EV Vol. 31, No.31 -FREEEVE ER TT A household word in Everett for 30 years! ADDOCCO TEAT www.advocatenews.net Free Every Friday 617-387-2200 Friday, August 5, 2022 Rep. Joseph McGonagle Announces Re-Election Bid D ear Residents of Everett, I write to you today to announce my candidacy for re-election as your State Representative for the 28th MidValid as of 8/4/2022* Open a 2-year CD with one of the region’s highest rates. Make your money work harder, longer, with our 2-year certificate of deposit account. Stop into one of our branches to open an account. dlesex District. I humbly ask for your support as I seek my fi fth term in the House of Representatives so I can continue building upon the successes of my previous terms and delivering for Everett. As a lifelong resident of Everett, I have seen this City grow and evolve. Many things have changed since the days I was little kid playing in the street but I have learned to embrace these changes and that the best way I can serve Everett is to grow and evolve with it. Every session I work with the City to identify what our community needs now. This past sesJoe McGonagle State Representative sion, that included funding for substance abuse counseling in the City, a fi rst-time home buyers program, critical upgrades for the police and fi re departments, a dock and boathouse on the Malden River and several other infrastructure projMCGONAGLE | SEE PAGE 4 Everett Celebrates National Night Out 419 BROADWAY. EVERETT, MA 02149 771 SALEM ST. LYNNFIELD, MA 01940 WWW.EVERETTBANK.COM 617-387-1110 781-776-4444 Member FDIC | Member DIF *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is subject to change without notice. Fixed rate term Certificate of Deposits accounts, rates are guaranteed for the length of the term. Minimum deposit to open account and to obtain the APY is $500 unless otherwise specified. APY is based on principal and interest remaining in the account for a period of one year. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. For consumer accounts only. No out of state deposits. ECB NOW Checking Account is requested. SINCE 1921 Messinger Insurance Agency 475 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 Phone: 617-387-2700 Fax: 617-387-7753 NEW COMPETITIVE AUTO RATES AND BENEFITS AVAILABLE  ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS  DISAPPEARING COLLISION DEDUCTIBLE  11% DISCOUNT WITH SUPPORTING POLICY  10% COMBINED PAY IN FULL DISCOUNT AND GREEN DISCOUNT  10% GOOD STUDENT DISCOUNT Celebrating 100 years of excellence! Monday thru Friday: 8am to 6pm Saturdays 9am to 1pm! Check out our NEW website! www.messingerinsurance.com GRILL MASTER: Members of the Everett Police Dept., including Offi cer Bob Hall, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone on National Night Out at Glendale Park on Tuesday. See page 12 for photo highlights. (Photo courtesy of Ron Coleman)

Page 2 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 The CROWN ACT signing I ~ guest Commentary ~ Author Stephen Rocco Calls Attention to the Fentanyl Epidemic State Senator Sal DiDomenico (fi rst from the right) joined his colleagues and community leaders for the signing of The CROWN Act by Governor Charlie Baker in his State House offi ce. Special guests included Mya and Deanna Cook – the sisters who were the inspiration for this legislation that prohibits the denial of employment and educational opportunities in places of work, schools and school-related organizations because of hair texture or protective hairstyles, such as braids, locks and twists, used by people by color. DiDomenico was one of the bill’s lead sponsors and helped shepherd the legislation through the Senate. ANGELO’S FULL SERVICE Regular Unleaded $3.999 Mid Unleaded $4.409 Super $4.899 Diesel Fuel $4.739 44 Years of Excellence!! 1978-2022 KERO $8.99 DEF $4.75 9 DYED ULS $4.249 9 HEATING OIL 24-Hour Burner Service Call for Current Price! DEF Available by Pump! Open an account and order online at: www.angelosoil.com (781) 231-3500 (781) 231-3003 367 LINCOLN AVE • SAUGUS Hours: Mon. - Wed. 6AM - 6PM / Thurs. & Fri. 6AM - 7PM / Sat. 7AM - 5PM / Sun. 9AM-1PM would like to thank Jim Mitchell and The Advocate Newspapers for the recent article about my novels. I hope they are worthy of everyone’s attention. I wish to emphasize that the goal of my second novel – The Girl Who Woke Up In The Morgue – is to call attention to the newest danger of opiates specifi cally that of fentanyl. My novel occurs in the mythical town of Springdale at the turn of this century. It parallels the emergence of a new class of potent drugs – synthetic opioids – that were easily mass produced in laboratories; marketed by Big Pharma as “safe and nonaddictive drugs,” OxyContin, Dilaudid and Vicodin soon became household names. America soon learned that these pills in their medicine cabinets were deadly – especially seductive for the young people. Springdale represents any community in America – urban or rural, affl uent or working class – who have been touched by this disease. My novel hopefully puts a face on those crusaders who identifi ed and fought those responsible for the “pill mill” epidemic. As a result, abuse of prescription opioids is no longer an issue. Anyone trying to get something stronger than aspirin after knee surgery today realizes this very quickly. But the opiate scourge is worse – much worse. As the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent Grey predicted in my novel “the snake has changed its shape.” He refers to the fact that the opioid issue went underground with the new restrictions in recent years. A black market has now emerged with makeshift labs producing the favorite opioid today, fentanyl. Designed as a prescription for those in severe pain – such as end-stage cancer patients – it can be one hundred times stronger that morphine. Greedy drug dealers have learned how to create it in this country, leading to a dangerous lottery for users. Various amounts of fentanyl may be found in heroin, cocaine and fake pills that look like fentanyl that look like benign pink pills. In my novel I add a postscript I thought I would share; a public safety alert from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) dated September 27, 2021. “The DEA warns the American public of the alarming increase and availability of fake prescription pills containing fentanyl and methamphetamine. International and domestic criminal drug networks are mass producing fake pills and marketing them as legitimate prescription pills. More than 9.5 million counterfeits were seized so far this year which is more that the last two years combined. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 93,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2020. Fentanyl is the primary driver of the of this alarming increase.” I write a poem titled, A Funeral Director’s Wish, at the conclusion of my novel – something I never attempted in my life. I wrote it not for the young person in a casket but for the survivors who might learn from another’s mistake. As the title of this article declares, fentanyl does not give many second chances. Good young people might succumb to adventure or peer pressure with deadly results. A Funeral Director’s Wish I wish you could see What your late brethren have taught me No decisions are left Shame and regret no more I wish you could listen To the guilt and anguish That is your legacy An eternal weight on those left behind I wish you could hear The echoes of your death So much to off er So much to love I wish you were me Learning lessons from fateful decisions Of choosing to embrace a high Left the world denied your talents (Editor’s Note: Stephen Rocco is a retired funeral director and author of two novels, “The Girl Who Woke Up In The Morgue” and “The Ecstasy of Pupusas: Filled with Love.” The books are available on Amazon and Barnsandnoble.com.) OUR OFFICE HAS MOVED TO 519 BROADWAY, EVERETT SABATINO INSURANCE AGENCY 519 BROADWAY EVERETT, MA 02149 PHONE: (617) 387-7466 FAX: (617) 381-9186 Visit us online at: Rocco Longo, Owner WWW.SABATINO-INS.COM Prices subject to change Ask about our Heating Oil Conditioner! FLEET

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 3 ~ Editorial ~ You’re not fooling anyone, Resnek A recall being born – what a joke. That’s the headline by the self-proclaimed “wordsmith” and fi ction writer Josh Resnek, the admitted phony publisher and slanderous reporter of the Leader Herald who writes the fake news about the mayor. The Philbin family, in their weekly show of disgrace, who would rather burn down the city, as they falsely paint it as racist week after week – Fred Capone must be proud. The peanut gallery that attended the recent City Council meetings at City Hall – some with criminal records – continue their whining, screaming and yelling accusations and insults for Resnek, as they stamp their little feet due to their candidate’s loss at the polls. How pathetic. It’s incredible to realize that anyone could testify in a deposition (Resnek’s nonstop admissions of lying and fabricating stories) without a single shred of evidence – and that he still believes what he writes is relevant. As long as Philbin’s money keeps rolling in – he’ll keep believing he is. Philbin’s little pity party – you can just imagine seeing them all sitting around the desk upstairs in an Everett Square offi ce wringing their hands as they listen to their loser leader making his scurrilous little plans. I wonder how they would feel if their family suff ered the same harassment by such reprobates – without an ounce of honesty, integrity or humanity. Like their ilk leadership – it’s all about the money and the mayor. Resnek has a professional track record of being fi red from just about every job he’s ever had due to claims of sexual harassment from Regan Communications, fabricating stories and accepting money from a Boston company that violated his former company’s ethical policy – a company he once had ownership in until he was shown the door. It’s Resnek’s MO: anything for a dollar. His master, Matt Philbin – fl ush with pot cash from his cannabis dispensary in Portland, Maine, and his apartment building on Revere Beach – just wants to destroy the mayor at any cost. In his sad story of Capone’s 2021 loss by 210 votes to the mayor, Resnek claims “Capone is supportive of the recall eff ort” but will not take a public stand. My guess, knowing the former councillor as I do, is that even he knows not to stand next to a dumpster fi re like Resnek and his band of nitwits. His other front-page trash piece has a developer making a contribution to the mayor’s campaign fund. In all the year’s reporting in Revere, Resnek never mentioned how Global Oil makes donations to the majority of the city councillors and mayors despite a grassroots protest years ago to get Global out of Revere. Nothing to see there, folks. Like Resnek writes in his fake articles, wait until next week when he drops some bombs with witness testimony against the mayor, which of course, never happened on two occasions leading up to the election. It’s Resnek’s modus operandi: Write the lies and hope the readers are dumb enough to believe them. Judging from the election’s outcome – they were not. Well, we’ve got some bombs to drop, too – on the gang Resnek hangs out with. I actually have notes, legitimate documents – not like the kind Resnek claimed to have (fake ones written after-the-fact which he attested to as he lied under oath, over and over again, in the recent June depositions). I’ve made my own discoveries: criminal records of these hacks Resnek and Philbin use to create havoc at the City Council meetings. And while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget Supt. of Schools Priya Tahiliani, who demanded a contract extension based on creating her own havoc within the school district. Tahiliani doesn’t have any answers for the students running around the high school with handguns and Tasers – not a word about that. But not to worry – we have the police reports. That’s the diff erence between the Fishwrap and The Advocate – we can actually back it up with proof. Sadly, all this out-of-touch school superintendent has brought to Everett have been claims of racism fueled by Resnek and Philbin’s lies – again, burning down the city to rule over the ashes. But what she and her minions haven’t noticed is that Everett is one of the most diverse citRESNEK | SEE PAGE 4 2.55 CD The k se you like to see. Open a 3- egions highest rates. se you li Stop into one o anches to open an account. en a 3egion into one o Member FDIC | Member DIF *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is subject to change without notice. Fixed rate term Certificate of Deposits accounts, rates are guaranteed for the length of the term. Minimum deposit to open account and to obtain the APY is $500 unless otherwise specified. APY is based on principal and interest remaining in the account for a period of one year. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. For consumer accounts only. No out of state deposits. ECB NOW Checking Account is requested.

