THE EVERETT ADVOCATE - Friday, August 9, 2019 Page 13 Annual National Night Out Candidates Cynthia Sarnie and Al Lattanzi mingled at National Night Out Elected offi cials gathered at National Night Out to meet with Everett residents in attendance Everett police offi cers, Pat Cassidy, Dennis O’Donnell, and Bill Fox worked together to keep up with the refreshments Chief Mazzie was joined by Councillors John Hanlon and Fred Capone at National Night Out Chief Mazzie welcomed residents to National Night Out at the Rec Center State Representative Joe McGonagle greeted his constituents at National Night Out Kevin O’Donnell from the Mayor’s office greeted the crowd at National Night Out Jim LeMay and Sergio Loais LeMay joined Patrolman Jeff McCabe at National Night Out Candidate Cynthia Sarnie, Councillor Mike McLaughlin, Offi - cer Rick Connor and Patti Frati attended National Night Out on Tuesday evening Portal to Hope participants Joseph Faulstich, Hugh Ramirez, Holly Garcia, Deb Fallon, and Ellie Martin attended National Night Out Jennellie Torres was the winner of one of the raffl es at National Night Out Mary the dog demonstrated how she sniff s out explosives with the guidance of her handler, Anthony DiNuccio

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