THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, January 28, 2022 Page 17 OBITUARIES | FROM PAGE 18 sequently enjoyed a brief career with Miss Allen's Modeling Agency. She then went on to work as secretary to the president of Converse Rubber Company for many years. Bobbi married John "Jack" Treacy on September 11, 1954. Much to Bobbi's dismay it was on the very same day that Hurricane Edna decided to blow through Massachusetts. Luck was with the couple though, and by the time of the ceremony, electricity had been restored and the wedding could proceed. Unfortunately, only half of their guests were able to attend but as disappointing as it was, it was short lived. Luck struck again and the most spectacular double rainbow appeared over the church to greet the newlyweds as they exited the church. Good fortune ensued as the following September the couple welcomed their only child, Lynne Victoria. The family moved to Danvers in 1960 where they made many dear and lifelong friends that were as close as family. They were including but not limited to: Joan and Nick DiPaolo; Barbara and Jack Yates; and Jean and Christ Bouras. The group affectionately referred to themselves as "The Rat Pack." The herd has thinned in the last couple of years, but many members are still enjoying each other's company in their golden years. Bobbi was an active participant in the Danvers community. She was a founding member of theater group now known as The North Shore Players. Bobbi not only performed in many of the group's productions but served in many different capacities such as: co-president; secretary; producer; and treasurer ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ MALDEN PLANNING BOARD PUBLIC HEARING The Malden Planning Board will remotely hold a virtual public hearing at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, FEBRUARY 9, 2022, on the petition of Valteir Rosa of Mineirao Market LLC on behalf of Richard Gottschalk, Jr., Trustee of K & R Realty Trust (Permit Application # CMID 040423-2021) seeking to amend the special permit granted in Case #19-02 under Title 12, Chapter 12, Section 030 of the Code of the City of Malden, (formerly known as Section 300.3.2.5, Chapter 12, Revised Ordinances of 1991, as Amended, of the City of Malden), to modify the approved plans and to allow outside storage, namely, a walk-in freezer/refrigerator for use by the existing retail sales market, at the property known as and numbered 140 Eastern Avenue, Malden, MA and also known by City Assessor’s Parcel ID # 086 269 904. Petition and plans are available for public review at https://permits.cityofmalden.org/EnerGov_PROD/SelfService#/home. By: Kenneth Antonucci, Clerk In accordance with the City of Malden Local Executive Order issued on January 4, 2022 regarding COVID-19, this public hearing shall be held virtually via technological means (Zoom webinar) and no in-person attendance by members of the public is allowed. Members of the public who wish to remotely attend the virtual meeting and remotely participate in the virtual public hearing may do so using the following information: Zoom Webinar ID: 965 6359 1842 Passcode: 341907 To join the webinar online, click the link below: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/j/96563591842pwd=Y1IyQ0dEa3dTakxHUW12MzNXMUtEUT09 To join the webinar by telephone, dial number based on your current location: US: +1 646 518 9805 or +1 929 436 2866 January 21 & January 28, 2022 which is particularly humorous since she never even balanced her own checkbook until Jack passed in 2015. Yet again Bobbi made many dear friends such as Tina and Ernie Bianco during her 30-plus years of active membership. She also served as past president of The North Shore Dental Assistants. Bobbi was a dedicated and loyal employee of orthodontists Dr. William Saris and most recently, Dr. Adrian Costanza. The Costanza family was most gracious and kind and treated Bobbi as family. Bobbi loved them immensely. Bobbi was a perfectionist with any endeavor she undertook. She was an extremely kind, generous, and thoughtful woman. She demonstrated an unwavering devotion to her family and friends. She loved showering them with most exquisitely wrapped gifts for any and all occasions. Bobbi also found joy in cooking and entertaining in her immaculate and beautifully decorated home. It should come as no surprise to anyone that knew her that she also has a black belt … in shopping! Bobbi was a familiar fixture at her "Bermuda Triangle" of favorite stores: Marshalls; T.J. Maxx; and HomeGoods. It is the family's hope that in heaven she has been upgraded to Neiman Marcus. Although Bobbi found plenty of joy in her long and wonderful life, her ultimate joy was in the form of her two grandsons: Craig and Scott. She took bragging rights to a new level when it came to "her boys". She was a constant and positive influence in their lives. Bobbi was responsible for teaching them good manners such has never wearing a baseball cap inside any building, cooking skills, how to set a proper table, the importance of a clean home and to even play poker (which she learned while working at Converse and when the guys needed a fourth to play, Bobbi sat in. Who would think?) Bobbi was so proud that Craig and Scott took all her teachings to heart and became the handsome and successful young men they are today. Bobbi was predeceased by her loving husband, Jack Treacy ; sister Dorothy Calvoury; brother Earle Voigt; and in addition to many close friends and all the men of the Rat Pack. She is survived by her devoted daughter, Lynne and her husband Peter Farley of Bradford; her most cherished grandsons, Craig Farley of Danvers and Scott Farley of Austin, Texas; her much adored grand-dog, Molly; and great grand-dog, Ivy. Bobbi also leaves behind her beloved OBITUARIES| SEE PAGE 18

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