Page 4 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 RESNEK | FROM PAGE 3 ies in the country – where students of all colors and nationalities go on to college and beyond – because they came from Everett’s school system, which worked for the students, not for the superintendent and her out-of-town lackeys. Look around. Why are so many families – people of color – have been coming from Boston and beyond to Everett for decades? But that’s not what this superintendent cares about. It’s all about her career and where she goes from here after her photo op with the bullhorn at City Hall. How much does she care about Everett students? She let the students walk out of class and march to City Hall from Glendale Square holding signs demanding that all the councillors and mayor resign – based on what? A city councillor who had already resigned over hateful emails and texts – some of which were shared by their favorite City Clerk, Sergio Cornelio, the former city councillor’s best friend. Nothing to see here, folks. And the security cameras in the administration’s Vine Street office that she claimed were meant for her – which she used to make a claim for a federal probe by citing racism, discrimination and retaliation to the U.S. Attorney’s office – the claim has gone nowhere – except in the pages of the lyin’ Leader Herald. Nothing but “BS,” as Resnek answered under oath to the attorney in his many depositions, describing all his stories. The cameras in her office were set up many years ago to catch someone using the computer without permission – and were disconnected the day after they were set up – many years ago. It’s all on record, as the supt. knows. But why would the truth ever get in the way of the mission? It’s all about their goal: Destroy the mayor and take over Everett. What a group! But like the pathetic threeLawrence A. Simeone Jr. Attorney-at-Law ~ Since 1989 ~ * Corporate Litigation * Criminal/Civil * MCAD * Zoning/Land Court * Wetlands Litigation * Workmen’s Compensation * Landlord/Tenant Litigation * Real Estate Law * Construction Litigation * Tax Lein * Personal Injury * Bankruptcy * Wrongful Death * Zoning/Permitting Litigation 300 Broadway, Suite 1, Revere * 781-286-1560 Lsimeonejr@simeonelaw.net ring circus that is Philbin, Resnek and Tahiliani, it’s only a matter of time before they fade away – like a bad cold. Thank God the truth is the cure. They’re not fooling anyone. The Better Business Bureau says scammers are using QR codes to carry out various schemes T he use and consumer familiarity with quick response (QR) codes present an opportunity for businesses to direct current or potential customers to their websites, mobile apps, digital marketplaces or anything else available on the internet. Restaurants often use them to allow their diners to access a digital menu, preventing the spread of contagions and saving the business money. Business cards can include a QR code that will direct to an online portfolio, complete with videos and more in-depth information about the services offered than what a standard business card can display. There are many legitimate and helpful uses for QR codes. MCGONAGLE | FROM PAGE 1 ects. The needs of Everett today are different than they were ten years ago and will be ten years from now. I promise to rise to this challenge. Since my inauguration in 2015, I have gained much valuable experience on Beacon Hill, serving on several committees and this past session being named a Chairman, an accomplishment I am very proud of. In this role, I dealt with many of the issues surrounding COVID-19 in the Commonwealth and the safety of State House employees, earning the respect and trust from my colleagues and peers. I have learned the complexities of being a State RepresenEverett Aluminum 10 Everett Ave., Everett 617-389-3839 Owned & operated by the Conti family since 1958 • 57 Years! family since 1958 • 64 “Same name, phone number & address for over half a century. We must be doing something right!” •Vinyl Siding •Free Estimates •Carpentry Work •Fully Licensed •Decks •Roofing • Fully Insured • Replacement Windows www.everettaluminum.com Now’s the time to schedule those home improvement projects you’ve been dreaming about all winter! However, scammers are also taking note of the technology and using QR codes to carry out various schemes. Consumer reports to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and warnings issued by police departments in cities across the nation detail how some QR codes direct users to phishing websites, fraudulent payment portals, and downloads that infect devices with viruses or malware. While the way victims are exposed to QR code fraud varies, a common theme identified in reports is that most come from unsolicited communications or a QR code posted in a publicly accessible location. BUSINESS | SEE PAGE 18 tative and feel confident that I will grow in my leadership role, opening new doors for our community. This past session, we passed major legislation that will benefit the Commonwealth and Everett especially. I look forward to serving for many more years and continuing to create the kinds of laws that will serve future generations of Massachusetts. So, in closing, I ask for your support by honoring me with one of the most important privileges any citizen can give, your vote on election day September 6th . Thank you for allowing me to work on your behalf. Sincerely, State Representative Joe McGonagle Summer is Here!

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 5 MBTA: Orange Line will completely shut down for 30 days beginning August 19 Over 100,000 daily riders – including many from Everett, Malden, Revere & saugus – are impacted by this historic shutdown; ‘T offi cials cite need for major revitalization work to improve ‘safety, service, reliability’; shuttle buses will be provided By Steve Freker M BTA offi cials on Wednesday announced a dramatic move that they said would lead to improved “service, safety and reliability” on one of its most heavily used transit lines. Riders are being encouraged to work from home during this historic, unprecedented 30-day total shutdown of the MBTA’s Orange Line as the agency moves to address long overdue maintenance. The MBTA announced the shutdown beginning at approximately 9 p.m. on Friday, August 19 through September 18, with service resuming on Monday, September 19. Extensive track repair work is part of the overall maintenance project plan. (Courtesy/MBTA) ‘T’ officials, in a press conference which included statements by Governor Charlie Baker on Wednesday, said the shutdown will enable an “accelerated, major revitalization eff ort... on a faster timeline.” Wednesday’s major announcement comes after a series of high-profi le incidents, inORANGE LINE | SEE PAGE 8 MBTA encourages alternative travel options, including Commuter Rail, working from home, during shutdown M BTA offi cials on Wednesday announced an unprecedented, 30-day shutdown of the Orange Line. The move will strongly impact over 100,000 rides daily, and MBTA offi cials encouraged several alternative travel options for Orange Line riders. • Enhanced Commuter Rail options: Orange Line riders who must commute downtown are strongly encouraged to use the Commuter Rail as an alternative as the MBTA is making a series of changes in service to accommodate the change in travel patterns: All Zone 1A, 1, and 2 fares can be paid simply by showing a CharlieCard or CharlieTickets on all Commuter Rail lines. Since many Orange Line riders drive to or transfer between buses and the Orange Line, the MBTA is making it easy to access the Commuter Rail before riders get to the Orange Line by allowing all riders to utilize Commuter Rail stations in Zones 1A, 1, and 2 by showing their CharlieCard or CharlieTicket to a conductor. Haverhill Line Commuter Rail trains stop at Oak Grove, Malden Center and North Station. During these 30 days, riders can show their CharlieCard or CharlieTicket to the conductor to access the Commuter Rail. According to the MBTA, “Haverhill Line trains will make additional stops at Oak Grove. Check back … for more information about this schedule coming soon.” Riders should review the latest Commuter Rail schedules. MBTA ENCOURAGES | SEE PAGE 8 Shuttle bus service between some stations will be provided by the MBTA through Yankee Line. (Courtesy Photo)

Page 6 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 August 2022 Events at Middlesex Fells Reservation All programs are free and open to the public. Bring water, use sunscreen/bug spray, dress in comfortable, weather-appropriate layers, and wear sturdy closed toe shoes. An adult must accompany children. Inclement weather cancels outdoor programs. For more information visit: website https:// www.mass.gov/locations/ middlesex-fells-reservation or email Jesse.Macdonald@ mass.gov. The Middlesex Fells Reservation’s Visitor Center is located at 4 Woodland Road in Stoneham. Parking is free throughout the park. Visitor Center Open House Sundays, 12:30pm2:30pm, Botume House Visitor Center, 1 Woodland Road, Stoneham Drop in at any time to view our permanent exhibit on the history and natural resources of the Fells, ask questions about the park or DCR, pick up a map, and meet the Fells staff . Ecology Explorations Hikes Understanding Invasives, Sunday, August 14, 21, 9:30am-11:00am, Botume House Visitor Cntr., 4 Woodland Rd., Stoneham Our forests are threatened every day by invaders from across the globe— invasive species! This two-part hike series will introduce the history, ecology, and management issues surrounding invasives. We will learn handson how to identify specifi c species that are established in the Fells, and discuss the techniques used to control them. All ages. Approx. 1.5 miles on easy terrain. Rain cancels. August 14: Part 1-- Invasive plants in the Fells (the “Big Six”) August 21: Part 2-- Insects, trees, “potential” invasives, and a history of management techniques— the good, bad, and ugly! Our 50th Anniversary R.Y.O. TOBACCO ---------TUBES CIGAR SMOKERS DELIGHT! 15 Handmade Cigars - Long Leaf - individually wrapped plus a $19. Surprise $43.95 We Sell Cigars & Accessories Buy Cigars by the Box & SAVE! Competitive prices on all Brands, Great Selection Take an Additional 10% OFF All Boxes and Humidors during the Month of August! * Travel Humidors * Desk Top Humidors * Many Types of Lighters * Ash Trays * Juuls * Vapes * Glass Pipes * Rewards Program * CBD Infused Products * GIFTS UNDER $30 - GIFT CERTIFICATES A.B.C. CIGAR 170 REVERE ST., REVERE (781) 289-4959 STORE HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sunday & Holidays: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA Saturday, September 10th, 2022 …a 3.5-mile walk around Registration at 9:00 a.m. Walk begins at 11:00 a.m. • Build a team and obtain a sponsor • Collect pledges as a walker • Be a corporate sponsor • Make a tax-deductible donation to The Angel Fund Call 781-245-7070 or visit our website for more information. The Angel Fund for ALS Research • 649 Main Street • Wakefield, MA 01880 781-245-7070 • theangelfundals@gmail.com www.theangelfund.org ALS ope W of Angel Fund for The RESEARCH AN INDEPENDENT NON-PROFIT CHARITY Benefiting ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research at UMass Chan Medical School Off the Beaten Path Hike Series Wednesday, August 3, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Greenwood Park, Doleful Pond, and Whip Hill. Join the Park Interpreter for this weekly hike! Each trip will highlight a “less traveled” route in the Fells. Hikes will range from 2—4 miles and travel on uneven and rocky terrain. Best for ages 8 and up. Rain cancels. Meet at Greenwood Park, 176 Pond St, Stoneham. Diffi culty: easy. Outdoors 101 Wednesday, August 10, 17, 24, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Greenwood Park, 176 Pond Street, Stoneham Want to explore the outdoors, but don’t know where to start? This discussion and guided hike series is for you! Every week, we will explore diff erent topics concerning the basics of outdoor recreation. Includes an easy 1.5-mile hike. Intended for adults or families with little to no outdoor experience/comfort. Dress for the weather. Wear sturdy, closed toe footwear. Bring water, bug spray, sunscreen, and a snack. Rain cancels. August 10: Part 1: First Steps— where to go, what to bring, and other necessary prep! August 17: Part 2: Staying Safe— identifying natural hazards; weather, temperature, and your body; knowing your limits; and how to handle an emergency. August 24: Part 3: Caring for the Outdoors— trail etiquette, Leave No Trace ethics, and giving back to our natural resources. Kidleidoscope Thursday, August 4, 25, 10:00am-11:00am, Botume House Visitor Cntr., 4 Woodland Rd., Stoneham For the young set who loves nature! The park interpreter will lead a preschool aged program that includes a story, craft, & walk that involves outdoor exploration. A diff erent nature topic each session, so come every week! For Ages 3 to 6. Meet by the picnic tables outside Botume House Visitor Center. Rain cancels. After School Adventures Junior Rangers, Thursday, August 4, 11, 25, 2:00pm-3:30pm, Botume House Visitor Cntr., 4 Woodland Rd., Stoneham; Saturday, August 20 10:00am-12:00pm, Location TBD Calling all young nature lovers: learn about conservation, outdoor skills, and the value of our natural resources to become a Fells Junior Ranger! A new topic is discussed weekly. For ages 8-12. Pre-registration is required for this proEVENTS | SEE PAGE 7 2022 1972

