Page 12 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE - Friday, August 9, 2019 Everett Police Dept. Host Advocate Photos by Katy Rogers The Everett Police Department hosted National Night out with the community at the Rec Center. Residents congregated in the lot for a cookout, raffl es, and an opportunity to meet and learn from local police. A large crowd gathered at the Rec Center for National Night Out Josiah Val was thrilled to win a brand new scooter during the National Night Out raffl e Gillian Avelar painted a unicorn on Jennellie Torres’ face Charron Figueroa, Destiny Noelsaint, and Jane Odiari volunteered at National Night Out Phunk Phenomenon performed for Hip Hop for Hope The Phunk Phenomenon hip hop team put on a performance at the Rec Center Wesley and Alfie Kugel enjoyed their evening at National Night Out Karol Choche was the recipient of a new doll from the raffl e at National Night Out Phunk Phenomenon performed outside of the Rec Center during National Night Out

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