Hill Community Church (formerly the North Shore Assembly of God) at 77 Kennedy Dr. in Malden. As area pastors each refl ect on some of the key characters in the original Passion narrative, attendees will be challenged by the evening’s theme: That Could Have Been Me. The Lord’s Supper will be served. On Easter Sunday, April 21, we invite members of the Malden community to join us for our special celebration, SHOWCASE | FROM PAGE 10 for any part of our LIVE sixhour show. There will be plenty of great food, new folks to meet and old friends to catch up with and a chance to see some great live performances. If you won’t be around that day, be sure to catch us LIVE on the web or on YouTube. In per“The Easter SurpRISE...The Lord is Risen.” Our family-friendly Easter morning celebration will begin with a free Continental Breakfast at 9:15 a.m., followed by a one-hour Easter Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. During the breakfast, kids will enjoy making crafts that will remind them of the real meaning of this special day, while adults can enjoy a relaxing time together. Then we’ll gather for a joyous Worship Service celebrating the many surprises of that very fi rst Easter morning. All guests will receive a special surprise gift to help them remember our Easter SurpRISE celebration. “No one should have been surprised! He told them He would rise again!” said Pastor Gary McClenthen. “Nonetheless, even as those first Christ-followers were taken back by the incredible events of that first Easter morning, we’ll be taking in all of the “good” that the first “Easter” off ers to us today! Join us for the party!” The church meets at 729 Salem St. in Malden. For more information about the Maplewood Baptist Church, Pastor Gary McClenthen can be reached directly at 781-3222636, or visit the website at MBCMalden.net. son or online, we look forward to your participation! The mission of MATV, Malden’s Media Center, is to connect community, promote civic engagement, and nurture arts and culture in the city of Malden. STAY CONNECTED: MATV, Malden’s Media Center, 145 Pleasant St., Malden, MA 02148; https://matv.org/. tor of public facilities, worked with MAPC and served on a three-member selection committee that evaluated the Requests for Quotation and decided on Honeywell. As part of the project, Honeywell is conducting a comprehensive energy audit on all city buildings and facilities such as parks. The company will then move forward with upgrades and improvements to old and ineffi cient equipment, which promises significant savings in energy costs. Among the improvements Honeywell will assess are new boilers, chillers, upgraded ventilation systems, windows and insulation. The company also typically looks at technology to control lighting and temperature in buildings, systems that control water consumption and wastewater infrastructure, and opportunities to incorporate renewable energy sources, such as biomass, geothermal and solar alternatives. Honeywell will also assess ongoing operations and maintenance. City councillors felt a proactive approach to maintaining and upgrading city buildings with energy-efficient equipment and strategies is a solid green investment that would keep any emergency repairs at bay. But what really sold councillors and other city offi cials on the project is that Honeywell was agreeing to an energy savings performance contract. Honeywell has guaranteed that the city will see different levels of savings on energy costs as the project moves forward. Over the next 14 to 16 years, the project is expected to save Malden approximately $11 million in energy costs. If those savings fall short, Honeywell has agreed to make up the diff erence. Eastern Bank Bldg. on RT-1 605 Broadway, #301 Saugus, MA 01906 (781) 233-6844 www.bostonnorthdental.com Dr. Priti Amlani · Restorative Dentistry · Cosmetic Dentistry · Implant Restorations · Zoom Whitening · Teeth in a Day - All on 6 Full Mouth Rehabilitation Before After Dr. Bruce Goldman Dr. Bhavisha Patel · Invisalign · CEREC Crowns (Single visit crowns) · Root Canal Treatment · Sedation Dentistry

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