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 7 EVENTS | FROM PAGE 6 gram. Space is limited to 15 participants on a first come, first served basis. Participants that attend at least 3 of the sessions receive a Junior Ranger patch and certificate! To pre-register, please email Jesse.Macdonald@mass.gov. Out of the City and Into the Woods Hike Series Friday, August 12, 19, 10:00-11:30 a.m., Our evening hike series features trails easily accessible via public transportation. Best for ages 12 and up, or younger children with hiking experience. Rain cancels. August 12: Hemlock Pool and the “High Service” reservoir. Ap-prox. 2 miles, moderate difficulty. Meet at the Flynn Rink parking area across from Gate 33. Best MBTA access: 99 bus route, High-land Ave @ Molyneaux Circle stop. August 19: Spot Pond, Half Mile Road, and Cross Fells Trail. Ap-prox. 2 miles, easy-moderate difficulty. Meet at the Botume House Visitor Center, 4 Woodland Rd., Stoneham. Best MBTA access: 99 bus route, Woodland Rd. stop. Trails Thru Time History Hikes Medford’s Gypsy Moth War Friday, August 19, 2:00pm-3:30pm, Lawrence Woods, Meet behind Medford H.S., 489 Winthrop St, Medford. In 1869, one of the most destructive invasive insects in America— the Gypsy Moth— escaped from a Medford home, making the Fells the front line in a decades-long battle to save New England’s forests. Hear the fascinating story of the ingenious, ill-advised, and bizarre methods used to combat the infestation, Medford’s first mayor Gen. Samuel Lawrence and his private moth-fighting force, and how the Fells was nearly lost completely to this invasive species. Meet behind Medford H.S. at the Mustang Loop trailhead, across from Bistro 489. All ages. Approx. 2-2.5 miles; moderate terrain. Rain cancels. Fells Visionaries: Wright, Flagg, Baxter, and Eliot Friday, Aug. 26, 2:003:20pm, Virginia Wood, 1 Woodland Rd., Stoneham The creation and preservation of the Middlesex Fells is due to the activism and forward-thinking of a small group of local conservationists: Elizur Wright, Wilson Flagg, Sylvester Baxter, and Charles Eliot. Learn how their work resulted in not just the creation of the Fells, but was key to the founding of the American conservation movement. Approx. 2 miles; moderate terrain. Fells Service Saturdays Saturday, August 13 27, 30, 9:00am-11:30am, location and focus varies Help to keep the Fells beautiful, clean, and healthy! A different location and volunteer opportunity each week. Begins with 30-minute conservation or ecology discussion. Comfort with outdoor work and hand tools strongly suggested. Rain cancels. Best for ages 8 and up. “Drop-in’s” are welcome, but RSVP is appreciated. Please RSVP to Jesse.Macdonald@mass.gov. August 13: Jerry Jingle Rd., corner of E. Border Rd. and Fellsway E., Malden. Invasive plants/Japanese knotweed cut. Street parking available on E. Border Rd. northbound side. August 27: Location and focus TBD. For details and updates, email Jesse.Macdonald@mass.gov. SPECIAL PROGRAMS & EVENTS Family Nature Hike Nature Observation and Journaling Friday. August 5, 9:30am11:00am, Long Pond Parking, 530 South Border Rd., Winchester An easy paced, family-friendly hike suitable for younger nature lovers! This week’s hike will explore the vibrant animal life of the summer— focusing on butterflies, dragonflies, cicadas, and other interesting insect life! Observe nature, learn to use field guides, and create a nature journal. Journals are provided (bring your own crayons, colored pencils, or markers)! Binoculars recommended, too! Hike is 1.5-2 mile route with frequent stops to observe the nature around us. Best for ages 4 and up. Rain cancels. Full Sturgeon Moon Hike Thursday, August 11, 7:30pm-10:00pm, Bellevue Pond Parking Area., 24 S. Border Rd., Medford Join our park interpreter and rangers for a hike to Wright’s Tower under the full moon and experience the nocturnal life of the forest! Starts with a 30-minute talk on the astronomy, lore, and ecology of the full moon. Bring water, bug spray, a flashlight/headlamp (red lights recommended), and appropriate clothing for cooler nighttime temperatures. Pre-registration required. Limited to 30 participants. Please RSVP to Jesse.Macdonald@mass.gov. Approx. 2 miles, moderate terrain. Best for ages 12 and up (or younger children comfortable with darkness). Rain cancels. Hawk Watch Nature Hike Saturday, August 20, 2:30-4:30pm, Lawrence Woods, Meet behind Medford H.S., 489 Winthrop St., Medford. A community favorite returns to the Fells! Join us on a search for some of the birds of prey that make the Fells their home. Session begins with a brief primer on behavior and techniques for identifying different raptor species. Binoculars are strongly recommended (limited pairs available to lend). Bring water, bug spray, sunblock, and a snack. Please RSVP to Jesse.Macdonald@mass.gov. Approx. 3 miles; moderate difficulty with some rocky terrain. Best for ages 8 and up. Rain cancels.

Page 8 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 ORANGE LINE | FROM PAGE 5 cluding a fi re that led to riders jumping out of the windows of an Orange Line train, and a Federal Transit Administration review that led to a long list of safety directives. Despite the many “plusses” cited by MBTA officials on Wednesday, the shutdown will still severely impact the mobility and day-to-day lives of those who travel the Orange Line daily. The city of Malden hosts no less than two major Orange Line stations: Oak Grove at the northerly end of the line and Malden Center. Malden Mayor Gary Christenson said on Wednesday that he and his staff are already working on a local response to this transportation situation. “I have already met with our team to see if we can do anything to help the situation which includes utilizing the commuter rail to off set the disruption,” Mayor Christenson said as part of a statement released Wednesday afternoon. (See separate story in this issue of The Advocate.) Mass. Governor Charlie Baker urged workers who have the ability to do so to “consider working from home” and likewise encouraged employers to adopt this option for workers and staff if possible. The major revitalization work to take place on the Orange Line during this 30-day shutdown will deliver a number of projects “over five years faster than originally planned,” officials said, and will result in “track replacement, upgraded signal systems, and station improvements.” The MBTA will also be able to accomplish required track maintenance associated with Federal Transit Association (FTA) safety improvement directives as quickly as possible. Major revitalization work will take place along the entirety of the Orange Line – from the northernmost Oak Grove Station in Malden to the southern end of the line at Forest Hills – over 30 days, from August 20 through September 19. “This closure will allow departments across the MBTA to make substantial improvements across the Orange Line,” Mass. Secretary of Transportation Jamey Tesler said at Wednesday’s press conference. “Not only will improvements that are made benefi t Orange Line riders, but they will allow for an overall rehabilitated system that is safe and effi cient for employees and neighboring communities.” “We’ve listened to our riders, and we hear them loud and clear – bold action needs to happen in order to improve the MBTA at the pace that riders deserve. This 30-day surge will allow the MBTA to accomplish major and expansive progress on a number of priorities at the same time,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak. “Thirty days of 24-hour access to the Orange Line [will replace] over fi ve years of weekend diversions needed to address delays and slow zones. We can eliminate slow zones, prevent unplanned service disA 30-day shutdown will enable MBTA offi cials to take a deep dive into a comprehensive maintenance and repair project that would avert weekend closures for up to fi ve years. (Courtesy/MBTA) ruptions, and increase the reliability of our service,” Poftak added. “[Most] importantly, we will provide the quality of safety and service that our riders deserve.” Maximizing the amount of work able to be accomplished, this shutdown will progress a number of projects and maintenance along the entire Orange Line on an accelerated timeline, some of which include: • The installation of upgraded signals and associated systems at Oak Grove and Malden Center Stations, allowing for improved safety and reliability • The replacement of over 3,500 feet of 38-year-old Orange Line track and tie replacement work that will allow for the removal of speed restrictions, improving travel time for Orange Line riders • The replacement of two MBTA ENCOURAGES | FROM PAGE 5 • Seek existing MBTA bus and subway alternatives. Riders can use other existing MBTA bus and subway services to complete their trips. • Consider working from home. During this 30-day shutdown, Orange Line riders who can work from home are strongly encouraged to do so. The MBTA encourages employers with hybrid work policies to allow employees to work from home as much as possible. • Alternative shuttle bus service will be provided. Earlier today the MBTA Board of Directors approved an approximately $37 million contract for shuttle bus service to Yankee Line, Inc. Alternative shuttle bus service will also be provided by MBTA buses. Shuttle bus service will operate in both directions, connecting Oak Grove Station to North Station and Back Bay Station and Forest Hills Station (except for Massachusetts Avenue Station. Riders should expect that this alternative shuttle bus service will take longer and crossovers that facilitate the movement of Orange Line trains, allowing for improved reliability and future capacity improvements • Track repair, tie replacement, concrete work and more along the Southwest Corridor of the Orange Line, which will improve reliability; and future capacity improvements The Orange Line provides approximately 1021,000 trips each day. The present ridership is approximately 49% of what it was prior to the start of the pandemic, in March 2020. **** MBTA webpage designated for information about the planned Orange Line maintenance, upgrade work To keep riders updated about this upcoming Orange Line work, the MBTA has created a specially designated webpage available at mbta.com/BBT2022. be less reliable than regular Orange Line train service. The MBTA is currently discussing options with the City of Boston for how to best service the downtown area and will provide updated information soon. This service will be at no cost to riders and fully accessible. • Parking: The MBTA will continue to charge for parking at MBTA lots and facilities at Orange Line stations and will communicate lost parking impacts related to staged shuttle buses in advance if necessary. ***** The MBTA is committed to providing as much information as possible before, during and after the major and accelerated work to take place on the Orange Line. Ongoing and transparent outreach to riders, communities and stakeholders will continue to take place through all available communication channels, including in-station signage, social media, mbta. com and more. During these 30 days, extra MBTA personnel and Transit Ambassadors will also be on hand to assist riders.

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 9 McGonagle, Massachusetts Legislature legalize sports betting Massachusetts to join over 20 states where sports betting is legal B OSTON –On Monday, August 1, Rep. Joe McGonagle, along with his colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature, passed An Act regulating sports wagering – authorizing and regulating sports betting in the Commonwealth. The legislation authorizes the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to grant in-person licenses at gaming establishments, including casinos, racetracks and simulcast facilities, as well as mobile licenses through mobile applications or digital platforms. This legislation will generate an estimated $60 million in annual tax revenue for Massachusetts, in addition to collecting up to $70 to $80 million in initial licensing fees, which must be renewed every fi ve years. The revenue collected will be distributed to municipalities, and for economic, workforce, education, and public health priorities. An Act regulating sports wagering now goes to Governor Charlie Baker for his signature or other actions. “I’m incredibly proud that today, and after years of Houseled eff orts to authorize legal sports wagering in Massachusetts, the Legislature has acted to bring the immense economic benefi ts of a legal sports betting industry to the Commonwealth,” said House Speaker Ronald J. Mariano (D-Quincy). “Legalizing wagers on both professional and collegiate sports will create jobs and bring tens of millions of dollars in annual tax revenue to Massachusetts. I want to thank Chairs Michlewitz and Parisella, all the conferees and my colleagues in the House, as well as our partners in the Senate for recognizing the incredible economic opportunity that legalized sports betting presents.” An Act regulating sports wagering includes a 15 percent tax on in-person wagering er nearby states. Dozens of jobs will be created through this, especially here in Everett. This legislation was very carefully thought out and I’m so proud to have passed it this session and grateful to my colleagues, especially Speaker Mariano, Chair Michlewitz and Chair Parisella for their hard work. I look forward to seeing it in action.” Law Offices of JOSEPH D. CATALDO, P.C. “ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW” Joe McGonagle State Representative and a 20 percent tax on mobile wagering. The legislation creates the Workforce Investment Trust Fund & the Youth Development and Achievement Fund, which will receive 17.5 percent and 1 percent, respectively, of the revenue generated by the taxes and licensing fees. The rest of the funds will go to the existing Gaming Local Aid Fund (27.5 percent), the Public Health Trust Fund (9 percent) and the General Fund (45 percent.) • The funds in the Workforce Investment Trust Fund will be used to develop and strengthen workforce opportunities for low-income communities and vulnerable youths and young adults, including to promote stable employment and wage growth. • The funds in the Youth Development and Achievement Fund will provide fi nancial assistance to students enrolled in and pursuing a program of higher education, and for afterschool and out of school activities. “I am absolutely thrilled about this legislation fi nally being passed,” said McGonagle. “Massachusetts is a perfect setting for sports loving individuals to lay bets and fi - nally the people will be able to see some return on this, instead of losing revenue to othUMass Amherst Spring 2022 Grads A MHERST, Mass. – Approximately 7,000 students received bachelor’s degrees in over 100 majors at the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Undergraduate Commencement on May 13, 2022, at the McGuirk Alumni Stadium. The following students from Everett earned their degrees: Brenda Meneses Cordeiro, Rayginald Claude Jean, Ayush Manandhar, Laura E. Wood. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net • ESTATE/MEDICAID PLANNING • WILLS/TRUSTS/ESTATES • INCOME TAX PREPARATION • WEALTH MANAGEMENT • RETIREMENT PLANNING • ELDER LAW 369 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 (617)381-9600 JOSEPH D. CATALDO, CPA, CFP, MST, ESQUIRE. AICPA Personal Financial Specialist Designee

Page 10 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Bill supporting schoolchildren with diabetes passes Senate L ast week the Massachusetts Legislature passed a bill to support students managing diabetes in our schools. H.5052, An Act providing for diabetes management in schools, addresses the critical need for increased diabetes management services in schools for children living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes throughout the Commonwealth. Under H.5052, school nurses share monitoring reJ& • Reliable Mowing Service • Spring & Fall Cleanups • Mulch & Edging • Sod or Seed Lawns • Shrub Planting & Trimming • Water & Sewer Repairs Joe Pierotti, Jr. sponsibilities with teachers and other trusted adults in the classroom. Currently, students who cannot self-administer treatment for their diabetes must excuse themselves from class to be S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY CO. Masonry - Asphalt • Brick or Block Steps • Brick or Block Walls • Concrete or Brick Paver Patios & Walkways • Brick Re-Pointing • Asphalt Paving www.JandSlandscape-masonry.com • Senior Discount • Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured 617-389-1490 Designing and Constructing Ideas that are “Grounds for Success” Landscaping treated by the school nurse or school physician. This takes up immense amounts of time and is disruptive and detrimental to students’ academic and social success. This legislation would allow monitoring and treatment to fi nally be provided by an adult who is delegated by the school nurse or physician and ease the burden on students managing their diabetes. “I know how hard and time consuming it is to manage diabetes for many of our students, and I was proud to sponsor this legislation and advocate for its passage in the Senate,” said Senator Sal DiDomenico, who is Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. “We are in a time right now where we are reimagining schools and how we can best support our families. This one simple tool will Sal DiDomenico Senator allow countless students to fi - nally be able to remain in their classrooms and receive the education and school experience they deserve!” On July 30, An Act providing for diabetes management in schools was enacted by the legislature and laid before the Governor for his signature or other actions. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 11 Malden Mayor Christenson, U.S. Rep. Clark react to MBTA shutdown of Orange Line Assistant House speaker calls it ‘outrageous’; Mayor said he and staff will address impact on Malden residents By Steve Freker D espite the forthcoming positive results cited by MBTA officials, there is no avoiding the severe impact the 30-day Orange Line shutdown will have on the tens of thousands of local residents who will be affected by the move in their day-today lives. Malden hosts two major Orange Line stations, Oak Grove and Malden Center, which originate and end thousands of trips per day for commuters. The shutdown will also have an impact on college students and others who use the Orange Line to get to and from classes. On Wednesday, both local and federal officials reacted to the dramatic announcement, with Malden Mayor Gary Christenson saying he and his staff were already working on a response to the shutdown that would mitigate the impact to local residents, if at all possible. U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark (D-5th District), who represents Malden and many other communities affected by the shutdown, called the planned move “outrageous” due to the impact it would have on the over 100,000 Orange Line riders who make use of the line daily. “It is outrageous that years of underinvestment have left the MBTA with this decision of last resort just to ensure basic safety for riders,” Rep. Clark said. “This service disruption will upend the lives of those who have already been hit hardest by the pandemic and its economic fallout,” Rep. Clark added. Mayor Christenson, in a statement immediately after Wednesday’s press conference by MBTA officials and Governor Charlie Baker, said he and his staff were already working on addressing the major announcement and subsequent local transportation disruption. “This shutdown will without a doubt negatively impact our community especially our residents who depend on the Orange Line to get to and from work and for our students returning to school,” Mayor Christenson said. “I have already met with our team to see if we can do anything to help the situation which includes utilizing the commuter rail to offset the disruption.” Gary Christenson Mayor “This announcement also highlights our repeated stance over the years that the MBTA needs to do a better job of maintaining what they have rather than funding new projects especially where it’s not cost neutral,” Mayor Christenson added. “In the meantime, we will continue to work with the MBTA on ways to minimize the impact to our community,” the mayor said. Mayor Christenson noted that there were some alternative travel options for local and area Orange Line riders already outlined at Wednesday’s press conference. “During [Wednesday’s] press conference, it was announced that several steps will be taken to ensure that existing riders will still be able to reach their normal commuting destinations by way of alternate substitute transportation including the use of the Commuter Rail as well as shuttle busses,” Mayor Christenson said. (See separate story in this issue.) Additionally, Mayor Christenson said he and his staff are “actively working with representatives of the MBTA to ensure this Commuter Rail service runs smoothly and will be pushing for more frequent rides than its current schedule.” With respect to shuttle busses, the mayor added that the MBTA is still in the process of finalizing those plans and said, “We will share those updates as soon as they are made available.” Assistant Speaker Clark echoed the mayor’s sentiments regarding alternative transportation options. “There needs to be a clear, comprehensive plan for the tens of thousands of people who rely on the Orange Line every single day and significant investment in our public transit system to finally Katherine Clark U.S. Representative take it into the 21st century,” Assistant Speaker Clark said. Malden is home to no less than two of the busiest Orange Line stations, the last two on the northern end of the line: Malden Center Station in Malden Square and Oak Grove Station on the Malden-Melrose city line. (Courtesy/MBTA)

Page 12 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 City, Police Personnel Celebrate Annual National Night Out Special to The Advocate T he City of Everett and Everett Police Department (EPD) celebrated National Night Out with residents at Glendale Park. National Night Out is an initiative where communities throughout the United States are encouraged to participate every first Tuesday in August. The goal is to bring neighbors and local law enforcement together to enhance positive community relations. The EPD began the evening celebrations by gathering residents at four meet locations around the city. The designated locations were Wehner Park, Gramstorff Park, City Hall and the Hancock Street Fire Station – where a police officer would be waiting to greet them. Residents and the officer would walk through the City to Glendale Park as a demonstration to show that the citizens of Everett and law enforcement are in control of the streets. At Glendale Park, the EPD had plenty of activities and demonstrations for kids and families. Residents were able to meet and speak to members of many different law enforcement agencies like the EPD, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Massachusetts National Guard. Kids also got to meet Chase, the police dog from PAW Patrol. Residents were also treated to police K-9 demonstrations from EPD and Massachusetts State Police officers. It was a fun and informative demonstration for residents to learn how the dogs are trained and disciplined to follow commands and search for evidence and explosives. Another highlight of the event was a performance by Lil Phunk, the junior dance team of the Phunk Phenomenon Dance School, which is based right here in Everett. They wowed the crowd with some amazing hiphop dancing. Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett would like to thank all participating organizations that helped make this event successful. Participating organizations were Eliot Family Resource Center (EFRC), Mystic Valley YMCA, Cataldo Ambulance, ATF, DEA, Everett Fire Department (EFD), Massachusetts National Guard, Massachusetts State Police and Phunk Phenomenon. Most importantly, Mayor DeMaria, the City of Everett and EPD would like to thank all the residents who joined us for this crucial community initiative. Everett Police Officers were there to meet and greet many residents throughout the event. Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s Summer Youth Program workers handed out popcorn and water to all attendees at the mayor’s tent. State Rep. Joe McGonagle attended the National Night Out event. Ward 2 Councillor Stephanie Martins, Ward 6 Councillor Al Lattanzi, Councillor-at-Large Stephanie Smith and Ward 3 Councillor Darren Costa and Ward 4 School Committee Member Mike Mangan handed out slush at the City Council tent. Residents met with Everett Police Officers at one of the four designated meet locations to walk to Glendale Park. EPD had attendees spin the wheel to find out what prize they would receive. A Mass. State Police K-9 demonstrated the ability to find the hidden phone on the field of Glendale Park. Chase, the police dog from PAW Patrol, was there to greet kids at National Night Out. An obstacle course inflatable for kids at Glendale Park challenged them physically while having fun. Lil Phunk from Phunk Phenomenon performed for everyone who attended.

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 13 Mass Badge Hosts Another Successful Harbor Cruise O n Saturday, July 30, 2022, Mass BADGE hosted its 23rd annual Mass Law Enforcement Harbor Cruise. The evening Boston Harbor cruise aboard the historic Provincetown II, featured an amazing night of food, music, and dance. This year’s sold-out event set a record with over 850 supporters from throughout eastern Massachusetts and coming from as far away as New York and New Jersey. While on board, the guests enjoyed music on multiple decks, courtesy of the incredible DJ Kenio and DJ Klorini, as well as the ever-popular glow light dance show. The highlight of the evening was that incredible send off and escort of the Provincetown II provided by Mass BADGE’s law enforcement Marine Unit partners, Boston Police, Quincy Police, Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Environmental Police, and the Winthrop Harbor Master. There was also an amazing water display by the crew of the MassPort Fireboat 31, also known as American United, which was enjoyed by everyone on board as well as the countless tourists gathered along the Boston Harbor. “Throughout these trying times Mass BADGE has con~ Letter-to-the-Editor ~ Take the First Step Toward a Nicotine-Free Life Dear Editor, The Massachusetts DeRaoul Goncalves. “The annual harbor cruise, being by far our largest event also serves as our most beneficial and vital fundraiser that allows us to support our yearly goals”, Goncalves stated. Mass BADGE would like tinually stayed focused on our goal of bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities we serve by hosting annual events such as our harbor cruise, holiday toy drive, and the complimentary Thanksgiving Dinner”, said Mass BADGE Founder/President and Everett Police Officer, to thank and express tremendous gratitude to all the event sponsors, including Dunkin Donuts (John Angillio), Costco Wholesale Corp., Oliveira’s Bar & Grille, Valentim Plumbing, Members Plus Credit Union, Inman Motor Sales, Stars Branding, Boston Pad, Quealy Towing and Texas Roadhouse. These community partners have continually supported Mass BADGE’s endeavors year after year. For more information about Mass BADGE and how you can help support their mission www.Mass BADGE.org Medford Community Chorale & Youth/Young Adult Chorus Opening of Fall Season – Sept. 7 New members welcome! T he Medford Community Chorale & Youth/Young Adult Chorus opens their fall season on September 7, when rehearsals begin in preparation for their holiday concert, which is scheduled for Friday, December 2 at 7 p.m. in the Caron Theatre at Medford High School – and new members are welcome! The concert, which is titled “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”, is a celebration of the holiday season, and proceeds from the concert program book will be donated to the Medford Jingle Bell Festival to benefit the Medford Community Family Inc. Adult Day Care Center/ Buddy Coholan Memory Loss Center. There are no auditions and the only requirement is a Lenny Piazza Scholarship Awards Announced I no have been granted some funds to help continue with college. A huge thank you is owed to the people who have continued love of singing! Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings in the auditorium in the McGlynn Middle School here in Medford: youth/young adult chorus at 6 p.m. and full chorus from 7:00- 8:30 p.m.For more information or to join, please contact director Betsy Pesce at elizabethpesce@comcast.net or 617335-8155. The Medford Community Chorale, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is supported in part by grants from the ArtsAlive Medford Foundation, the Passim Iguana Music Fund, the Tufts University Community Fund and the Medford Arts Council, which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council and the City of Medford. to support the Piazza family efforts through the years. This year we will once again have a fundraising event to help move forward for next year. The event is a golf tournament to be held at Reedy Meadows in Lynnfield, featuring an 8:00 am shotgun start, followed by a get together at the Saugus/Everett Elks. Registration can be done through the following web site--https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAlpQLScJU-2td3k4logmGfabXeyq-ltkk3M_spBE69ykofhSi02tCw/viewform or you are more than welcome to reach out to any of the family members. There are other ways to help: any donation is welcome, Sponsor a hole for a minimum payment of $100.00, donate a raffle prize. It all works! Email can be sent to Mike at piazzt20@aol.com . t is with great pleasure to announce this year’s scholarship awards. Students Alyssa Huley, David Rivera, and Nick Medugpartment of Public Health is running Take the First Step, a campaign that educates adults about free resources designed to help them quit smoking, vaping, or using other tobacco or nicotine products. The campaign offers information about 1-800-QUIT-NOW, Massachusetts’ Quitline for tobacco/nicotine, and encourages residents to call for support or to connect online at mass. gov/quitting. The campaign has ads, videos, and resources available in English and Spanish. A brochure about quitting, wallet cards with 1-800-QUITNOW information, and other materials are available free of charge at the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse. Learn more about free resources to quit tobacco/nicotine and watch a video about 1-800-QUIT-NOW at mass. gov/quitting. Taking the first step toward a nicotine-free life can begin by speaking with a FREE trained quit coach on the phone at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or online at mass.gov/quitting. Please contact me, Edgar Duran Elmudesi, at the Metro Boston Tobacco-Free Community Partnership, eduran@hria.org or 617-502-6549 for more information and to help promote quit attempts in our region. Sincerely, Edgar Duran Elmudesi, MSW Project Associate Metro Boston Tobacco Free Community Partnership 2 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116

Page 14 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Everett, Malden, Saugus and Revere residents contributing to success on the diamond this season By Steve Freker S ummer can be a time when everyone steps back and takes a few moments, days or even weeks to relax and “recharge the batteries”. When it comes to baseball, however, nothing slows down in the summer. Just the opposite: It all ramps up for baseball players. Why do you think they call them the “Boys of Summer” anyway? Just the other night a group of former longtime Malden residents and ex-local high school stars strutted their stuff in the Commonwealth Amateur Baseball League (CABL) Annual AllStar Game. For the past six years, the Powers Brothers, Manny and Nick have run the Malden Marlins franchise in the CABL, and just like their high school days, are some of the best players in the league still, as they approach their 30s. Manny Powers, a 2012 Malden Catholic grad and Nick Powers, a 2013 Malden High graduate, were named to their 5th consecutive CABL All-Star Team and were joined by three of their Marlins teammates, including two other former Malden residents, Ricky Mendez (Malden High 2013) and Connor Mulcahy (Malden Catholic 2012). The league was split in half for the purposes of the All-Star Game and the team the Malden Marlins were on won the game, 3-0, led by the hitting of Manny Powers, Mendez and Mulcahy. Nick Powers hurled a scoreless seventh for the save. **** Malden High assistant coach Mike DiCato named Pitcher of the Month in Boston Men’s Baseball League Malden High School assistant baseball coach Mike DiCato is the top pitcher in the Boston Men’s Baseball League (BMBL) 28-Plus Division and was recently named Pitcher of the Month for June for recording three impressive wins for his team, the Boston Dodgers. DiCato, a former Malden Catholic Division 1 Player of the Year in 2005 and a UMass/Amherst record-setting pitcher, leads the Malden Marlins players and former Malden residents and local high school standouts recently took part in the Commonwealth Amateur Baseball League (CABL) All-Star Game. From left, Connor Mulcahy, Ricky Mendez, Manny Powers and Nick Powers. (Courtesy Photo) Nathan Ing, a recent Saugus High baseball standout, is a member of the first-place Peabody Champions Pub team in the North Shore League, a men’s league. (Courtesy Photo) Malden High School assistant coach Mike DiCato is a former UMass-Amherst and Malden Catholic standout. He was recently named Boston Men’s Baseball League (BMBL) Pitcher of the Month while excelling for the Boston Dodgers. (Courtesy Photo) league in nearly every statistical category. He is 5-2 on the mound for the Dodgers with six complete games and is the league leader in wins (5), innings pitched (48) and strikeouts (69). Perhaps his most impressive stat? Aside from the 69 strikeouts in 48 innings, DiCato has walked only SIX (6) batters! That’s 69-6 strikeouts to walks ratio! No lie: He might be leading the NATION in that category for men’s league baseball. **** Saugus standout Nathan Ing contributing to Champions Pub team success in North Shore League Recent Saugus High Class of 2022 graduate Nathan Ing has been one of the top baseball players in the Northeastern Conference (NEC) for the past three years, both on the mound and at the plate. Ing took a big step forward this summer when he joined the roster of the league-leading Champions Pub team out of Peabody in the prestigious North Shore League. The North Shore League is one of the leading men’s baseball leagues in the region. Ing has fit in nicely on a team full of experienced players like longtime legends Jon Cahill and Mike Giardi, mixed with newcomers like the Saugus All-Star. Ing is fourth in hitting on the Champions team at point in the season, at a .323 clip (9-for-28) with 9 RBIs in 11 games played. He has also scored three runs. The 6-2, 220 Ing, who was a key contributor to success of the Saugus Sachems the past three years, is headed for Bentley University in Waltham where Mike Popp has played in several statewide All-Star events this summer after shining for the Revere High baseball team this past spring, with more on the way. (Courtesy Photo) he intends to pursue his academic and baseball career. **** Busy Summer for Everett High GBL AllStar Marshall and Revere High GBL AllStar Popp It’s been a busy and successful summer for some local Greater Boston League (GBL) high school All-Stars. Revere High Class of 2023 outfielder Mike Popp has already participated in the Mass. Baseball Coaches Association (MBCA) Junior Select State AllStar Game as well as the Bay State Games METRO Team. Popp plays for the Giants Elite travel team out of The Dugout in Lynn and before the summer end is planning on participating in The Lynn Invitational Showcase Tournament August 10-12. Also in the works is a trip to Florida to take part in a National JUCO Showcase event in Ocala, Fl. in mid-August. Everett’s Marshall, also an outfielder and pitcher, plays for the Legends Baseball Expos this summer and has taken part in a number of nationally-recognized tournaments this summer.


Page 16 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 ~ Weigh Better u ~ Getting Healthy at Home By Sam Amado O ne of the priorities at Weigh Better U, and this semi-regular column, is making fitness accessible to more people. For people who cannot regularly get to a gym, it is possible to exercise at home, without the fancy equipment we have at Weigh Better U. Disclaimer: If you have excessive difficulty or discomfort while attempting these exercises, stop immediately. If you have questions, contact samamado@weighbetteru.com. Hip Abduction/Adduction: These exercises strengthen leg muscles and improve stability and flexibility. Hip abduction is pushing one’s legs apart (against some kind of resistance). Hip adduction is drawing one’s legs together (against some kind of resistance). This can be done by lying on your side on the floor and lifting the leg that is away from the floor up (abduction), or lifting the leg that is on the floor away from the floor (adduction). (Adduction requires moving the “upper” leg out of the way and contorting the “lower” leg to the “upper” leg’s place.) Alternatively, one could use an elastic therapy band or exCITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 To Whom It May Concern: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 834 Broadway Map/Lot: A0-02-000114 Person Requesting: Mr. Erik Ferland 834 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: To convert and existing One Family dwelling into a two-family dwelling Reason for Denial: 1. Section 4 Dwelling Districts (b) Dimensional Requirements. (17) (b) (2) Requires a minimum lot size of 7000 square feet for a two-family dwelling, the existing lot requesting relief is 4988 square feet, (2012) square feet deficient) in a residential dwelling within a Dwelling District. 2. Section 17 Off-Street Parking (A) (1): One- and two-family dwellings 2 spaces per unit. 3. Section 17 off street Parking (I): Each required parking space shall not be less than 9 feet in width and 18 feet in length exclusive of drives and maneuvering space. 4. Section 17 Off-Street Parking (J): Parking facilities shall be designed so that each motor vehicle may proceed to and from the parking space provided for it without requiring the moving of any other motor vehicle. Violation: The existing lot requesting relief is 4988 square feet, (2012 square feet deficient) in a residential dwelling within a Dwelling District. Violation: As per parking plan on plot plan owner intends to have 2 parking spaces to park 4 cars in tandem (stacked parking). Zoning: Section 3 (6) of APPENDIX A of the City of Everett Zoning ordinances requires “Pre-existing, non-conforming structures or uses may be extended, altered or changed in use, providing that such extensions, alterations or changes of use shall be permitted only upon the grant of a Special Permit by the Zoning Board of Appeals and after a public hearing, a finding by the Board that such extension, alteration or change of use shall not be substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood than the existing non-conforming use or structure. Applicant must seek relief in the form of a special permit issued by the Board of Appeals. BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk July 29, August 5, 2022 ercise band tied between their ankle and a fixed object (such as heavy furniture) to provide the necessary resistance. (This can create a tripping hazard and can be difficult for people with balance issues.) Crunches: Crunches are used to strengthen one’s core and abdominal muscles. Start by lying flat on your back. Bend your knees until your feet are flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head. Partly curl your torso forward, bring the opposite elbow towards the raised knee (left elbow towards right knee, right elbow towards your left knee). Trunk Twists: This exercise requires very little setup while building on various muscles, strengthening your core and upper body, improving flexibility (particularly your back). There are several types of Trunk Twists. One of the more basic types starts with standing, with your feet lined up under your shoulders. Put your hands together and twist your torso from side to side. A higher yield variation involves holding a therapy band that is securely tied to a beam or doorknob to a door that closes toward you. Stay healthy, even if you stay home, Sam (samamado@weighbetteru.com) - LEGAL NOTICE - COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT Middlesex Probate and Family Court 10-U Commerce Way Woburn, MA 01801 Docket No. MI22P4019PM In the matter of: GIOVANNI WILLIAM COGLIANO Of: EVERETT, MA RESPONDENT (Person to be Protected/Minor) CITATION GIVING NOTICE OF PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF CONSERVATOR OR OTHER PROTECTIVE ORDER PURSUANT TO G.L. c. 190B, §5-304 & §5-405 To the named Respondent and all other interested persons, A a petition has been filed by Robert W Cogliano of Everett, MA in the above captioned matter alleging that Giovanni William Cogliano is in need of a Conservator or other protective order and requesting that Robert W Cogliano of Everett, MA (or some other suitable person) be appointed as Conservator to serve Without Surety on the bond. The petition asks the court to determine that the Respondent is disabled, that a protective order or appointment of a Conservator is necessary, and that the proposed conservator is appropriate. The petition is on file with this court. You have the right to object to this proceeding. If you wish to do so, you or your attorney must file a written appearance at this court on or before 10:00 A.M. on the return date of 08/31/2022. This day is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline date by which you have to file the written appearance if you object to the petition. If you fail to file the written appearance by the return date, action may be taken in this matter without further notice to you. In addition to filing the written appearance, you or your attorney must file a written affidavit stating the specific facts and grounds of your objection within 30 days after the return date. IMPORTANT NOTICE The outcome of this proceeding may limit or completely take away the above-named person’s right to make decisions about personal affairs or financial affairs or both. The above-named person has the right to ask for a lawyer. Anyone may make this request on behalf of the above-named person. If the above-named person cannot afford a lawyer, one may be appointed at State expense. WITNESS, Hon. Maureen H Monks, First Justice of this Court. Date: August 03, 2022 TARA E. DeCRISTOFARO Register of Probate August 05, 2022

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 17 The Well Coffee House celebrates grand opening on Broadway Pictured from left to right: Operations Director Matthew Love, Marketing Director Julie Love, barista Amos Wittmer, volunteer barista Grace Cruz and volunteer Jessie along with Church at the Well Lead Pastor Joseph Polson served a New Orleans latte, dark roast, iced cream bru-latte and a Well mocha. Everett residents David and Jennifer Benitez, who ordered butterscotch brownie mocha coffees, and Everett resident Julie Finnan, who drank a nutty professor coffee and ate a lemon poppyseed muffin, said it’s a slice of heaven. The storefront is at the intersection of Estes Street and Broadway in the former Little Caesars Pizza. TEENAGERS: Callie Kruse drew a moon painting onto Abby Pothier’s arm. In the center is Saugus resident Sophia Robinson. CITY OF EVERETT Everett resident Aphrodite Allen, who drank a double chocolate espresso, and Everett resident Ezra Rosario, who drank a lemon smoothie, said it’s high quality and fresh. PUBLIC HEARING FOR PETITION FROM BOSTON GAS COMPANY D/B/A NATIONAL GRID OF WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS To all parties interested in the public hearing. Be it hereby ordered: Boston Gas Company d/b/a National Grid of Waltham, Massachusetts desires to excavate the public highways and to run and maintain for the transmission and distribution of gas in and under the following public streets, lanes, highways and places of the City of Everett and of the pipes, valves, governors, manholes and other structures, fixtures and appurtenances designed or intended to protect or operate said mains and accomplish the objects of said Company; and the digging up and opening the ground to lay or place same dated the 29th day of July, 2022 The following are the streets and highways referred to: Work Order # 1463246 Garvey St - National Grid to install a new plastic gas main in Garvey Street. Wherefore it prays that after due notice and hearing as provided by law, it be granted permission to excavate the public highways and to run and maintain for the transmission and distribution of gas in and under the public streets, lanes, highways and places of the City of Everett and of the pipes, valves, governors, manholes and other structures, fixtures and appurtenances designed or intended to protect or operate said mains and accomplish the objects of said Company; and the digging up and opening the ground to lay or place in accordance with the plan filed herewith marked: Garvey St - Everett - Massachusetts Hearing to be held with the Everett City Council, held at 7:00PM, on the September 12, 2022 at the Everett City Council Chambers, Everett City Hall. August 05, 2022 Saugus resident Amy Robinson displayed a The Well Coffeehouse t-shirt, quoting John 4:14. By Tara Vocino T Archer (at right), 10, Ainsley (in center), 6, and Adon, 3, with Joseph and Jessie Polson. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) he Well Coffee House celebrated their grand opening on Saturday. The nonprofit organization serves coffee, smoothies, pastries and breakfast sandwiches. The shop is open from 7 a.m.--3 p.m. Monday–Friday and 9 a.m.--3 p.m. Saturdays and closed Sundays, at 983 Broadway, located in the former Little Caesars Pizza.

Page 18 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Say nr Sa a y Senior Seni by Jim Miller Cheap Basic Cell Phone Plans for Penny Pinching Seniors Dear Savvy Senior, A few months ago, I read a column you wrote on extremely cheap smartphone plans for budget-conscious seniors. Can you do a similar column for those of us who still use basic fl ip phones? My old 3G fl ip phone is about to become obsolete, so I’m looking for the cheapest possible replacement. I only need a simple cell phone (no data) for emergency calls when I’m away from home. Penny Pincher Dear Penny, For many seniors, like yourself, who only want a simple basic cell phone for emergency purposes and occasional calls, there are a number of super cheap plans available from small wireless providers you may have never heard of. Here are some of the best deals available right now. Cheapest Basic Plans For extremely light cell phone users, the cheapest wireless plan available is through US Mobile (USMobile. com), which has a “build your own plan” that starts at only $2 per month for 75 minutes of talk time. If you want text messaging capabilities, an extra $1.50/month will buy you 50 texts per month. US Mobile runs on Verizon’s and T-Mobile’s networks and gives you the option to bring your existing phone (if compatible or unlocked) or purchase a new device, while keeping your same phone number if you wish. If your fl ip phone is becoming obsolete, as you mentioned in your question, you’ll need to buy a new device, which you can do through US Mobile if you choose their plan. They off er the “NUU F4L” fl ip phone for $39 for new customers. Or you can purchase an unlocked phone through retail stores like Walmart or Best Buy, or online. One of the best value fl ip phones right now is the (unlocked) “Alcatel GO FLIP 4044 4G LTE,” available at Amazon.com for $80. Some other super cheap wireless plans worth a look are Ultra Mobile’s “PayGo” plan (UltraMobile.com/PayGo), which provides 100 talk minutes, 100 texts for only $3 per month. And Tello’s (Tello. com) “build your own plan” that starts at $5 per month for 100 talk minutes and unlimited texting. Both Ultra Mobile PayGo and Tello also run on T-Mobile’s network and will let you use your existing phone (if compatible or unlocked) or buy a new one. Senior Targeted Providers In addition to these super cheap plans, there are several other wireless companies that cater to older customers and off er low-cost basic plans and simple fl ip phones. One of the least expensive is through TracFone (Tracfone. com), which off ers a 60-minute talk, text and web plan for $20 that lasts for 90 days. That averages out to $6.66 per month. Three other providers that are popular among seniors are Snapfon (Snapfon.com), which off ers a 100 minutes and unlimited texting plan for $10. Consumer Cellular (ConsumerCellular.com), which provides an unlimited talk plan or $15 per month. They also give 5 percent discounts to AARP members. And Lively (Lively.com), maker of the popular Jitterbug Flip2 senior-friendly fl ip phone. Their cheapest monthly plan is 300 minutes of talk and text for $15. Subsidized Plans You also need to know that if you’re on a government program such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income or food stamps/SNAP. Or, if your annual household income is at or below 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines – $18,347 for one person, or $24,719 for two – you might also qualify for free or subsidized wireless plans from various carriers via the federal Lifeline program. To fi nd out if you’re eligibility or apply, visit LifelineSupport.org. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit SavvySenior.org. Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book. Section 4 Dwelling District line 2-Dimensional requirements line (2) Lot Area: b. Two Family Dwelling------7000 Square Feet Section 17 Off-Street Parking lines M, J and K which states the following: (M) No parking stall shall be located within eight (8) feet of any window of habitable rooms in the basement or first story level of any building. (J) Parking facilities shall be designed so that each motor vehicle may proceed to and from the parking space provided for it without requiring the moving of any other motor vehicle. The Board of Appeals, however, may by special permit modify this requirement and the dimensional requirements of paragraph (I) of this section, where a parking facility is under full-time attendant supervision (K) Parking facilities shall be designed so that no vehicles shall be parked nearer to any street lines than the minimum specified building setback for the Zoning District in which the parking facility is located. BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Robert Suppa - Clerk July 29, August 5, 2022 nior ior BUSINESS | FROM PAGE 4 Recent ways scammers are using QR codes Parking meter payment. Fraudulent QR codes are often placed on the back of parking meters, leading victims to assume that they can pay for parking through the QR code if they do not have change. Con artists can easily create a QR code for free online, which they then print on stickers and either cover up an actual QR code or place where it makes logical sense. After paying for the spot through the QR code, some victims return to fi nd their vehicle has been towed or received a parking ticket for nonpayment, multiplying the amount of money lost. Cryptocurrency wallets and romance scams. The rise of cryptocurrencies has altered traditional thinking about investments, and the confusion surrounding these transactions makes it a ripe ground for scammers to take their toll. The trading of cryptocurrencies is conducted online, and the easiest way for both legitimate and fraudulent traders to direct investors to their digital wallets is through a QR code. Recently, BBB has become aware of scammers who spend months of their time building a romantic relationship with their victim, which ultimately results in them asking for fi nancial assistance through a cryptocurrency exchange or “advising” the victim on cryptocurrency investment. Believing that the scammer is in dire need or has their best interest in mind, the victim folBUSINESS | SEE PAGE 19 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 To Whom It May Concern:: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 1 Magnolia Ct. Map/Lot: M0-02-000103 Person Requesting: Bold Vision Real Estate 1 Magnolia Ct. Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: To convert the existing single family into a two-family residential dwelling also construct a new stairway into the basement in the rear yard Reason for Denial: • The lot is only 2994 square feet in area. • Proposed parking is shown to be in the side yard setback (corner side) • Parking is shown to be within eight feet of windows on the first floor • The proposed stairway into the basement is shown to be in the rear yard setback. • The existing building is a non-conforming structure in that it does not have the required rear yard. Zoning: Section 3 General Requirements Paragraph 3 which states the following: (3) Existing non-conforming structure or uses may be extended or altered, provided that such extension, alteration or change of use shall be permitted only upon the grant of a Special Permit by the zoning board of appeals after a public hearing and a finding by the board that such extension, alteration or change of use shall not be substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood than the existing non-conforming use or structure. (Ord. of 4-29-91)

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 19 BUSINESS | FROM PAGE 18 lows the provided QR code and transfers the requested amount to the scammer’s digital wallet. Many victims lose thousands of dollars before they discover they are being scammed. Phishing scams. The design of QR codes makes it impossible for the user to know where the code will direct them after scanning, allowing scammers to send victims to phishing websites or downloads that will infect devices with malware. After scanning a code found in an email, text or flyer, some victims are directed to a website that requests personal information that can lead to identity theft, compromised passwords for online accounts or downloads that track the user’s activity on the device. Many phishing attempts begin with notification of “suspicious activity” on one of their online accounts and include a link or QR code for the user to verify their identity. In reality, the information provided is going to a scammer, which they then use for other purposes. Utility and government impostors. Many consumers report they are contacted by their utility company, the Social Security Administration or the IRS regarding an outstanding debt they must immediately pay in full. The representative claims that failure to pay the unpaid bill will result in either arrest, additional fines or shutting off access to electricity, gas or water. According to the impostor, the regular payment portal for these services is currently offline, but the victim can submit payment through another portal which, conveniently, they can access by following a link or scanning a QR code. The payment portal the victim is directed to often mimics the real portal down to the finest detail, providing a false sense of security that it is legitimate. False sense of security. Reports to BBB and additional screenshots, emails and texts detail how scammers include a legitimate QR code for the company or entity they are claiming to represent to give victims a false sense of security. These QR codes route to the official website for the organization, leading victims in receipt of these communications to more likely believe that the scammer is a legitimate representative. Other codes will direct the victim to an “employee profile” that includes official logos, badge numbers, professional headshots and additional information designed to ease any fears the victim might have. Once the scammer is confident that they have convinced their target, the likelihood that the victim will provide whatever information or money is requested drastically increases. How to avoid QR scams Confirm QR code before scanning. If you receive a QR code from a friend via text or a message on social media from a workmate, be sure to confirm with that person that they meant to send you the code to verify they have not been hacked. Keep in mind what you know about BUSINESS | SEE PAGE 23 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - Masshealth And Your Home R egardless of the value of your home, so long as your spouse is living in your home, it will not be considered a countable asset even if you were to go into a nursing home and qualify for MassHealth benefits. Furthermore, so long as your spouse is living in your home, MassHealth Estate Recovery will not be able to file a lien against it. If your home is held jointly, title should be transferred as quickly as possible to the healthy spouse who is still living home. If not, if the healthy spouse were to suddenly die first, title would vest 100% in the spouse who is living in the nursing home on MassHealth. The Estate Recovery Unit would then be able to recover against the equity in the home as the home would be part of the nursing home spouse’s probate estate. The transfer can be made either prior to or after admission into a nursing home. Transfers between spouses are never considered disqualifying transfers subject to the five-year look-back period. Once the transfer of the home takes place and the nursing home spouse is approved for MassHealth benefits, the spouse still living at home should consider, as one option, transferring the home to an irrevocable Trust in order to protect the equity in the home for the benefit of children. The five-year look-back period will commence once title has been transferred to the Trust. Although each family’s circumstances are different, and what might be good for one family might not be good for another, married couples and single individuals need to consider transferring the home to such an irrevocable Trust long before the need for a nursing home arises.One big advantage is the avoidance of probate. The home will pass to your intended beneficiaries pursuant to the terms of the Trust. The home can be sold at any time even after you place it into an irrevocable Trust. Since the Trust is structured as a grantor-type trust, the IRS Section 121 capital gain exclusion will still be retained. For a married couple, the capital gain exclusion on the sale of the home is $500,000. For a single person, the exclusion is $250,000. If rental property is placed into the Trust, the net rental income or loss is passed through onto the married couple’s or single person’s Form 1040. Consequently, the much higher ordinary income tax rates and capital gains tax rates associated with Trusts are avoided. Joseph D. Cataldo is an estate planning/elder law attorney, Certified Public Accountant, registered investment advisor, AICPA Personal Financial Specialist and holds a masters degree in taxation. ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 To Whom It May Concern: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 1911 Revere Beach Parkway Map/Lot: K0-02-000036 and K0-02-000057 Person Requesting: M & M Realty Trust LLC 55 South Main Street Topsfield, MA 01983 Owners Representative: Mr. David O’Neil Of Silverstien and O’Neil 391 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: To demolish the existing building and construct 5 story 60 feet in heigh with 141-unit residential building and a two-level parking garage with approximately 1500 square feet of retail space the property is located in the Business District Reason for Denial: The proposed 5 story building does not comply with the City of Everett Zoning Ordinance for setbacks Violation: • The building of Five (5) Stories is not permitted in the Business District. • The proposed building has a FAR of 3.67 to 1. • Parking must be approved through the TDM Zoning: Section 6 Business Districts b) Dimensional Requirements line 3 Height which states the following: a. Four (4) stories, not to exceed sixty-five (65) feet maximum, but not applicable to church spires, belfries, cupolas, chimneys, radio and flag poles and gas holders, which shall not exceed thirty-three (33) percent of the floor area of the first floor, and provided that such church spires, belfries, cupolas, chimneys, radio and flag poles and gas holders shall not be more than fifty (50) percent higher than the average height of the roof of the main structure. (Ord. of 6-29-87; Ord. of 4-11-88) Section 6 Business Districts line 2 (b) Lot Area which states the following b. All other uses----2 to 1 maximum floor area ratio. (Ord. of 6-29-87) BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk July 29, August 5, 2022

Page 20 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 To Whom It May Concern: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday August 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 21-23 Cleveland Ave. Map/Lot: C0-03-000012 Person Requesting: Mr. Anthony Pisapia PO Box 490692 Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: The owner wishes to convert the existing three (3) family dwelling into a four (4) family dwelling. The plot plan submitted indicates that five parking spaces are proposed in the yard. The permit is respectfully denied in accordance with The City of Everett Zoning Appendix A for the following reasons: . Reason for Denial: • A four (4) family is not an allowed use in this district. • The Floor Area is above the allowable at 1.57 FAR. • The parking plan provided indicates that a vehicle will be required to be moved in order for the other vehicles to enter and leave the parking lot. • The five (5) proposed spaces are shown on the plot plan to be (8.5’x20’) where 8 is required which is less than the required 9’ x 18’ nor have the required 275 square feet per car. • • • The parking plan provided indicates that a vehicle will be parked within the required minimum specified building setback (7’). The parking plan provided indicates that a vehicle will be parked closer than eight (8) feet from a habitable window. The parking plan provided indicates that it will be necessary for vehicles to back into the street. • The parking plan provided does not indicate an 18’ aisle to allow vehicles to ingress and egress at the same time. Zoning: 1. Section 4 Dwelling Districts (a) Uses: A. Uses. Within any dwelling district as indicated on the zoning map, no building, structure or premises shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected which is intended or designed to be used in whole or in part for any industry, trade, manufacturing, or commercial purposes, of for other than the following specified purposes: 1. A single or double semi-detached dwelling existing at the time of the first enactment of the Zoning Ordinance may be converted to provide not more than a total of three (3) dwelling units provided that the following standards are met: Any addition shall comply with the front, side and rear yard requirements and height limitations of the Zoning Ordinance. Where the existing building is already non-conforming, any alteration shall not increase the existing non-conformity. Parking in accordance with this Zoning Ordinance shall be provided for any additional dwelling units. (Ord. of 4-29-91) 2. The offices of a doctor, dentist or other member of a recognized profession, teacher or musician residing on the premises; provided there is o display or advertising except for a small professional name plate. 3. Customary home occupations, such as dressmaking or millinery or the leasing of rooms or the taking of boarders, conducted by owner occupants only; provided there is no display or advertising visible from outside, except for an announcement card or sign of not more than two (2) feet square area, and that such uses be confined to not over one-third of the total floor area occupied by each family. 4. social and recreational buildings and premises, park, water supply reservations, soldiers and sailors memorial buildings, except those chief activity of which is one customarily carried on as a gainful business. 5. Real estate signs, referring only to the premises or tract on which they are located, and having an area not exceeding eight (8) square feet. 6. Truck gardens and greenhouses, provided that any greenhouse heating plant shall be distant not less than twenty (20) feet from any street or lot line. 7. Hospitals, not for the insane or feeble-minded; provided that no building be within thirty (30) feet of any street or lot line. 8. Public or charitable institutional buildings not of a correctional nature, providing that no building thereon be within thirty (30) feet of any street or lot line. 9. Railroad or street railroad passenger stations or rights-of-way including customary accessory services therein; not including switching, storage, or freight yards or sidings. 10. Cemeteries, including any crematory therein, which is not within a distance of thirty feet of any street or lot line. 11. Telephone central buildings without garages or yards for service or storage. 12. A garage in which no business, service or industry is conducted is permitted but only on the same lot with a principal building to which it is accessory. On any such lot, such garage space may be provided for two (2) motor vehicles, and for one (1) additional motor vehicle for each two thousand (2,000) square feet by which the area of the lot exceeds three thousand (3,000) square feet. However, garage space for one (1) motor vehicle may be provided in any case for each family for which residence is arranged on the lot. Not more than one (1) such vehicle shall be a commercial vehicle, and it shall not exceed two and one-half, (2 ½) tons capacity. In such a garage, space shall not be leased to non-residents for a commercial vehicle, nor for more than one (1) vehicle of any kind for each resident on the lot. Such a conforming garage may be erected on the lot previous to the erection of a principal building on the same lot but where thus erected earlier than the principal building the garage shall be so placed on the lot as not to prevent the eventual practicable and conforming location of the principal building. Community or group garages: which may be permitted on the otherwise vacant lot, shall only be permitted in the Dwelling District upon the grant of a Special Permit by the Zoning Board of Appeals. There shall be no service for gain to other the owners or tenants of such garages. No such garage shall conduct a repair shop. (Ord. of 4-29-91) 13. Agriculture, horticulture or floriculture and the expansion or reconstruction of existing structures there on for the primary purpose of agriculture, horticulture or floriculture. (Ord. of 4-29-91) 14. Temporary mobile home placed on the site of a residence destroyed by fire or other holocaust, for the purpose of providing temporary shelter while the residence is being rebuilt, but not to exceed twelve (12) months. (Ord. of 4-29-91) 15. The following uses shall only be permitted in the Dwelling District upon the grant of a Special Permit by the Zoning Board of Appeals: a. Uses, whether or not on the same parcel as activities permitted as a matter of right, accessory to activities permitted as a matter of right, which activities are necessary in connection with scientific research or scientific development or related production. The Zoning Board of Appeals may grant such permit provided that it finds that the proposed accessory use does not substantially derogate from the public good. Zoning Board of Appeals turn to page 17 Schools, except private vocational schools, public libraries, fire stations, art museums, churches, parish houses and Sunday School buildings, membership clubs and

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 21 OBITUARIES Albert “Albie” D. Mastrocola to be made in his name to the Jimmy Fund 10 Brookline Place Brookline, Ma 02445 For more information, please visit www.rocofuneralhomes. com. Armand H. Desjardin O f Everett. December 28, 1964 ~ July 28, 2022 (age 57) passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family on July 28, 2022. Beloved son of Albert and his wife Victoria (Calo) Mastrocola. Loving brother of Mike and his wife Stephanie Mastrocola & Anthony and his wife Lauren Mastrocola. Adored uncle of Mykayla, Michael Jr., Matthew, Mykenna, Anthony Jr., and Elizabeth. Albie is also survived by numerous cousins and good friends. Relatives and friends were invited to attend visiting hours on Wednesday, August 4 at Salvatore Rocco & Sons Funeral Home, Everett. A Funeral Mass was held in St. Anthony Church in Everett on Thursday. ment in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett. In lieu of fl owers, the family asks for memorial contributions O f Malden, en t er ed into eternal rest at home unexpectedly, on Saturday, July 30, 2022. He was 82 years old. Born in Rumford, Maine, Armand lived in Malden for many years. He served in the United States Marine Corps for over 20 years, during the Vietnam Era, and was honorably discharged as a Captain. Beloved husband of Caroleann (Giacobbe) Hawko for over 11 years. Dear and devoted father of InterRichard Desjardin and his wife, Kelly Crady Desjardin of TX, Ronald Desjardin of Hawaii, David Desjardin and his wife, Christina of FL and the late Charity Robottom and her surviving husband, Michael of Colo. Loving son of Lena Giglio and the late Armand Zoning Board of Appeals from page 16 b. Community or group garages which may be permitted on an otherwise vacant lot. There shall be no service for gain to other than the owners or tenants of such garages. No such garages shall conduct a repair shop. 16. Open-air markets of any type shall be prohibited. The sale of used household goods by residential occupants on their premises, normally referred to as garage sales, shall be allowed providing that such sale not continue for a period of more than seven (7) days in any year, except by Special Permit of the Zoning Board of Appeals. (Ord. of 4-29-91) 17. Conversion of Dwelling. No new dwelling unit created by the conversion of an existing dwelling shall be permitted unless the requirements of minimum lot area and off street parking are satisfied for all dwelling units in existence and proposed in the dwelling after the conversion or enlargement. (Ord. 02-046 of Oct. 22, 2003 2. Section 4 Dwelling Districts A Uses 17. Conversion of Dwelling. No new dwelling unit created by the conversion of an existing dwelling shall be permitted unless the requirements of minimum lot area and off street parking are satisfied for all dwelling units in existence and proposed in the dwelling after the conversion or enlargement. (Ord. 02-046 of Oct. 22, 2003 3. Section 17 Off Street Parking (J): “Parking facilities shall be designed so that each motor vehicle may proceed to and from the parking space provided for it without requiring the moving of any other motor vehicle.” 4. Section 17 Off Street Parking (I) Each required car space shall be not less than 9 feet in width and 18 feet in length exclusive of drives and maneuvering space, and the total area of any parking facility for more than five (5) cars shall average two hundred seventy-five (275) square feet per car. No driveways or curb cuts shall exceed thirty (30) feet in width. (Ord. 01-046/2001) 5. Section 17 Off Street Parking (K): “Parking facilities shall be designed so that no vehicles shall be parked nearer to any street lines than the minimum specified building setback for the Zoning District in which the parking facility is located.” 6. Section 17 Off Street Parking (M): “No parking stall shall be located within eight (8) feet of any window of habitable rooms in the basement or first story level of any building.” 7. Section 17 Off Street Parking (O) 4. “Except for one and two family dwellings, parking shall be designed so that it is not necessary to drive over sidewalks or curbs or to back into the street or driveway” 8. Section 17 Off Street Parking (O) 5. “All parking areas shall have an access road with a minimum of eighteen (18) feet to allow ingress and exiting at same time.” BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk July 29, August 5, 2022 J. Desjardin. Brother of Daniel Giglio of Medford, and the late Delories Williams and Robert Giglio and his surviving wife, Sandra Giglio of Medford. Loving and devoted grandfather of Tyler Crady, Timothy Crady Desjardin, Tanner Desjardin and Julie Desjardin all of TX, Joshua Desjardin of Alaska, Megan Desjardin and Lauren Desjardin of Florida, Michael Robottom and Zachary Robottom of Colo. Armand is also survived by many dear and loving nieces, nephews and friends. Relatives and friends attended visiting hours in the Cafasso & Sons Funeral Home in Everett on Tuesday. A funeral Mass was held in the Immaculate Conception Church, Malden. Interment with United States Marine Corps Military Honors at the Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Armand’s memory to the Wounded Warrior Project, 4899 Belfort Road, Ste. 300, Jacksonville, FL 32256 would be sincerely appreciated Irene (Bixler) Lyons O f Everett. Born in Boston to Harry and Emma (Langley) Bixler passed peacefully on July 26, 2022 at 96 years. Loving wife of the late Joseph H. Lyons for 66 years. Devoted mother of Patricia Lovaas and late husband Russell of Carver; Christina Lyons of Everett; Kathleen Cocorochio and husband Michael of Everett; James Lyons and wife Cindy of Moultonborough, NH; ReOBITUARIES | SEE PAGE 23 ~ Home of the Week ~ SAUGUS Desirable six room, two bedroom, trilevel in established Iron Works neighborhood. This home offers easy access from the ground level to a fireplace living room with hardwoods and an updated eat-in kitchen with tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances. Second level offers two bedrooms, one with an adjacent office, a full bath and spacious family room addition with vaulted ceiling. The freshly finished lower level offers plenty of potential with access to the one car garage. The roomy backyard is a gardeners dream with a raised terrace, koi pond and charming children’s playhouse. Offered at $585,000. 335 Central Street, Saugus, MA 01906 (781) 233-7300 View the interior of this home right on your smartphone. View all our listings at: CarpenitoRealEstate.com

Page 22 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Do you remember.... The Everett Advocate reaches into its library of over 6,000 photos to bring you photographic memories through the lens of our photographers the past 31 years!

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 23 BUSINESS | FROM PAGE 19 the person messaging you: Are they active in cryptocurrency investments, or is this message a little out of character? How often do you talk to this person, and does it make sense they would come to you with this opportunity? Trust in your intuition and avoid scanning any QR code until you know they sent it on purpose. Do not open links from strangers. If you receive an unsolicited message from a stranger that includes a QR code, BBB strongly recommends against scanning it. If the message promises exciting gifts or investment opportunities under the condition you “act now,” be even more cautious. Scammers use this type of language consistently and rely on their targets to make immediate decisions before taking the time to verify its authenticity. Be wary of short links. Suppose a shortened URL appears when hovering your camera over a QR code. In that case, there is no way of knowing where it will direct you once the link is followed. Make sure you are confident that the QR code is legitimate before following short links, as it might send you to a malicious website. Once on the website, look at the URL and verify that the domain and subdomain make sense for the organization that supposedly operates it. Scammers often switch around the domain and subdomains for URLs or slightly misspell one word to make websites appear legitimate. Check for tampering. Some scammers attempt to mislead consumers by altering legitimate business ads or placing stickers on the QR code. Keep an eye out for signs of tampering and, if discovered, have the business check that the posted QR code is genuine. Most businesses permanently install a scannable QR code in their establishment using laminate or placing it behind glass. They will often include the business’s logo in the code itself, often in the middle. To learn more about protecting your information online, read the BBB’s tips on data privacy and cyber security. If you’ve been the victim of a QR scam, report it at BBB.org/ScamTracker. Information that you provide might prevent another person from falling victim. OBITUARIES | FROM PAGE 21 gina “Gigi” Russell and husband Robert of Wakefield; Charles Lyons and wife Norma of Peabody. Sister of Mary Campbell Cimino of Quincy and half-sister of the late Harry Bixler of St. Louis, MO. She was Beanie and Grammy to her cherished grandchildren Keith Lyons, Keira Bunn, Catherine Russell, Drew Russell, Joseph Lyons and Peter Lyons. Great-grandmother of three. Survived by many loving nieces, nephews, cousins, and also family and friends in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Irene worked at the Boston Public Library, Grover Manor Hospital and Everett City Hall. She enjoyed playing piano, crocheting, reading, dancing, anything chocolate, returning to her family home for summers in Cape Breton (Nova Scotia), playing cribbage and 45’s, walking (which she attributed to her longevity), attending City of Everett socials and the Melrose Veterans group meetings, family get-togethers and again, anything chocolate. Memorial service will be held at a later date. Irene provided that her body be donated to Harvard Medical School. Donations in Irene’s memory may be made to Mystic Valley Elder Services, 300 Commercial Street #19, Malden, MA 02148; f Everett, entered into eternal rest on Saturday, July 30, 2022, with his wife Joanne and Son Brett by his side in the Massachusetts General Hospital. He was 77 years of age. Born in Malden, Bob had been a longtime Everett resident. He worked in the banking industry as supervisor of maintenance. Bob enjoyed playing craps at the Casino, drinking black coffee, reading the daily newspapers, trading stocks and securities and taking care of his house. Beloved husband of Joanne O R. (Russo) Johnson for over 38 years. Dear and devoted father of Brett R. Johnson of Everett. Relatives and friends were invited to attend Bob’s visitation www.mves.org. To sign online guestbook please visit www.jfwardfuneralhome.com Robert W. Johnson at the Cafasso & Sons Funeral Home, in Everett on Wednesday. A Funeral Mass was held in the Immaculate Conception Church, with Interment at Glenwood Cemetery, Everett. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Bob’s memory to the Joseph LoRusso Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 1144, Saugus, MA, 01906 would be sincerely appreciated.

Page 24 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Discount Tree Service 781-269-0914 Professional TREE REMOVAL & Cleanups 24-HOUR SERVICE We follow Social Distancing Guidelines! 855-GO-4-GLAS Frank Berardino MA License 31811 • 24 - Hour Service • Emergency Repairs BERARDINO Plumbing & Heating Residential & Commercial Service Gas Fitting • Drain Service 617.699.9383 Senior Citizen Discount ADVOCATE Call now! 617-387-2200 ADVERTISE ON THE WEB AT WWW.ADVOCATENEWS.NET 379 Broadway Everett 617-381-9090 All occasions florist Wedding ~ Sympathy Tributes Plants ~ Dish Gardens Customized Design Work GIFT BASKETS Fruit Baskets www.EverettFlorist.net CLASSIFIEDS

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 25 Discount Services - Raccoons - Squirrel Removal 781-269-0914 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 To Whom It May Concern: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 13 School Street Everett, MA 02149 Map/Lot: E0-03-000084 Person Requesting: Boston USA Realty Trust Stephen W Smith Trustee 53 Clarence Street Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: To install a new wall sign of approximately 9’-5” x 5’-6” which will also contain an electronic message board Reason for Denial: • The sign is an electronic message board type of sign. Zoning: Section 12A-64 which states the following: Signs which have blinking, flashing or fluttering lights or other illuminated devices which have a changing light intensity, brightness, or color, are prohibited BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk July 29, August 5, 2022 Clean-Outs! We take and dispose from cellars, attics, garages, yards, etc. We also do demolition. Best Prices Call: 781-593-5308 781-321-2499

Page 26 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 1. On Aug. 5, 1924, what comic strip about a girl debuted? 2. What pants are named for an island? 3. Brown bears live with their mother for how many years: one, three or six? 4. On Aug. 6, 1890, “Cy” Young pitched his fi rst game as a pro; what did his nickname mean? 5. Is a coconut a nut? 6. What country has won the World Cup in soccer fi ve times? 7. What First Lady wrote a newspaper column called “My Day”? 8. On Aug. 7, 2007, who beat Hank Aaron’s career home run record? 9. Most caves are formed in what kind of rock: granite, limestone or gneiss? 10. What playwright was associated with the Globe Theatre and the group of actors called the Lord Chamberlain’s Men? 11. On Aug. 8, 1984, the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter was stolen from what building in Boston that is now a National Historic Park? 12. This August, for the first time in decades, what cat is being returned to India’s wild forests? 13. In what country would you fi nd a traditional music instrument called a didgeridoo? 14. August 9 is National Book Lovers Day; what is a bibliophile? 15. What children’s book series inspired a sport? 16. During the 1936 Sumer Olympics in Berlin, in what sport did Jessie Owens win four gold medals? 17. August 10 is National S’mores Day; Rev. Sylvester Graham, who inspired graham fl our products, died in what Massachusetts city with the Calvin Coolidge House? 18. What Austrian dance was once called the forbidden dance due to its body contact? 19. What did golf balls used to be made of? 20. On Aug. 11, 1934, what prison known as “The Rock” opened? ANSWERS REAL ESTATE TRANSAC TIONS Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman/The Commercial Record, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group. For a searchable database of real estate transactions and property information visit: www.thewarrengroup.com. BUYER1 BUYER2 Eng, Mon Baptiste, Stephanie M Liu, Michael Ralabe-Pereira, Leandro Chen-Eng, Mary Jean-Baptiste, Amos SELLER1 Richman Tiger LLC Leffler, Ernest H Eleta, Borko Dipierro, Giovanni SELLER2 Leffler, Eric M Stoparic, Mila ADDRESS 43 Charlton St #B509 36 Sea St 22 Irving St #16 27 Myrtle St CITY DATE Everett Everett Everett Everett 07.13.22 07.12.22 07.15.22 07.14.22 PRICE 765000 589000 309000 850000 1. “Little Orphan Annie” 2. Capris 3. Three 4. “Cyclone” (Due to his “destructive” fastball, “One of the fellows called me ‘Cyclone,’ but finally shortened it to ‘Cy’…”) 5. No, it is a one-seeded fruit. 6. Brazil 7. Eleanor Roosevelt 8. Barry Bonds – in 2007 he hit his 756th career home run. 9. Limestone 10. Shakespeare 11. The Old State House 12. Cheetah 13. Australia 14. A lover of books or book collector 15. Harry Potter (quidditch) 16. Track & field 17. Northampton 18. Waltz 19. Wood 20. Alcatraz

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Page 27 # 1 Listing & Selling Office in Saugus “Experience and knowledge Provide the Best Service” Free Market Evaluations CRE CarpenitoRealEstate.com View our website from your mobile phone! 335 Central St., Saugus, MA SAUGUS - Spacious 10 rm Tri-level home offers 4+ bedrms, 2 ½ baths.....$750,000 SALEM - Two Family 6/5 rooms, 3/2 bedrms, updated kitchens, replacement windows....$899,900. SAUGUS - Nicely located 7 room 3 Bedrm Colonial..........................................$599,900. SAUGUS - 8 rm Colonial. 3 bedrms, 2 ½ baths, close to everything!...$849,900. LYNN - TWO FAMILY - 5/5 rooms, 2/2 bedrooms, spacious rooms..........$659,900 SAUGUS - 7 room Multi Level home. Iron Works neighborhood..................$585,000 SAUGUS - 4 rooms, 2 bedroom Condo. Hillview West. One parking space, pool. Offered at $359,900. MALDEN - Perfectly located Ranch offers 5 rooms, 3 bedrooms..................$450,000. SAUGUS - Well maintained 8 rooms, 3+ bedroom Split Entry Ranch. updated kitchen and baths…..................$699,000. SAUGUS - 1st Ad - 3 bedrooms, 2 bath Raised Ranch in Lynnhurst area.....................$579,900. WONDERING WHAT YOUR HOME IS WORTH? CALL US FOR A FREE OPINION OF VALUE. 781-233-1401 38 MAIN STREET, SAUGUS FOR SALE COMING SOON SAUGUS - Solid 5+ room, 2 bedroom home, new heat and updated electric.....…$429,000. PEABODY - 1st Ad - Well Maintained 3-bedroom Cape. Browns Pond Area…...................$529,000. LET US SHOW YOU OUR MARKETING PLAN TO GET YOU TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR HOME! LITTLEFIELDRE.COM FOR RENT COMING SOON - LOCATION LOCATION! 4 BED, 3 BATH SPLIT ENTRY RANCH TOTALLY RENOVATED GAS HEAT, CA MIDDLETON CALL KEITH FOR DETAILS 781-389-0791 FOR RENT FOR SALE - LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! COME SEE THIS RENOVATED 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHROOM MULTI-LEVEL HOME SITTING ON A PRIVATE 32,000 SQFT LOT. NEW KITCHEN WITH QUARTZ COUNTERS AND STAINLESS APPLIANCES. NEW ROOF, HEATING, C/A, WINDOWS, SIDING, AND RE-FINISHED HARDWOOD FLOORING AND FRESH PAINT THROUGH-OUT. LARGE BASEMENT FOR STORAGE. ALL OF THIS PLUS A UNIQUE 1 BED, 1 BATH CARRIAGE HOUSE WITH 2+ GARAGE SPACES. QUICK ACCESS TO MAJOR HIGHWAYS AND DOWNTOWN BOSTON AND SHORT DISTANCE TO AREA BEACHES, LOGAN AIRPORT, SHOPPING AND MORE! SAUGUS $799,900 CALL KEITH 781-389-0791 LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL? CALL PENNY MCKENZIE-VENUTO FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS! 781-929-7237 FOR SALE FOR RENT - 1 BED WITH EAT-IN KITCHEN & LAUNDRY IN UNIT ON STREET PERMIT PARKING. EVERETT $1700 CALL RHONDA 781-706-0842 FOR RENT - 1 BED 1 BATH WITH LAUNDRY IN UNIT. HEAT & HOT WATER INCLUDED. 1 CAR OFF ST. PKNG SAUGUS $1800 CALL RHONDA 781-706-0842 FOR SALE FOR SALE - 2 PLUS ACRES OF RESIDENTIAL LAND. WATER AND SEWER AT SITE SAUGUS $850,000 CALL RHONDA FOR DETAILS 781-706-0842 FOR SALE FOR SALE- 3 BED 1.5 BATHS RANCH W/ GREAT POTENTIAL! LARGE ROOMS. GAS COOKING, C/A. LOCATED ON GOLF COURSE LYNNFIELD CALL KEITH FOR DETAILS 781-389-0791 FOR SALE - 3 BED, 1 BATH WITH MANY UPDATES IN DESIRABLE PARK. PEABODY $169,900 CALL ERIC 781-223-0289 FOR SALE - BRAND NEW MANUFACTURED MOBILE HOMES. TWO CUSTOM UNITS LEFT, ALL UNITS ARE 2 BED , 1 BATH 12 X 52, DANVERS $199,900 CALL ERIC 781-223-0289

Page 28 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, AugusT 5, 2022 Follow Us On: COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY SALES & RENTALS Happy Summer! Sandy Juliano Broker/President A great time to think of selling or buying! Call today for a free market analysis. WE KNOW EVERETT!! Call TODAY to sell or buy with the best! FOR SALE TWO FAMILY, COMING SOON - DANVERS CALL JOE FOR DETAILS 617-680-7610 $849,900. _____________ CALL NORMA FOR DETAILS 617-590-9143 UNDER AGREEMENT! FOR SALE - TWO FAMILY, $849,900 - CALL SANDY FOR DETAILS, 617-448-0854. CALL YOUR LOCAL REAL ESTATE PROS AT JRS! Open Daily From 10:00 A Joe DiNuzzo - Broker Associate Norma Capuano Parziale - Agent A.M. - 5:00 P.M.00 PM 433 Broadway, Suite B, Everett, MA 02149 www.jrs-properties.com COMING SOON! CONDO SOLD BY SANDY AS BUYER’S AGENT! COMING SOON! UNDER AGREEMENT! Denise Matarazzo - Agent Rosemarie Ciampi - Agent Follow Us On: Mark Sachetta - Agent 617-294-1041

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